Vehicle Blues

This is an attempt to create a complete Vehicle Blues discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2010 Punks On Transit (CD Bridgetown) Punks On Transit/Campbell And Potomac/Pauly/Ma Hawk/Subway Riders/365 Ft Wide (Vitreous Humor)
2010 Changer (CD Bridgetown) Changer/Winter Lamborghini/Real Loner Shit/Worn Out
2011 Koz Park (K7 Bridgetown) Koz Park/Oscar Bought A Boat
2011 VEHICLE BLUES/TRUDGERS Split (K7 Hi Shadow/Lillerne) TRUDGERS Softly, Gracefully/Dead Geranium (Version)/Sing When You Sleep/VEHICLE BLUES Your Pile/Mountain Girls/Sleeping With Tallboy/Miracle Blues
2012 VEHICLE BLUES VS SHIVERING WINDOW Vehicle Blues Vs Shivering Window (K7 Juniper Tree Songs)VEHICLE BLUES OD Plus/Total Vic/Sprayed Our Names At Every Station/SHIVERING WINDOW Little Skulls/Old Scorched Youth/Ash On You/Inner-Exo
2012 Singles Club #11 (‎K7 Rok Lok) Lotto Pop Ice/My New Angle/Kevin Kostner

Other Stuff

2013 MORGUE TOAD Buzzing Vibrations (K7 Juniper Tree Songs)Safekeep (Featuring Vehicle Blues)