Vivian Girls

This is an attempt to create a complete Vivian Girls discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2008   Live On Radio WFMU 9/1/2008 (CDR/LP Troubleman Unlimited) All The Time/Such A Joke/Surfin Away/Damaged/I Have No Fun/I Can't Stay/Second Date/Tell The World/Wild Eyes
2008 Vivian Girls (K7 Fuck It Tapes) All The Time/Such A Joke/Wild Eyes/Going Insane/Tell The World/Where Do You Run To/Damaged/No/Never See Me Again/I Believe In Nothing/Wild Eyes/My Baby Wants Me Dead/Tell The World/I Believe In Nothing/Damaged
2009   Everything Goes Wrong (CD/LP In The Red) Walking Alone At Night/I Have No Fun/Can't Get Over You/The Desert/Tension/Survival/The End/When I'm Gone/Out For The Sun/I'm Not Asleep/Double Vision/You're My Guy/Before I Start To Cry


2008   I Can't Stay (7" In The Red) I Can't Stay/Blind Spot
2008   Surf's Up (7" Wild World) Surfin Away/Second Date/Girl Don't Tell Me
2008   Tell The World (7" Woodsist) Tell The World/I Believe In Nothing/Damaged
2008   Wild Eyes (7" Plays With Dolls/Wild World) Wild Eyes/My Baby Wants Me Dead
2009   Moped Girls (7" For Us) Moped Girls/Death


2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Rough Trade Shops - Counter Culture 08 (CD Counter Culture Records)Where Do You Run To
2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS The World's Lousy With Ideas Volume 8 (LP Almost Ready) Lake House

Other Stuff

2008   NURSE WITH WOUND Two Shaves And A Shine Remix Project (CD Jnana) Vivian Girls (Remix)
2008   FUCKED UP Crooked Head (7" Matador) (backing vocals) Crooked Head/I Hate Summer
2009   FUCKED UP No Epiphany (7" Matador) (backing vocals) No Epiphany (Album Version)/No Epiphany (No Age Remix)
2009 BLANK DOGS Under And Under (2LP In The Red) (backing vocals)No Compass/L. Machine/Night Night/Open Shut/Setting Fire To Your House/Around The Room/Blue Lights/You're Out Of Time/I'm Falling Back/Finding Out Again/Tin Birds/Slowing Down/Facewatching/Second Time/The New Things/Books/Landmarks/Wrong Then/Nothing UGC/From Here
2014 CASSIE RAMONE The Time Has Come (K7 Comfortable On A Tight Rope) Songs Of Love/The Time Has Come/Joe's Song/I'm A Freak/Hangin On/I Don't Really Wanna Go/Sensitive Soul/I Send My Love To You