Ribeye – Waiting For Alan Lomax – 3xCS


AHT 114 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Hammer On 04:32
2. The Upper Hand 05:40
3. American Sumo 04:06
4. Pete DeFreitas 04:08
5. Scorpio Sitting Still 03:30
6. Mary Michael 04:30
7. Booty For You 02:24
8. Power Man & Iron Fist 05:23
9. Citizen Camaro 05:22
10. Know Myself 03:32
11. Cigarettes & Celebrity Sleuth 04:27
12. Rumplestiltskin (Sales Associate) 02:41
13. Storyteller 03:33
14. Comedienne 04:09
15. Everything Is Beautiful 03:10
16. Tapeworm In Heaven 06:05
17. Miracles On Ice 03:13
18. Dishwashers Like Us 03:11
19. Chained To A Rock 02:22
20. I’m Your Waitress 03:09
21. Superstar 01:52
22. Winter Was A Bug 02:27
23. Sorcerer (Yngwie Envy) 03:56
24. Butterfly Knife 04:51
25. Monopoly With The Monsters 02:46
26. It’s All My Fault 04:06
27. Port Arthur 03:20
28. Dominion 02:47
29. Harry Houdini 06:09
30. Annunciation Day 03:02
31. Not Fonzie But Frosty 01:43
32. Pooh Bear Crisis 03:39
33. Lost On All Fours 03:45
34. The Magic Is Gone 04:01


“Waiting For Alan Lomax” is a collection of 34 songs picked by Phillip Lee Duncan. Presumably his favorites from the Ribeye catalogue.

According to Caleb Fraid, Phil was like Ken Jennings at Jeopardy. He was always saying hilarious stuff. Could break the fuddiest of fuddy duds. He had a soft spot for his grandma and the gospel. Loved trivia night at the bar and won prizes. Didn’t stay at jobs for very long. Loved some raunchy gossip.

Phil was multi talented. Poet. Singer. Songwriter. Artist. Painter.

“Waiting For Alan Lomax” is an idea Phil came up with back in 2003. He had written it all down on some poster board. Concept, art, track listing. Phil passed away in 2012. Caleb Fraid found the board in a box somewhere.

Phil mentioned 3 Houston athletes as cover stars, the most legendary players on Houston local teams, they all wore number 34.

There are 34 tracks on this compilation. Perfection.

For this series I will be releasing portraits of Earl Campbell of the Houston Oilers, Hakeem Olajuwon (Originally Akeem Olajuwon) of the Houston Rockets, the greatest Houston athlete of all time, the most graceful giant the NBA as ever seen, Nolan Ryan of the Houston Astros, the single most dominant pitcher of his era.

This is a Corelease with one my favorite labels: Doormat, TX and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Caleb Fraid whose love for Phil is infinite and contagious.

Released February 7, 2021

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