Linda Smith – Figment Of Your Imagination – 7″


AHT 135 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with printed cover and 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn covers.

Purchase digital version on Bandcamp here.


Track Listing

1. Figment Of Your Imagination
2. Ideal View


What would it be like to reimagine songs originally recorded on a 4 track tape machine using a computer based program?

This is Linda Smith’s experiment in rethinking, revisiting, reworking the past.

Two old songs, that were originally included on the “Put It In Writing” cassette (1991), re-recorded and rearranged to become a 7″.

This is a pre-order.
The record is available in two different versions.
One with printed covers reproducing a painting by Linda, and one with hand made, always different covers, painted by Luigi.

Please visit Linda Smith’s bandcamp.
The 7″ is also available through her page along with some recently reissued tapes you really can’t miss.

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