This is an attempt to create a complete Zoo-Logic discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

ZOO 01   NAPKIN VS SODA Exploration Du Monde K7  
ZOO 02   MOTE Small Horses K7  
ZOO 03 TRISKELL/NAPKIN VS SODA Split K7 TRISKELL Fatamorgana/Sugar I/Fickleness/Breathing/Let The Chips.../Walske/Sex/Sittin On A Cow/NAPKIN VS. SODA Systematic/Late Praha/Burma/Disco Girl/Loungesurfin'/Epurate/If You Want It/Johnny's Birthday/Desrever
ZOO 04 WIO Had Too Many Waffles Today K7 Whats A Better Way To Start A Zoo-Logic Tape Than With A Pavement Cover?/I Want To Dance The Rock 'n' Roll With You/Smashya/Winter 9495/You And Yr Wheels/Loyalty Is A Lie/Sick Billy/It's Not What You See/Give Me Tabula Rasa/Kevueqobello/Happy To Love Instrumental Version/D/Avignon-Migennes/W.N.L./Arsenol/Wow I Love You!
ZOO 05   BRASSNECK Repeat After Me K7