This is an attempt to create a complete Hood discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

    Field Report (a) (i) An Overcast Sky (K7 Chocolate Monk)  
1994 Cable Linear Traction (CD Slumberland) Norfolk/Evening Return/Untitled/The Hay Harvest Had Special Charms/An Oblique View Of An Irrationally Happy Time/Small Town Prejudice/Abstracting Electricity/A Spell Of Rain/Fades To End A Day/Fashion Mistake Of The Decade/Summers Last Annual/Coastal Driftings/British Radars/Church, Circular/Be Nice To Everyone At All Times (With A Few Important Exceptions)/Finite Differences/Highly Competitive Cut Throat World/Hurt/Untitled #2/A Thinly Veiled Excuse For Something More
2005 Outside Closer (Domino Records)(Int)/The Negatives.../Any Hopeful Thoughts Arrive/End Of One Train Working/Winter 72/The Lost You/Still Rain Fell/L. Fading Hills/Closure/This Is It Forever


2000   HOOD/STEWARD Benjamin Whiskey 4 (7" Jonathon Whiskey) HOOD I Can't Find My Brittle Youth/Song Of The Sea/STEWARD Silver Soda Pop/I'm A Woman Not Just A Toy/Flatter Me Without Concern For Prejudice
2001 Home Is Where It Hurts (CDS Domino Records)Home Is Where It Hurts/The Fact That You Failed/Cold Fire Woods Of Western Lanes/The World Touches Too Hard/It's Been A Long Time Since I Was Last Here
2004 The Lost You (CDS Domino Records) The Lost You/You Can't Breath Memories/The Rest Of Us Still Care/By Island Lake (Excerpt)/Over The Land Over The Sea/The Lost You (Video)


1992   VARIOUS ARTISTS Peacock Blue (K7 Bliss) SubstationA Knowledge Of Agriculture
1993 Deliberately Lo-Fi (K7 Kylie) Study Of Telegraph At 45
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Corkscrewed (K7 Theme Park) Bomb Scare #14
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Neon Signs In A Dralon Sky (K7 Fisheye) Alfred Wainwright/Abstract Paintings Of Meaningless Thoughts
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation (CD Theme Park) Art Without Precedent Or Tradition
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Bedroom Palace (K7 Lo-Fi Recordings) Grid Reference/The Seventh Sense Of Distance/Field Reports
1997 VARIOUS ATISTS Breaking The Plastic Hymen, Vinyl Virgins & Lo-Fi Whores (4x7" Fisheye)A Piano As An Object
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS You Gotta Get More Alive - A 555 Recordings Compilation (CD 555 Recordings) As Evening Changed The Day (Hood Remix)
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Speakers Keep Speaking (LP Rocket Racer) I Have It In My Heart To Jump Into The Ocean
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Knowing We Was Right From Da Start (CD 555 Recordings) Biochemistry Revision Can Wait/(The) Weight
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Rewriting The Book (2CD Elsie & Jack Recordings) Hood Vs. Aube

Minor Releases, Promos, Etc.

1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Midheaven Autumn 1996 (CD Revolver USA) Love Is Dead But Never Buried