Make the best fries at home


12 original songs by de portables
12 artists who will cover one of the above mentioned songs

Step 1
Join forces with Gazer Tapes.
Contact artists close to de portables or known to be fans of de portables. Keep de portables unaware of the project.
Wait for the first songs to arrive.

Step 2
Ask Stefan Breuer for help with mastering.
Think of something very Belgian, other than french fries, possibly a painter and one of his most famous works.
Think of a good title for the project and counterfeit the famous work to express a simple concept: “belgian fries ’cause french are fake.”
Paint always different potatoes on the covers.

Step 3
Put the cassettes in a player and listen carefully.

When listening, always keep ears open. In case of fire, turn off the volume and return the tape to its case. 

“Ceci n’est pas une frite.” is a tribute to the de portables who celebrate 25 years of career this year.

Listen to “Ceci n’est pas une frite.” here