King Frog

This is an attempt to create a complete King Frog discography.
King Frog is Eric Ostrowski.
See also Noggin and Bone Cure.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1994   NOGGIN/BONE CURE/KING FROG 60 Minute Cassette (K7 Chocolate Monk) BONE CURE Garlic Corn/NOGGIN 78c Or I Piss On Your Flowers/KING FROG Quiet Village/NOGGIN Eating Steamed Vegetables For A Week Can Make You Homicidal/KING FROG Horska Svita/KING FROG Conchoda #1 In C Major/BONE CURE Surgical Procedure/NOGGIN Next Time I'll Tell You How I Use My Worn Bath Water/KING FROG Conchoda #2 In C Major/NOGGIN I Wouldn't Tell Them Any Secrets

Sunset Of Uranus (K7 Bobby J)

1995   Volume III (K7 Bobby J) Boing! Swoosh, Organ/Choda's Theme/Built For Trouble/Strange Passions/Harold Choda Bites The Big One/Quitaes Malte/Fanny Farmer/Clam/Kiki
1996 The Cabinet Of Dr. Calamari (K7 Flannel Banjo) Jeff Fucillo Drank A Whole Bottle Of Gallo And Stuck My Nose Flute Up His Butt/A Super 8 Film Called Venezuela.. Xylophone And A Turntable Live Recording Of The Sound
1996   The Cabinet Of Dr. Calamari (K7 Flannel Banjo) Jeff Fucilli Drank A Whole Bottle Of Gallo And Stuck My Nose Flute Up His Butt/Java/The Cabinet Of Doctor Calamari; Part 1/The Cabinet Of Doctor Calamari; Part 2/Slinky/Soundtrack For Super 8 File 'Venezuela'
1996   Live From The Land Of Tater Tots (K7 Apraxia) Untitled/Untitled
1997 Silver Gelatin (LP Oblique) They're Diggin' For Gold In North Carolina/The Joyful Music/Quimby/Ribbit/Hell Is For Chodas/Asilah Loops/Victorious Return/Cristaux De Bain/The Birth Of Edward G. Robinson/Tiny Bubbles/Etoile De Mer/Beau De Toilet/Aromasaurus Rex
1997   We Are The Rendering Men... And You Suck! (K7 Union Pole)C Monster Light Cheen/Big Butt/Microjammers/R-E-S-P-E-C-T/Leif The Jello Puker/Robbie Robot/Violin & Theremin/Radio Theater/Theremin & Violin/Michael Finnegan/Lip Whistle/Moog For Film/Jeffron Acid/Sink


1994   Torero! (7" Gritty Kitty) Torero!/Mosaic #2


1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Devon (2x7" Bobby J) Venezuela/Unagi: Better Than Sex
2002 VARIOUS ARTISTS Assult With Insults (K7 Unread) Fire Engine Park
    VARIOUS ARTISTS North America Vs Europe (2xK7 Cactus Gum)A Teacher...
2019 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Compilation That Never Was (2xK7 Unread, Flannel Banjo and Doormat, TX)



Other Stuff

2008 CHARLIE MCALISTER & ERIC OSTROWSKI The Year Of Suspended Sap: Another Look At The Portions Of The World Forgot (CDR Friends & Relatives) Trembling Canyon/Sailing Trip/Turkey Jaw/The Fishin Rod/Polishing My Shoes/Donna/Boiling Gold/Savage For Grapes/Grapes Two For One/My Pal Jonny/The Hot Peppers/Mrs Jenkins/Jack's Toy Honey/The Ultimate Fashion Show/Green Bile/Your Life-Your I.D./Why Wait For Snata Claus/Ted Meyer's Halloween/Ball'z Mclain's Wreck