Ashley Holt

This is an attempt to create a complete Ashley Holt discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

    Four Hankie Triumph (K7 Doormat, TX) 
1996 The Bachelor Butcher Bishop (K7 Flannel Banjo) Stoner EV/New Mantra/At All/I'm A Little Teapot/You Need Everything/I'm Working On It/Bob Missile/Irritant/The Bread And The Butter/You Told My Mom/The Big Nothing/Ear, Nose And Throat/Stoner EV II/Our National Anthem
1996 Jonathan Martin's Combat With The Black Lion Of Hell And All His Combined Power (K7 Flannel Banjo) The Fuzz/Sofa For My Soul/Goldilocks/Tell U Y Tomorrow/Wheelchair/Beauregard/Balloon/Something's Not Working/Meat Is Murder/Vitamin/You Piss Me Off/Jesus Shaves/Ajax Windows/Mr. Eclipse/Frankenstein/There's Water Everywhere/Unmarked Car/Drunk
1999 CALEB FRAID AND ASHLEY HOLT Lyrix Exchange (K7 Doormat, TX)CALEB FRAID Mr. Sun/Roadmap Randy/Vertical Blind/Man Of Few Words/Mastadon/The Hate Song/Hanna Barbarians/Black Paper/Take It In There/ASHLEY HOLT Konfidence/Don't Set/Punk-N-Porn/Last Sting/50-50/When Sleep Won't Come/Sport Enough/Bucky Dent
2003   Great (CD Thrdgll) Intro/Over The Gears/Irritant/Bucketlamp/Emanual/Goldilocks/At All/Something's Not Working/Big Nothing/Down In The Gullet/There's Water Everywhere/Mr. Holt's Holiday/Bucky Dent/Crabtrap/Our National Anthem
2005   Gargle Of The Spartanites (CD Thrdgll) Hoodlums By The Curtain Ignite Petroleum/Barium/His Holiness/Plate Tectonic Growl/Agony Marquee/Squalor/Army Guy/Enough, Bombardier/The Abstractor/Um
2007   Phillipshead (CD Thrdgll) Plastic Green Army Meltdown/Make With The Saddle/Let's Reinvent The Wheel/World Of Wire/The Valentine Is History/Tammy/Mocking Brainiac/Your Instructions/Invisible Ray/Balzac/Between Us Believers/Bell, Horn And Money




1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Gift Of Gab! K7 Drunk
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Lonestar Palmetto (K7 Flannel Banjo) Somethings Not Working/National Anthem
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hide & Go Seek (K7 Cactus Gum) Wheelchair
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mein Compf 3 (K7 Doormat, TX)Emanuel
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Main Compf 4 (K7 Doormat, TX)Bucketlamp
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Prisoner Of The Spectacle - A Tribute To Charlie McAlister (K7 Doormat, TX)X-Mas Day-Jambed/I'd Promenade With You
  VARIOUS ARTISTS It Was A Pleasure (K7 Doormat, TX)Headstone
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Mein Compf 5 (K7 Doormat, TX)Emmanuel
2005 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Tape Deckade (1995-2005) (CDR Doormat, TX) Emmanuel/I'd Promenade With You
2019 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Compilation That Never Was (2xK7 Unread, Flannel Banjo and Doormat, TX)

Sofa For My Soul