Ideal View

“I’ve got an ideal view of the ideal city and it’s not just a painting hanging in the gallery”

(“Ideal View Of The Ideal City” – Linda Smith)

I am born and bred in Bari. Do you know that peninsula shaped like a boot? Bari is under the spur, halfway up the heel. It overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

In Bari you eat like a god, and drink well, but where can you find a 7″ inch by Linda Smith?

The phone booth from which I used to call my favorite record store in Rome no longer exists.

Bari is not the ideal city, it is certainly not my ideal city.

If it were, I’d now be in a café having coffee with Linda Smith.

Now that I have in my hands a box with 100 copies of “Figment of Imagination” it comes a little closer to my ideal view of ​​an ideal city.

This is Linda Smith’s experiment in rethinking, revisiting, reworking the past.

Two old songs, that were originally included on the “Put It In Writing” cassette (1991), re-recorded and rearranged to become a 7″.

You can listen to ”Figment Of Your Imagination” here.