Vote Robot

This is an attempt to create a complete Vote Robot discography.
Vote Robot are Scott August and Kevin Rivard.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

    Vote Robot (K7 Vegasp)* You Look Beautiful/Here Comes Sunset/Back For You/Please Come Home/Scepana/The Fact They Spent/Take Your Bells Off/Highlandloosing/Dance
1996   R.U.R. (LP Catsup Plate/Vegasp)Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
1999   Versions (LP Vegasp)Untitled (Vote Robot Remix)/Untitled (Yacka Tundra Remix)/Untitled (Climax Golden Twins Remix)/Untitled (Vote Robot Remix)/Untitled (Nova Scotias Remix)/Untitled (Vote Robot Remix)/Untitled (Will Simmons Remix)/Untitled (Corvalis Remix)/Untitled (Ralph Haxton Remix)/Untitled (French Paddleboat Remix)/Untitled (Dasbild Remix)/Untitled (Vote Robot Remix)/Untitled (Joe Bloggs Remix)
2001 In Meorm Na (CD Scratch/LP (K-raa-k)) Iwon Ilfod/Oetdo Wn/Orso D T/Ke Frte B/Nnpl Wry/Aoh Dhe M S/Mtae Iroa/I Taws Lc/Krkc Be H/A/Woeieoe/Ab Wuice/Untitled
2002 Five Score Six Bicycle (LP Catsup Plate)Kttaptfr/Et_le_u_w/Eiamcgcaa/Nntotek_s/Ag_seteg/N_wtdtdrn/_Sa__i_ao/ Ghsebnfnt/Eo_xugod_


    God Made Dirt Cuz Dirt Don't Hurt (7" Self Released) God Made Dirt Cuz Dirt Don't Hurt/Untitled
    Ummo (7" Hell's Half Halo) Ummo/Genius Of Incongresso
2001   H.waiian Blue (7" Tonschacht) H.waiian Blue/ Grey


1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Switzerland Is My Beat (K7 Granted Passage) Contribution
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Color In Absence Sound (CD Hell's Half Halo) Untitled
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Bad Times Ahead For Me (CD Tedium House Publications) Nope
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS (K-RAA-K) Labelsampler (CD (K-raa-k))Luc I Ano Rossi
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Festivalsampler 2001 (CD (K-raa-k)) Nope (Ndmx)
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Transmissions 003 (CD Transmissions) Untitled

Other Stuff

2001   PRICK DECAY Guidelines For Basement Non-Fidel/Mic Gravy For Freek (2CDR Starlight Furniture Co.) (Vote Robot remix Tailored Ear Ossicle Experience (Return Of Smuggums Mix)) Tailored Ear Ossicle Experience (Return Of Smuggums Mix) (Vote Robot Remix)