Matthew Hattie Hein

This is an attempt to create a complete Matthew Hattie Hein discography.
See also New Bad Things.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1993 Long Distance Letter Roses & Ramen (K7 Union Pole)John Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed/Turtleneck Sweater/Takeoff That Sweater!/Like A Car/Everything You Hear Is True/Moon And Stars/For Myself And K./Faith, Hope, Luck/I'll Say I Knew You/Other People's Clothes/Don't Say It's The Worst The Worst Yet By Far, No/Manage-a-quat/The Good Guys Win/Roomate/Geniuses Vs. Everybody/Know Something/Clique Town, Pt. Two/Wasted At Powells/So Messed Up/Cold/Happy Thanksgivin'/The Montage/Open 'Till 5 a.m./Wasted In The Shower/So Dropped Out/1,000/Bedtime Song
  In Search Of Lost (LP Jealous Butcher) Thanks It's Nice/Number One/Goin' On/If She/Space Room/Letters From You/Lately/Someone's Parties/I'll Never Learn/Praise Be/Way Down/Act III/There's Another/Like A Car/Capital/The Interstate/Unimpressed/1,000


1995   Last Chance (7" Ross) Someone's Parties/Day We/Way Down/I'll Never/Act III/Praise Be
1998   MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN/SARAH DOUGHER Split (7" Jealous Butcher Records) MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN Thanks It's Nice/Number One/SARAH DOUGHER Mirror-Shield/My Pal


1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Everybody Knows This Is (UP13) Nowhere (Vol. 1) (K7 Union Pole)MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN & WHAM-O Capital
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Bottle Of Gallo: Highlights Of Union Pole Fest - 1994 (K7 Union Pole)Untitled
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation (CD Theme Park) MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN AND WHAM O New House Basement
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Compact (CD Jealous Butcher Records) Goin' On/If She
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS Rough Trade Shops - Singer Songwriter 1 (2CD Mute Records) Number One

Other Stuff

1993   NEW BAD THINGS Robin Hood (7" Candy-Ass Records) Robin Hood/Chewbacca/Click Town/Let Her Stay/Lavender
1993   NEW BAD THINGS Concrete (7" Rainforest Records) Concrete/Knott Street/I Suck
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Cantankerous Jack Lord Feeder Operation (K7 Road Cone)* NEW BAD THINGS Forecast
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Several Kinds Of Small Fuzzy People Gathered Together In Bands And Grooving To Floyd (K7 Eldest Son) NEW BAD THINGS Bike
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute To Prince (K7 Eldest Son) NEW BAD THINGS Darling Nikki
1994   NEW BAD THINGS Freemason Love Triangle (7" Punk In My Vitamins) Freemason Love Triangle/The Dirge
1994   NEW BAD THINGS Serious Cat (7" Sticky Records) Serious Cat/P.R.o.D.u.C.T./I Suck
1995   NEW BAD THINGS Freewheel! (LP Candy-Ass Records) Ephedrine/Knott St./Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed/28 Second Squid/Ca18mp/Let's Everyone Do It/Freemason Love Triangle/Goethe's Letter To Vic Chesnutt/Concrete/The I Suck/Mexico Siren/Krankenhaus/Clique Town/Detective/Serious Cat/Montgomery/Product/Movie Cop Soundtrack
1995   NEW BAD THINGS Camp 18 (7" Box Dog Sound) Camp 18/Don't Kill Art Boy/What Goes On
1995   NEW BAD THINGS Nesting (7" Lissy's Records) Nesting/I'll Arrest Myself/Like
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Present This (7" Union Pole)NEW BAD THINGS Brian's Song
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Yugo Seven Inch (7" Clunker) NEW BAD THINGS No Pass-No Fall
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Champagne Dancing Party (7" Cher Doll Records) NEW BAD THINGS Rasputin Lover
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Bedroom Palace (K7 Lo-Fi Recordings) NEW BAD THINGS Tickets
1996   NEW BAD THINGS Society (CD/LP Lissy's) Nov. 25/Society/Our Modern King/Fiberglass/Crabby/Tickets/Let's Get High/Diphenhydra-Mine/Sissy Meat/Positivity/Insomnia/Smoking Porch/Personal Ads/Californegeddon/Boy With The Band/Chess In The Park/FMLN/No Pass-No Fail/The Dige
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Yoyo A Go Go (2CD/3LP Yoyo Recordings) NEW BAD THINGS P.R.O.D.U.C.T.
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Who Cremated The Morning? (7" Sweet Baboo/The Gugliano Family Picknick) NEW BAD THINGS Smoking Porch
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Lily's S'ghetti Factory - Comp #3 (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) NEW BAD THINGS B.I.T.S. (Live)
1997   NEW BAD THINGS Ennui Go (CD Pop Secret) Caravan/Over Me/Egalité/Misgiving/Concentrate/I Hate Everyone/Crustacean/Hey Lupé!/One Of These Days/Like/Saalem's Office
1997   NEW BAD THINGS Off The Leash (Recorded Live In Europe And New Jersey) (Live 12" Series Volume 4) (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Intro/Hospital/Death Hump, Puss And The Wussies/Goethe's Letter To Vic Chestnut/Cigarettes/The Dirge/Josh/The People We Stayed W/ In London/Placed We Used To Get Stoned
1997   NEW BAD THINGS The C Sides (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) World Of My Dreams/Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed/Robin Hood/-/Ephedrine II/Shoplifting You Something For Christmas/Montgomery/Brian's Song/I'll Arrest Myself/Boy With The Band/Yabla/J.E.A.L.O.U.S./Tickets/While I Was Away/2 4 2's Day/Down Time
1997   THE DELGADOS/NEW BAD THINGS Split (7" Lissy's Records) THE DELGADOS Sacré Charlamagne/NEW BAD THINGS Down/Caravan
1997   NEW BAD THINGS Mabel EP (7" 555 Recordings) Mabel/Ghost Town/What If You Knew/French Vacation
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rebound EP Volume One (7" Rebound) NEW BAD THINGS Misgiving
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hard On The Eyes, Easy On The Ears '97 - '98 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) NEW BAD THINGS World Of My Dreams
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Multi-Vitamin Compilation (CD Punk In My Vitamins) NEW BAD THINGS The Dirge
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Knowing We Was Right From Da Start (CD 555 Recordings) NEW BAD THINGS Mabel