This is an attempt to create a complete Sukpatch discography.
Sukpatch are Chris Heidman and Steve Cruze.
See also Patch.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1991 That's Leona's Business (K7 Toytown) Nice Notes And Texas Extasy/West Virginia Bleachers/Estelle's Dye Kit/B. Epstein Rides Like The Wind/Core Flawl/Just Like Shrimp Cocktail/Chocolate Posse Surprise/Wet Socks/The Company Will Buy You Lunch/Corky's New Talent/No Honey, It'll Make Me Crap/Ima/The Colley Mumble Melon/Window Seat Next To Billy Epstein/Bean Tubes/Smokey Face/Package Walk
  Sukpatch (K7 Slabco) Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/
1993 Lite Hits (K7 Slabco) Stickerchamp/Carmine/Richland King/Little Ambassador/Mexico City Big Vacation/Hickory Tips/Lucky Neighbor/Beach Jeans/Chloride/Otha Fish/Dixie Relocation Camp/The Swing Clip/All The Juice/Juice Repraise/Alligator
1996 Haulin' Grass And Smokin' Ass (CD Slabco)Flock-Sultan/Florida Orange/Smooth Guys (American Mix)/Hollow Tips/C.King/Tiebreakers/Bound Design/Saddle Sore/Au Pair/Stained-N-Strained/High-Lawn/Fort Knox/Bucked Hide/Straightest Lines/St. Louis Runs
2004   Phazed And Re-Fused (CD Inpartmaint)Flock Sultan/Smooth Guys/We Fold At The Fork/C.King/Stained-N-Strained/Lakefunt Property/Afternoon Son (98 Mix)/Dt 100/Fleet (In The Pines Mix)/Ft.Knox/Florida Orange
2006   Twenty-Three (CD Moshi Moshi)7:30 Tomorrow/Medium Self-Employed/Out The Window/Bottom Of The Wheel/Natural Things To Do/Wrrrt/Sopenyo/Hand In Hand/Better Hills/I'm Not Here For A Position/Radon
2010   Naturalizms (CD Trussed Recordings)Cobra/Mid-Mountain Blues/Halfwit/Hey Jolie/Something You Oughtta Know/U Shaded Me/She Had A Tale/More Shangri-La/Pawin' In The Valley/When Momma Makes Bread/Ribs In Your Cage/Serveral/Orange Hymn/Electric Eye/Stray Persuasion/Stolen Chrome/More Shangri-La (Lamacq Session)/Stuck On Me (LamacQ Version)/Skin Tight (Lamacq Version)/Hey Jolie (Lamacq Version)


1995   Cabo San Lucas (7" Slabco)Cabo San Lucas/Empire Waist/Jerry Mulligan On 45/Minature Pee-Pee
1996   Hoop (7" Slabco) Carving Counties/Sparklin' Remake/Heady Crisis Eddy/Lucky Neighbah Floorshow
1996   Ides (7" Motorway) Ides/Broken Facility
1998   Honky-Tonk Operation EP (CDS Slabco) Fleet/Lake Funt Property/Langdon On Hi/Sile Contusion/Afternoon Son/Resley/Blew Spitoonias/Keys East
1998   Hey Jolie (7" Moshi Moshi) Hey Jolie/Stray Persuasion
1998   Stolen Chrome (7" Sub Pop) Stolen Chrome/Bubble Shaff
1999   Tie Down That Shiny Wave (CDS/12" Grand Royal) Stuck On Me/One Sign Divine/Burnt Buy/Darlin' Hey/Skin Tight
2006   Medium Self-Employed (7" Moshi Moshi) Medium Self-Employed/Black Goat Dead
2008 Light’s End…Love’s Swell EP (MP3 Heartphone) Lover Lay Down/If You Want Me to Stay/Reform/Xialon


1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Empire State (K7 Toytown) Halfflawn
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Spoon Fed One (K7 Slabco) SUKPATCH Untitled/SUKPATCH Untitled/SUKPATCH Untitled
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Jet-Age Circuit Rider (K7 Slabco) Unknown
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Arena Church (K7 Slabco) SUKPATCH Ringboy
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS When I'm Hungry, I Eat: Songs About Food (CD Gourmandizer) Gods Of Warm Moisture
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Explorer (CD Beikoku-Ongaku) Condor And Amusement
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Something Cool (CD Cher Doll) Loaded Stinking Fimo
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS I'm Feeling Myself (CD Grand Royal) Stuck On Me
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS We Got Monkeys (Five Years Of Moshi Moshi Records) (CD Moshi Moshi) Hey Jolie
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS Can You Hear Me Clearly - A Moshi Moshi Records Compilation (CD Moshi Moshi) Bottom Of The Well
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS Electracoustic (2CD I Label) 7:30 Tomorrow

Other Stuff

  PATCH Nudeamerica (K7 Shrimper)What A Fellowship/Silk Jumpsuits/Leaky Tummy/Lowered Ace/All Abs/Outro/Supple Meets Salve/Woo/Packets/Meldeded/Victor French/Casio Fill/Are The Ladies In The House/Outro 2
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Spoon Fed One (K7 Slabco) PATCH Untitled/PATCH Untitled
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Jet-Age Circuit Rider (K7 Slabco) PATCH Unknown/AH-PATCH Sunny Day
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Arena Church (K7 Slabco) PATCH Carol Richards Happy Hair Conditioning Spray
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS When I'm Hungry, I Eat: Songs About Food (CD Gourmandizer) PATCH 40's Are Food
1996   THE CANNANES Simple Question EP (7" Ajax) (Loops on "Fall" by Chris Heidman) Fall
1997 THE AH-CLUB Kiss The Sky Goodbye (LP Shrimper/Squealer) (Loops on "Bitter Days" by Chris Heidman)Bitter Days