Silver Series Continued

“From Nothing Comes Anything”, a post rock song, is the second track on de portables “Vestal Versions”, the fourth tape in the Silver Series series of 12 tapes that is out on Gazer Tapes.

Like A Version

To date only the first seven cassettes have been released. “vestal versions” contains the slowest tracks so far.
It takes 45 minutes to reach the city center of Gent from the Blaarmeersen Playground Camping. I made the journey more than once, often under that typically Belgian drizzle, always keeping in mind the words of Wio: “Belgian fries’ cause French are fake”. The Watersportbaan Frituur is located almost halfway. That holiday was unforgettable, as the stops at that frituur shop, often the only meal of the day. “Frituur Vangelis” could have been the perfect soundtrack for these walks, 24 minutes, the time it takes to reach the frituur shop.

You can listen to ”Vestal Versions” here.

Last night I served myself a frozen strawberry daiquiri, it didn’t turn out bad. The title of the fifth cassette is “Version Mojito”. I would really like a good cocktail now but in a lockdown the best bar in town remains mine, all the others are closed or you can only have drinks on the fly. It’s like being inside a space station, the “Uuflaki Space Station” to be precise. What do astronauts drink? Cocktails in pills?
In “(I’ll) Never Wear Those Shoes Again” the voices return, Jürgen accompanied by a female voice.
I find now only that this cassette contains outtakes, leftovers, unfinished songs recorded between “The Killing Horizon” and the “Silver Series”.
“Converging” is still an instrumental piece, the “Silver Series” project is coherent just as coherent is the atmosphere that reigns in these pieces, a cosmic suite.
“Johny and Marambient” a de portables classic already, it contends to the “Vestal Versions” of “Synth Maria” the palm of favorite piece. I’d be curious to have on hand the list of guest musicians who contributed to this album. I’ve heard of Johny before.
“Filthy Bumblebee” is a remix of “Vegetarian Barbecue”, I expect the latter to start at any moment now, but it doesn’t.
To close the program “Pale Blue Dot” piano notes on a sound mat on which Wio’s voice suddenly bursts.

You can listen to ”Version Mojito” here.

Tape number 6 is called “Version Islands” according to the notes on the Gazer Tapes bandcamp page, these are improvisations, a jam without preconception. Really really interesting. One thing this lockdown teaches, better to have the four de portables locked together in a recording room or studio than each to their own homes. “Collective Disguise and Around & Around” is on the podium.
Despite having been to Belgium a dozen times, i have tasted the winter weather only once so the b-side of “Version Islands” titled “Wintertime Is Coming (And Going)” intrigues me a lot.
It doesn’t sound very cold, how would a hypothetical Luigi born in Belgium have spent his days? Maybe he would have learned to skate? Or would he take refuge in Beersel? Would he have found work at 3 Fontainen or at Oude Beersel? Spontaneous fermentation is a more interesting miracle than the liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro. “Version Islands” is gorgeous, favorite tape of the six I’ve listened to so far.

You can listen to “Version Islands” here.

With “Version Hyperloop” I complete listening to the first seven cassettes that are part of this project. Here it comes, the song I listened to during the first lockdown, shivers. It is titled “PLAT (Playing Apart Together)”. It is clear that de portables are playing to the upside, one tape beats the other in beauty.
The futuristic video that accompained this song was shot for what could have been a festival or something like that. Jürgen on keyboards, Bertrand on guitar, Hans on drums and Wio maneuvering strange contraptions, guitar pedals?
“Even In The Distance” is here presented in a new version, it’s interesting how these songs mature, evolve. It had already struck me on first listen.
“Indefinable Splendour” and “From Nothing Comes Anything” (new version) are instrumental grooves that put the project back in line. “Goldilockdown” will stay in my head, hypnotic, mesmerizing. What should we expect from the next 5 cassettes? Will David Hasselhoff really be featured in one of the songs that are coming?

You can listen to “Version Hyperloop” here.

To Be Continued…