Portraits From The Quarantine

In time for a new lockdown…

Bandcamp won me over, I have to admit and it is not for the most obvious reasons.

I like charts, and knowing that “Pale Days Pt. 2” by The Hex is the most played of over seventy songs included in “Portraits From The Quarantine” is a blast.

As a boy, I liked reading the Italian and international charts, but I hardly found my heroes at the top. As an adult things got worse, in vain I searched for Etudes For Voice And Snackmaster by Franklin Bruno or Take A Look Inside by Folk Implosion or The Hound Chronicles by Mountain Goats in the top ten.

Today aht bandcamp charts give me satisfaction.

You can still change the ranking by clicking here.

Soon, next week, I will be sending the first batch of copies of “Portraits From The Quarantine which are accompanied by two original paintings, just to further disturb my dreams.

If you have submitted a song to the compilation and want to have some of your words or drawings included in the booklet, you have the night to send me stuff.