Prick Decay

This is an attempt to create a complete Prick Decay discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

    SLAPPER WITH CELLULITE VS. PRICK DECAY I Am A Gibbering Idiot (US Remix) (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
    Winged Discs And Crispy Pancakes (K7 E.F. Tapes) 
    PIGSEARS/PRICK DECAY Split (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
    Live Next Door To Johnny Memphis (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
    Use The Silence Of Alien Infiltrated Beings (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
    Escape To The Depository Of Shotgun Strap-Ons (4xK7 Chocolate Monk)  
    (IN SPITE OF FLAMING CREATURES) W/ PRICK DECAY Non Fidelity Dope Massage (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
    VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA & PRICK DECAY Dada Junk Spew (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
    Go Go Gamelan (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
    Wake Wilting Magnet (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
    Studies For Postal Orgies Vol.1 (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
    Studies For Postal Orgies Vol.2 (CDR Chocolate Monk)  
1995 PD !!!Cuba. Planet Cuba!!! (K7 Union Pole)Aromatic Cigar For Saint Lazarus/Ellegua Needs Fresh Blood/Puta!!!!!/Yanquis/Gusano Traitors/The Black Queen/Obatala/Oggun/Various Body Parts In Jars For Sale In Havana!!!
1996 PRIC DECAY AND NEIL CAMPBELL Rate Of CHB Is In (K7 Union Pole)Am Closing In On Skint/Jerks And Shirts
1994 Have A Blossoming Slack Afro (K7 Oska Records) Man Covers Face As Child Is Hurtled 10 Feet/The Child Dreams/Scene Of A Singer In Dealer's (Smokie) Pad/Kid On Street Corner Hears Old Tales From Moist Mouthed Ancient Junkie/Girl On Floor Watches Wide Eyed As Ceiling Tiles Dance And Flutter/Neon Signs Flashes Into The Joint, While Our New Found Friends Play Their First Earth Set/Greasy Man Looks Up The Short Skirt Of The Girl Dancing On The Table/Bar Band Play To Scum/Hymn For NYX And KIR/Dancing Youths Can't Hear The Fuzz/Heavy Man Descends In Slow Motion With A Knife And A Half Empty Bottle Of Whiskey/Girl Pukes Into Toilet, Some Kids From The Party Are At The Bathroom Door/He Looks Behind And The Muthas Are On His Tail/The Television Repair Man Has Rope And A Gun
    Osk098 Is Rosty Walkman (K7 Oska)  
2001   Guidelines For Basement Non-Fidel/Mic Gravy For Freek (2CDR Starlight Furniture Co.) Repressed False Memory Therapy/Equal Amounts Meths And Soda/Lessons For Beginners/Tailored Ear Ossicle Experience/The Viral Audio Union/In Each Hand A Broken Needle/POSIT HIGH/Making A Purchase Or Two/Effects Of Atomic Stimulation (Trio)/Cooked Chicks (Including Garden Ensemble)/Never Breaking Books (Telephone Quartet)/Terminal Need/Opium EYeliD/Crowning The Fur Purse/Sneaker Pimp (Trio)/Effects Of Atomic Stimulation (Double Duo)/Original Soundtrack For AutoeROTic/Repressed False Memory Therapy (2 Versions) (David Cross Remix)/Equal Amounts Meths And Soda (Hate Sqaud Molest A Soundman Mix) (Stewart Walden Remix)/Lessons For Beginners (Old Man Goatee Mix) (Scott Colburn Remix)/Tailored Ear Ossicle Experience (Return Of Smuggums Mix) (Vote Robot Remix)/The Viral Audio Union (Bovine Mix) (Jod Russell Remix)/In Each Hand A Broken Needle (Whale Waist Mix) (Glands Of External Secretion Remix)/POSIT HIGH (Non-Mix) (Jeph Jerman Remix)/Making A Purchase Or Two (Drinking Cider Mix) (Jeff Fucillo Remix)/Effects Of Atomic Stimulation (Custo Sever Mix) (Landers Duo Remix)/Cooked Chicks (Bad Ronald Mix) (Kenui Ullin Remix)/Never Breaking Books (That Girl Mix) (June Powers Remix)/Terminal Need (Uncertain Collapse Mix) (Clinton Williams Remix)/Opium EYeliD (Sweet, Sweet Mix) (Karen Lollypop Remix)/Crowning The Fur Purse (24/3/97 Mix) (Neil Campbell Remix)/Sneaker Pimp (Ballad For The Dugong Loch Sturgeon Mix) (Matt Anderson Remix)/Effects Of Atomic Stimulation (Witdecay Mix) (Mykl Veet Remix)/Original Soundtrack For AutoeROTic (Fempriest Mix) (Thurston Moore Remix)


    THURSTON MOORE & PRICK DECAY Electricity vs. Insects (7" Chocolate Monk)  


1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS 3d Halitosis - An Oska Non-Sampler (K7 Oska) Dogmeat Document
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Neon Signs In A Dralon Sky (K7 Fisheye) That's What Mothers Eyes Are For/Tin Squat
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Kiling Has Muerto Cuantas Veces? (12" Climax Records) A Bacteria Bone Musical - Septic Afghanistan
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Optional Ingredients From A Vile Recipe Volume III (7" Trackshun Industries) Beyond The Reefer
1997 VARIOUS ATISTS Breaking The Plastic Hymen, Vinyl Virgins & Lo-Fi Whores (4x7" Fisheye)3 Variations Of Chronic Delerium

Other Stuff

    HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS Collaboration (K7 Union Pole) (Coffee and Prick Decay)Untitled/Untitled