You Are Nothing

One day I would like to publish a videotape containing all the video clips that accompany songs published by Almost Halloween Time Records. Yes, a VHS, so anachronistic, so fascinating.

In my video collection there are a couple of Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club published tapes, a Charlie Mcalister videotape and a Furniture Huschle one. They are very precious to me.

The Debts love to shoot videos for their songs.

The latest in the series is the video for ”You Are Nothing” which is contained in ”Customer Service” released a few weeks ago by AHT.

Here it is!

Starring Brooke Sybrant and Bogart.

Almost Halloween Time Records’ version of ”Customer Service” is a limited edition of 37 copies (a few of which are already gone).

All covers are different, painted one by one by for you and only you
Order your copy now.