Let That Liar Alone

A little story. Mark has an elderly neighbor whom he takes walks with when it’s sunny. He carries some water, a chair so that the man can sit down when he has to, and his phone, just in case those are not enough. Lately Mark has been taking his guitar along on the walks. The other day he started to play “Alibi”, rememebered it quickly, and sang it (almost) all the way through. When he was finished, the elderly man turned to Mark and asked: “Did you just sing ‘cut the shit’?” “Yes. “That’s a terrible line! You should change that.” Mark told him that his advice was a little late.”Let That Liar Alone” was shot five or six years ago. The song was originally recorded in 2000 and included on the “Szabotage” cassette, from 2017. It’s now one of the bonus tracks featured in “Chocolate Covered Bad Things”.

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