Blank Dogs

This is an attempt to create a complete Blank Dogs discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

2008 Mirror Lights (K7 Drone-Errant) Mirror Lights/Message One/Sight Under/Freezing Styles/Message Two
2008 On Two Sides (K7/LP/CD Fuck It Tapes/Troubleman Unlimited/Sacred Bones) Ants/Blaring Speeches/Twenty Two/The Crystal Ladies/Calico Hands/Pieces/Epic Moves/The Lines/RCD Song/The Station/Meltdown Cloud/Three Window Room
2008 Year One (K7 Fuck It Tapes) Yellow Mice Sleep/Housefly/Smashed Up People/1480 Fox/Everyone Is/Surveillance Man/Ambulance/Narrow Tunnel/Dismorphobia/Mirror Lights/Sight Under/Freezing Styles/The Doorbell Fire/Outside Alarmer/It Was/Leaving The Light On/She's Violent Tonight/Water Into Ice/Scenes From A New Town/My House Is Red/Planets/Two Months/Poison Ivy/You're Dead/In A Web/They Said/Stuck Inside The World
2008 The Fields (K7/LP/CD Fuck It Tapes/Woodsist) Red World/Before The Hours/The Other Way/Spinning/Passing The Light/Now Signals/All Photographs
2009 Under And Under (2LP In The Red)No Compass/L. Machine/Night Night/Open Shut/Setting Fire To Your House/Around The Room/Blue Lights/You're Out Of Time/I'm Falling Back/Finding Out Again/Tin Birds/Slowing Down/Facewatching/Second Time/The New Things/Books/Landmarks/Wrong Then/Nothing UGC/From Here


2007   Diana (The Herald) (12" Sacred Bones) Leaving The Lights On/She's Violent Tonight/Water Into Ice/Scenes From A New Town/My House Is Red/Planets
2007   Doorbell Fire (7" Sweet Rot) The Doorbell Fire/Outside Alarmer/It Was
2007   The First Two Weeks (12" Freedom School) 1480 Fox/Everyone Is/Surveillance Man/Ambulance/Head On The Wall/Dismorphobia
2007   Two Months (7" Floridas Dying) Two Months/You're Dead/Poison Ivy
2007   Yellow Mice Sleep (7" Hozac Records) Yellow Mice Sleep/Housefly/Smashed Up People
2008   Captured Tracks Volume 1 (CDR Captured Tracks) Death Jumpers/Silk Heads/Set Living/The Final World/Army Crash
2008   Setting Fire To Your House (7" 4:2:2) Setting Fire To Your House/I Was Counting
2008   Stuck Inside The World (7" Daggerman) In A Web/They Said/Stuck Inside The World
2009   In Here (7" Down In The Ground/Captured Tracks) Slow Room!/Anywhere
2009   Seconds (12" Captured Tracks) The Threes/Calling Over/Keeping All The Time/The Tied
2009   Waiting (7" In The Red) Waiting/Splitting


2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Yeti Six (CD Yeti Publishing) Spinning
2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS The World's Lousy With Ideas Volume 8 (LP Almost Ready) Ages Ago