Waylon Jennings in a Crock Rot

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve always wanted to release a compilation of unreleased tracks by my favourite bands and finally the dream has come true.

Back in 2016 I was contacted by C. Worth because I had been identified as ”an artist/performer/ friend/advocate /patron/connoisseur of Unread Records & Tapes & its mastermind, Mr. Christopher Fischer”.

I am indeed a huge fan of Unread records, the proud owner of many of many many of their releases and a friend of Chris, so I was invited to organize a celebratory package, a tribute to Unread 200th release.I had no hesitation and I joined the party. The project was ambitious, the final result is something definitive. Almost every Unread recording artist was contacted, in some cases harassed, and invited to donate a song. But C. Worth, Brantley Fletcher, Nick Dolezal, Joel Huschle and I, the editors, curators of the comp. went further and started to invite people and artists we thought could have fitted, artists we thought were in the chords of Christopher Fischer and Unread records and that have never been on Unread. The compilation grew bigger and bigger, day by day, the bulk of contributions was impressive and the compilation ended to be the monster that it is now: a 3xC90 cassette tapes compilation. And this has happened in the course of a few months. Unbelievebale. I haven’t received negative answers apart from a couple of invitations that were left unseen, unheard. Everyone was happy to contribute a song… and the collection of songs here is terrific. I couldn’t have imagined something better than this. Take a look at the names and the tracklist:

A1 Kids of the Atomic Age – You Gotta Friend
A2 Bingo Trappers – Topple from the Perch
A4 Leaaves – Lily
A5 Nutrition Fun – Down in Denver
A6 Nathaniel Hoier – Smoke and Mirrors
A7 Noah Sterba – Corporate Women
A8 Edward Gray – Haunted Shoes
A9 Graham Repulski – Malcolm’s Ex
A10 Caleb Fraid – Cans Are Kites
A11 Joe Kile – Eugene
A12 Furniture Three – Carolina in My Mind
A13 — GG Interlude 1 (Come Over Sometime) —
A14 C. Dingus – I’m No Fischer
A15 Bob Bucko, Jr. – Traveling Song
A16 Allen Callaci and Franklin Bruno – State Trooper

B1 Swampwalk – All I Want / Space
B2 Navy Gangs – Wide Awake
B3 George Willard – You Think It’s All Right (But It’s Not)
B4 David Nance – Ambulance
B5 Staffers – Thought I Could Do It Turns Out I Couldn’t!
B6 Wholewheat – This Ain’t My Life
B7 C. Frank – Stagnant Fear
B8 Rake Kash – Zloty
B9 Jerk – The Jain You Ganed
B10 Chauchat – Great War
B11 John Thill – Impunity
B12 GG – You Always Hurt The One You Make Love You
B13 Hip Replacement – Were U Sitting Too Close to the Magnet Again?
B14 Will Simmons – Insomnia, Parts 3 & 4
B15 — Martian Interlude 1 —
B16 C. Worth – Eve and Autumnal (For Chris Fischer)

C1 The Crazy People – Sugar High
C2 Dirty Swears – Death Rattle Blues
C3 Restaurnaut – Down the River Is…
C4 Wio – To Unread Is Not a Word They Say
C5 Jeff Fuccillo – Mutts and Rutts
C6 Mark Johnson – Drove Me Home
C7 — Crazy Interlude —
C8 Phil Yates & The Affiliates – You Make Me
C9 Skeleton Man – Rising Tides
C10 Joey Pizza Slice – Lunchtime
C11 The Debts – The Twelfth Chime
C12 — GG Interlude 2 (500 Flavors) —
C13 Mean Spirit’d Robots – Green Lights
C14 John Davis – Amanda
C15 Handmedown Satellites – Misbegotten Reverie
C16 The Crazy People – Sugar High (Reprise)

D1 The Ham Stains – Illegal Smile
D2 Spirit Duplicator – For Unread, 20 Years Later
D3 Charlie Mcalister – Rip Van Winkle
D4 A John Henry Memorial – Widowermaker
D5 Simon Joyner – I’ll Fly Away (Demo)
D6 Ramon Speed – Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis
D7 Eloine – Doorknob Fruit
D8 Plundershop – Texas, You Told Us So Already
D9 Space Capsules – Relief
D10 Jarbaby – Odd Bless +++

E1 Safetycntrl – An Apple Stole My Hedddd
E2 Nicole Kidman – The Sweat Pours Into Your Socks
E3 Das Torpedoes – Juche
E4 Chernobyl USA – Baby Blue
E5 Hamstrings – Sloggin’ Thru the Turd Bog
E6 Monogamy – Hot Tears
E7 Church of Gravitron – Simmit Simmit
E8 Jozril Dahl – Microtape, GA
E9 M A T H – Why Is This So Hard?
E10 Lovers Turn to Monsters – Vassar
E11 — Martian Interlude 2 —
E12 The Wrong Wizards – Ex-Summoner Tooth Vs. Red Capricorn Suit
E13 Surfeit – Doing Drugs
E14 :3 – I Am A Rain (Demo)
E15 Voost Viszt – Zhai Nan
E16 Charlie Mcalister & The 5000 Watt Compressed Air Band – Waterin Jug

F01 — GG Interlude 3 (Supernatural Forces) —
F02 Anna McClellan And Razors – I Swear
F03 Will Simmons & The Upholsterers – Not So Good

The compilation titled ”Crock Rot” and features some of my favourite artists, that are for the first time on Almost Halloween Time Records: John Davis, Franklin Bruno, Allen Callaci, Simon Joyner, Wio, Jeff Fuccillo, Plundershop, Caleb Fraid, David Nance, Noah Sterba, Mean Spirit’d Robots and I Am The Lake Of Fire. It features old friends of Almost Halloween Time Records: Charlie McAlister, Space Capsules, Ramon Speed, Monogamy, Nicole Kidman, Math, Restaurnaut, Phil Yates, Autopilot, Will Simmons, Ed Gray, Bingo Trappers, Rake Kash, C. Worth, Furniture Huschle and : 3. It features artists with whom I’ve just started to collaborate: The Debts and Lovers Turn To Monster and artists that I’d like to work with one day.

For this series that is limited to 50 copies, I will draw three unique sleeves per copy (for a total of 150 different sleeves, as if I had not already enough things to draw for the other releases). The drawings will be inspired by the songs.