Untitled #3

“Untitled #3” is the second single from Linda Smith’s “Untitled 1-10 Plus 1”.

This time to accompany Linda’s music, a video directed by the Italian artist Marcho Gronge. Film editing by Daniel Di Risola.

It is with great pleasure that Almost Halloween Time Records initiates this artistic collaboration. I am personally responsible for having invited Marcho.

In recent months I have been able to appreciate the photos that he publishes on his wall every day, which offer a surprising view of things, objects and the world. A plastic glove thrown on the ground becomes a thirsty dog ​​in his shots, a can of Heineken beer crushed by a car becomes a fish.

The effect is alienating.

Marcho Gronge is also the leader of Gronge, a historic group of the Italian underground scene. Art noise punk with never banal lyrics, author of the “improvisation manual for young socialists”.

Some productions are available on bandcamp here.

I’m a big fan of Graffiti, a trilogy that sees Marcho reading graffiti written on the walls of Rome. A photographic approach to music. While listening it seems to see images flow rapidly, one following the other.

Spoken words on “Untitled #3” are taken from Charlotte Brontë’s “Villette”.

Marcho defines the style in which he shot the video primitive.

Very interesting.