Your Warmth

This is an attempt to create a complete Your Warmth discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

YW02 NICOLE KIDMAN Never Say Never K7Shower Sadness, Hour Two/Total Apathy/Last Friday/Late Night Goodbyes (With An Acoustic Guitar)/Alexis/Mr. Freeze Part 2: The Meltdown Part 3: The Metamorphosis/The Stars And You/There's Nobody At The Dance Club
YW05 NICOLE KIDMAN Fox Party K7 Slowly/You're Here/Friends/He Cries/Plus I'll Be Dead/Fox Party/I Couldn't Move/I'll Eat Your Brain (Demo Version)
YW14 JOHN THILL Greatest Hits Volume II LP (corelease with Shrimper and Folktale)Midwest Vacation/Broken Freeways/The Good Men/The Eclipse/Gold Spraypaint/In The Valley/Drugs/I Burned Down Your House/Wiccan Girl/What Is Los Angeles?/We Smoked Speed/Love DUI/The Pill Book/Las Lonely Girls/This Bed Is Not A Bed/Farewell Pomona/Rich Girlfriend/Slow Rapture