This is an attempt to create a complete Trudgers discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

2008 Stag At The Social (K7 Hi Shadow) Go To Bed/At Sea/Catholic Candles/Ghosts/Wool/Gathering Boy
2008 Bedrooms On Fire (K7 Goaty Tapes) Autobus Daydream/Star Crossed Klutz/Crashing Your Car/For Marc/Rushed Words/We Only Come Out At Night
2009 Always Crashing Heaven (CD Bridgetown Records) Moist Mouths Eject/Star Crossed Klutz/Crashing Heaven/Wait For You/Nothing Perfect Ever/Outgrowing Halos/We Only Come Out At Night
2010 Stag At The Social Vol. II (K7 Hi Shadow) Brother Boogie/Roach/Red Stripe/Untitled/Tears/Gimme Some Good Times
2010 Bedrooms On Fire (CD Bridgetown Records) (Reissue of The Goaty Tapes cassette that came out in 2008) Autobus Daydream/Star Crossed Klutz/Crashing In Your Car/For Marc/Rushed Words/We Only Come Out At Night
2011 KEVIN GREENSPON/TRUDGERS Split (K7 Bathetic Records) KEVIN GREENSPON Impending/A Simpler Time-Passing By Quickly/Shatter And Repeat/TRUDGERS Dryer/Achilles
2011 VEHICLE BLUES/TRUDGERS Split (K7 Hi Shadow/Lillerne) TRUDGERS Softly, Gracefully/Dead Geranium (Version)/Sing When You Sleep/VEHICLE BLUES Your Pile/Mountain Girls/Sleeping With Tallboy/Miracle Blues
2011 New Comforting Lifestyles (CDR Not On Label) Softly, Gracefully/Dead Geranium/Directions To Yr Skull/Half Violent/Brown Eyes




2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Family Tree (12" Family Time) Moist Mouths Eject