There’s No Corners In The Round House

Caleb Fraid is a living legend of the hometaping diy lo-fi movement.

With releases on his own label Doormat, TX, Spew Geyser and Unread.
We’ve been talking about working together since 2010 when I was moving the first steps in the world of handdrawing artworks and I’m happy as a pig in slop to finally have the chance to draw a set of artwork for him.
Caleb is at his best, the past years has seen him in true songwriting form, pumping out song after song, one per day, every day. Something similar to what I do, draw a cover every day, one per day. Let’s call them healthy exercises.
I like Caleb Fraid’s music a lot, I own many of his releases, solo efforts and projects with other people. I have even offered myself to release a boxset with 365 of his songs. This is not happening now, but who knows, maybe in the future.
This is a collection of 15 songs. I’ll illustrate some of the lyrics.