Ancient Crux

This is an attempt to create a complete Ancient Crux discography.
Ancient Crux is
Travis von Sydow.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2008   Interracial Coupling (CD Family Time) Coupling/Vanisher/In Teen Dreams/Strange Situation/M-B-D-S-A/Pressure
2008 ANCIENT CRUX/OUIJA Split (K7 Hi Shadow) ANCIENT CRUX Demand Respect/Colossal Debt/Mutant Beach Theme/OUIJA Chelsea/Parasites In Paradise/Need To Know
2010 Stage Fright (CDR Bridgetown Records) Stage Fright/Alma Reville/Proximity/Man Running/My Pillars Of Shame/Untitled 1/Strange Situation/Benevolent Void/In Teen Dreams/Colossal Debt/Demand Respect/Untitled 2/Karen Centerfold Speaks
2011   ANCIENT CRUX Stage Fright K7 (Reissue of the Bridgetown Records CDR) Stage Fright/Alma Reville/Proximity/Man Running/My Pilars Of Shame/Untitled 1/Strange Situation/Benevolent Void/In Teen Dreams/Colossal Debt/Demand Respect
2011 2011 Tour EP (K7 Bridgetown Records) Magnifying Glass/Terms To Control/Purgatory/Cauterize It
2015 Mariana Trench (K7 Bridgetown Records) Your I/Real World/Ocean Floor/Phasing Laugh Track/Sticking Around


2010   ANCIENT CRUX/NORSE HORSE Split (7" La Station Radar Records) ANCIENT CRUX Benevolent Void/I Pushed Out My Hands/NORSE HORSE Meat Whale/Shoodikids
2010 ANCIENT CRUX/WEED DIAMOND Split 7" (Half Machine Records) ANCIENT CRUX In Teen Dreams/WEED DIAMOND Nothing To Write Home About


2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Family Tree (12" Family Time) Wing Walker

Other Stuff

2011 LIGHT LIGHT Shapes Of Clouds + Photograph K7 (Light Light is Doug Smith with contributions from Tyler Haran, Jonathan Magdaleno and Travis Von Sydow) Shapes Of Clouds/Sounds Of Visions/A Brief Memory Of Snow/Factory/The Shelter/We Have Sails/Birth Has A Memory/Morning (Prelude)/Morning/Pretty Bones/Broken Day/Hole In The Clouds/Untitled/Midnight (Prelude)/Midnight Pt. 1/Midnight Pt. 2/Seabreeze Theme/Keep This, I Don't Need It Anymore/Photograph/Broken Wing/Confused Missles Take Flight/Take And Blame/The Roots/Tree/Transmissions From Satellite Constellation/Blossom/Ringing Bell/Enlighten Me/Empty Hands/I Am The Ghost/Polars/Seeking Apples/The Sun (This Town)