A Dead Bird And A Pine Cone

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The cliff diving world championship stops in Polignano every year.

To tell the truth, it is quite easy to see guys diving from the cliff every day. I don’t know how they do it. They jump from points on the cliff where only seagulls and caper plants grow.

I never thought about diving but surprisingly this year I did it.

I did it knowing that below I would find a team of friends ready to rescue me.

The original version of “A Dead Bird And A Pine Cone” is featured on a Doormat, TX compilation titled Mein Compf (I). Charlie McAlister sings a cappella while a dog can be heard barking in the background.

Caleb Fraid convinced me that I should cover a song by Charlie myself. “”A Dead Bird And A Pine Cone” is perfect for you” – he said.

“Easy!” – I thought – “I don’t have to play any instruments”.

But once I got on the cliff, my legs started shaking.How could I have thought I could sing?

I sent my version of “A Dead Bird And A Pine Cone” to a couple of friends. 

What you can hear here, is an expanded version of my rants, a nineteen minutes and thirty seconds in which I sing a song and de portables play.

de portables!

Listen to “A Dead Bird And A Pine Cone” here