The Cannanes

This is an attempt to create a complete The Cannanes discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1984   Ben (K7 Self Released)  
1985   The Cannanes Come Across With The Goods (K7 Happy Penis)  
1986   Happy Swing (K Records)  
1987   African Man's Tomato (LP Self Released) Scaled Down/Sweater/Brain/Middle Eastern Potentate/Country Life/Ode/Gloom, Pt.1/I Wish I Were You/Love Only Takes A Minute/Corn Chips/Revenge Was No Answer/We Drink Bitter/Dead Animal/One Day
1989 A Love Affair With Nature (LP Self Released; Feel Good All Over. CD Ajax Records) I Woke Up/Take Me To The Hotel Johanna (And Let's Trash The Joint)/Sound Of The City/Nuissance/Seatbelt/Move Some Things Around/Paper Bag/52 Linthorpe Street/Blue Skies Over The Ocean/Vivienne
1989   I've Seen It All (Rarities 2) (K7 Self Released)  
1991   Caveat Emptor (CD Feel Good All Over) White Rabbit/Kitten On The Keys/Candlesticks/Here Is The Blade/Beautiful Name/1991/Last 3 Weeks/Go & Tell Your Father/Christmas Tree/No Visitors On Wednesdays/Say It Again/Newcastle/Bottles/I Met You As A Baby/Green Iguana/Somethings Happen/Untitled
1993   Witchetty Pole (CD Feel Good All Over) Stop It/Untitled/You're So Groovy/I Don't Want To Talk About Your Problems/Skelton/Sunday/Felicia/Scaled Down/Sweater/Brain/Middle Eastern Potentate/Country Life/Ode To Tim/Gloom Pt.1/I Wish I Were You/Love Only Takes A Minute/Corn Chips/Revenge Was No Answer/We Drink Bitter/Dead Animal/One Day.....
1993   Pictures (K7 Self Released)  
1994   Short Poppy Syndrome (CD Ajax Records) Perfect Light/Chosen One/Reckless Child/Cocaine/Sydney 2000/My Dull Surprise/Strange Memories/Walking Home/You're Gorgeous/Cricket Club Porn Night/Pearl/Red Smoke Across The Square/History
1996   The Cannanes (CD/K7 Ajax Records) Drug-Induced Delirium/Asleep/Caesar/Simple Question/3-Way Release/Ordinarily/Get On Down/Matter Of Distinction/The Promise/Pedagogy (The Mystery Of You)/Marching Song/Swing, You Little Red Devil
1998   Arty Barbecue (CD Ajax Records) Frightenning Thing/King Of Lilliput/Ern Malley/Screaming/Prototype/Bad Timing/Throw Down The Gauntlet/Empty Channel/Another Fight/Passionfruit/Singing To Satellites
1998 THE CANNANES/TIMONIUM Population ~ Two (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) THE CANNANES Lamington Lane/Adelaide/Population ~ Two/TIMONIUM Population ~ Two/There Are No Hearts/Adelta
2000   Living The Dream (CD Chapter Music)Free Bird/Japanese Train Station/Winding Down Again/Last Resort/Defragmentation/Fuzzy At The Tip/Owerwhelmed/Population Of Two/In Through The Out Door/Nearly There/Parade Time
2000   THE CANNANES AND STEWARD Communicating At An Unknown Rate (CD Yoyo Recordings/LP 555 Recordings)Hey Leopard/Mirage/Music And Me/Clean Forgot/Fragments/Not Quite Right/SDJ/Remember The Theramin/Sharpie/Kurrajong Hotel/Oh Yeah!/Astra/Savage
2002   Trouble Seemed So Far Away (CD Slabco/Lamingtone)You Name It/Felicity/This Is The Song/It's Hopeless/Brand New Craze/Radio Moscow/Ten Stories/Sound Of Seduction/S.A.D./Treading Carefully/Western Slowmotion/Trouble Seems So Far Away


1984   Life (K7 Happy Penis) Life/It's Hardly Worth It
1986   Bored Angry & Jealous (7" Distant Violins Records) Untitled/You're So Groovy!/Stop It/Your Problems
1987   No One (7" K Records) No One/Rabbits Wedding/Theme For A Dag
1988   I Think The Weather's Affected Your Brain (7" Distant Violins Records) Weather/Stories
1988   Cardboard (7" Self Released) Cardboard/Woe
1992   Broken Bottles (7" Bi-Joopiter Records) Broken Bottles/Pizza Addict/Eating Biscuits
1992 Stumpvision (7" Ajax Records) Passionfruit/Another Fight/Singing To Satellites
1993 Frightening Thing (7" K Records) Frightening Thing/Monsieur Hot/Let's Pretend
1994   THE CANNANES/SMALL WORLD EXPERIENCE Split (7" Spit And A Half) THE CANNANES Anthem/Matter Of Distinction/SMALL WORLD EXPERIENCE Procrastination
1994   Prototype (7" Little Teddy Records) Prototype/Bad Timing/Der Fuhrender Sydney Rechtsanwalt
1996   Simple Question EP (7" Ajax) Simple Question/Fall/Dreadful/Outasite
1996   THE CANNANES/SLEEPY TOWNSHIP Split (7" H Records/Chapter Music)THE CANNANES Price You Pay/Tennyson/Platypus/SLEEPY TOWNSHIP Kinder/S.T. Song (Sleepy Township Song)/The Point
1997   It's A Fine Line Between Pleasure And Pain (7" Harriet Records)Fine Line/Smoking/Commitment
1998   Tiny Frown EP (CD Yoyo Recordings)Pillow/Angsty Pants/Quite An Education/Fuzzy At The Tip/Tiny Frown/Pacific Gulls/Wherever You Go
2000   William (7" 555 Recordings) William/Miserable
2000   Insound Tour Support Series #15 (CDS Insound)You Name It/Postcard From Cuba/From The Keyboard To Your Door/Solid/You're Crazy
2001 Crank It Up! Live (CDS Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)White Rabbit/Anthem/I Met You As A Baby/3-Way Release/Go And Tell Your Father/Last Resort/Parade Time
2001   THE CANNANES WITH EXPLOSION ROBINSON AND STEWARD Felicity EP (CDS Felicity/I Like Cellos/Lost In Darkness/L_O_V_E
2008 Grassy Flat (3" CD Dark Beloved Cloud) Glimpse/Objects/Brainful/Drinking Dry
2008   BOYRACER/THE CANNANES/MYTTY ARCHER Split (7" 555 Recordings) THE CANNANES Don't Fear The Reaper/MYTTY ARCHER Too Many Lovers/BOYRACER Supremer Queener


1985   VARIOUS ARTISTS Lets Together (K7 K Records) Life
1986   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Soft Volcano Erupts (7" flexi Broken Flag/Distant Violins) Especially At Christmas
1987   VARIOUS ARTISTS Lets Sea (K7 K Records) We Have Got To Get Together
1987   VARIOUS ARTISTS Darling Pet Monkey (K7 Distant Violins) Revenge (Unmixed)
1987   VARIOUS ARTISTS Display Ideas For Supermarkets (K7 Toytown) Corn Chips/Midnight A Go Go
1988   VARIOUS ARTISTS Pluralism (K7 Bi-Joopiter) Robert
1989   VARIOUS ARTISTS Fingernails (K7 Toytown) Sound Of The CIty/Interview
1989   VARIOUS ARTISTS Diamonds And Porcupines (LP Beat All The Tambourines) Felicia
1989   VARIOUS ARTISTS Voices From The Cellar (K7 Blunt Magazine) No Visitors
1990   VARIOUS ARTISTS Perhaps Meteors... Suggested Willoughby (K7 Your Standing On My Hula Hoop Productions) Queens Hotel (Instrumental)
1991   VARIOUS ARTISTS 12-Solid Gold Inner-City *Hits!!* (LP Blunt) Go And Tell Your Father
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Fortune Cookie Prize - A Tribute To Beat Happening (CD Simple Machines) Tribute
1992   VARIOUS ARTISTS Throw (LP/CD/K7 Yoyo Recordings) Chia Pet
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Dead Eyes (VHS Bi-Joopiter) Broken Bottles (Video)
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Woozy Couch Finder Tape (K7 Woozy Magazine) Miss You A Lot
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS The International Hip Swing (CD K Records) No One
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Big Backyard Presents (CD/K7 The Big Backyard) Passionfruit
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Empire State (K7 Toytown) White Rabbits
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Asparagus Milkshake (K7 Salty And Delicious/Chapter Music) Mosquito
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS A Kinda Sydney Compilation (CD P76 Records) You'll Be Back
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Family Album: A Compilation (CD Shy Boy Records) Land Of The Long Weekend
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Exhibit A - Chronicling The Folk Music Of The Nineties (K7 H Records) Arabian Nights
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Exhibit B (K7 H Records)* Fantastic Fantasy
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Hey Dan K (K7 AJAX Records) Ice Blue Drink/History
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Pop Biz (CD Pop Biz) Ceasar
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's A Blackbean And Placenta Christmas Compilation (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Six White Boomers
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Munch II (VHS Season Records) Lets Pretend (Video)
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Woozy #20 (CD Woozy) Creation/Juliet's Song
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Overboard (CD Yoyo Recordings) Pacific Gulls
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Static Modulation #1 (CD Static Modulation) I Think I Was Spoilt As A Child
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Retrovirus - A Compilation (K7 Inner Psyche Productions) What If Everything Was Nice
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Video Comp Volume 2 (VHS Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) We Drink Bitter (Video)
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS 555 Records/Chapter Music Sampler (CD 555 Records/Chapter Music)Population ~ Two
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Badaboom Gramaphone #4 (CD Badaboom Gramaphone) A Challenge
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Indie Aid Abroad: A Little Help For East Timor (CD Drive-In Records/Library Records)Population ~ Two/Committment (1999 Remixes)
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Starring Nao (K7 Rover Records)Miserable
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS US: Various Artists - Up Records & Slabco-US (CD Up Records/Slabco) You Name It
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Popfrenzy (CDS Popfrenzy)Popstars
2000 STEWARD Horselaugh On My Ex (CD 555 Recordings) (Andrew Coffey, Frances Gibson and Stephen O'Neil play on Hey Leopard) Hey Leopard (Less Is More Mix)
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Christmas With Mobstar (CDR Mobstar) Six White Boomers
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Red Square: The Way Things Change: Volume 3 (7" Red Square) Phobos
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sweet Sweet Casio (CD North Of January/Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)THE CANNANES WITH STEWARD The Dissenters Have Risen
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Yoyo A Gogo 1999 (CD Yoyo Recordings) Vivienne
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Woosh! (CD Little Teddy Records)Der Fuhrender Sydney Rechtsanwalf
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS 20th October 2001 Roden Crater, Arizona (LP 555 Recordings/Red Square Recordings)Treasure The Light
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blunt/Who Cares Wins (CD+Book Prowling Tiger Press) (It came with the first 500 copies of Bob Blunts book "Blunt: A Biased History Of Australian Rock") You Name It
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS All's Fair In Love And Chickfactor: cf mixtape1 (CD Enchant Records) Astra
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Double Figures (CD Chapter Records) Tennyson
2002 VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Vol. 7: Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation (K7 Best Kept Secret)Dibble
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS 555CD55 (CD 555 Recordings)No Worries
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Cookie Scene (CD Cookie Scene Magazine)You Name It
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS December Is Not So Far Away (CD Think Small) Mirage
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Melbourne Water Vol. 1 (CD W.Minc Productions) Optimistic Freakout
2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS No Parachute: Volume 1: A Compilation Of Indie Music Videos (DVD Happy Happy Birthday To Me)You Name It (Video)
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS 33 1/3 (CD Jacana Records)Don't Fear The Reaper
2008   VARIOUS ARTISTS Your Cassette Pet (K7 555 Recordings) America
2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Citrus (5) - Pits Are The Pits (25 Gold=Rare=Debris 1992-2000) (CD Felicity)Frightening Thing
2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Caution Horse - Magazine Of Short Stories (CD Caution Horse)All The Things You Say/Ode To The Town Hall (Hotel)
2010   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Lifted Brow Issue 6 (2CD Literary/Art Magazine/The Lifted Brow)America
2010   VARIOUS ARTISTS Golden Age (7" 555 Recordings/Jellyfant/Knock-Yr-Socks-Off) Truth B20331A
2010   VARIOUS ARTISTS Indietracks 2010 (2CD Make And Mend Records) Foundering