This is an attempt to create a complete Woodsist discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

001   RACCOO-OO-OON Mythos Folkways No. 1 LP  
002   NIGHT WOUNDS Allergic To Heat LP  
004   WOODS At Rear House LP (CD Shrimper) Don't Pass On Me/Hunover/Keep It On/Be Still/Woods Children, Pt. 2/Ring Me To Sleep/Night Creature/Walk The Dogs/Love Song For Pigeons/Bone Tapper/Picking Up The Pieces
005   WOODEN WAND More From The Mountain 7"  
006   RACCOO-OO-OON Mythos Folkways Vol. III LP  
007   JANA HUNTER Carrion 12"  
008   THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY UNDERGROUND For The Depth Of Your Union... LP  
009   THE FOLK SPECTRE The Blackest Medicine LP  
010   LOOSERS Logic On Its Head 10"  
011   SIC ALPS Strawberry Guillotine 7"  
012   POCAHAUNTED Peyote Road LP  
013   MENEGUAR The In Hour LP Let Us Decide/Some Other Life/Black Death/What Would You Wage/Maria & The Dark/Oakland, NJ/We Own We Sell/Lynch The Swan Bar/The Morning, The Night/The In Hour/Untitled
014   PINK REASON Winona 7"  
015   ROBEDOOR Endlessly Blazing LP  
016   VIVIAN GIRLS Tell The World 7" Tell The World/I Believe In Nothing/Damaged
017   CRYSTAL STILTS Crystal Stilts LP/CD  
018   SUN ARAW Boat Trip 12"  
019   MAGIC LANTERN Magic Lantern 12"  
020   IDLE TIMES Idle Times 7"  
021   BLANK DOGS The Fields LP/CD (K7 on Fuck It Tapes) Red World/Before The Hours/The Other Way/Spinning/Passing The Light/Now Signals/All Photographs
022   WAVVES Wavves LP/CD (K7 on Fuck It Tapes) Intro Goth/Loser Year/California Goth/Wavves/Lover/Space Raider/Vermin/Here's To The Sun/Side Yr On/Beach Goth/The Boys Will Love Us/Spaced Raider/Yoked/Teenage Super Party
023   PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT Shitgaze Anthems LP  
024   KURT VILE Constant Hitmaker LP  
025   WOODS Songs Of Shame LP (CD on Shrimper) To Clean/The Hold/The Number/September With Pete/Down This Road/Military Madness/Born To Lose/Echo Lake/Rain On/Gypsy Hand/Where And What Are You?
026   THEE OH SEES Tidal Wave 7"  
027   FERGUS & GERONIMO Harder Than It's Ever Been 7"  
028   GANGLIANS Ganglians 12"  
029   REAL ESTATE Fake Blues 7"  
030   METH TEETH Everything Went Wrong LP  
031   GANGLIANS Monster Head Room CD  
032 THE FRESH & ONLYS Grey-Eyed Girls CD/LP Black Coffin/Grey-Eyed Girl/No Second Guessing/What's His Shadow Still Doing Here/Invisible Forces/Dude's Got A Tender Heart/D.Y./Happy To Be Living/What Goes In Circles/I'm Gonna Be Your Elevator/Clowns (Took My Baby Away)/The Delusion Of Man
033   THE MAYFAIR SET Young One LP  
034 REAL ESTATE Real Estate CD Beach Comber/Pool Swimmers/Suburban Dogs/Black Lake/Atlantic City/Fake Blues/Green River/Suburban Beverage/Lets Rock The Beach/Snow Days
035   THE FRESH & ONLYS Second One To Know 7" Second One To Know/Hated Or Loved
036   EAT SKULL Jerusalem Mall 7"  
037   ART MUSEUM Rough Frame LP/CD  
038   MOON DUO Escape LP/CD  
039   MV & EE Home Comfort LP  
040 WOODS At Echo Lake CD/LP/K7Blood Dries Darker/Pick Up/Suffering Season/Time Fading Lines/From The Horn/Death Rattles/Mornin' Time/I Was Gone/Get Back/Deep/Til The Sun Rips
041 WOODS I Was Gone 7" Days Gone By/I Was Gone/Hang On
042   WHITE FENCE White Fence CD  
043 VARIOUS ARTISTS Welcome Home/Diggin' The Universe LP/K7 WOODS I'm Not Gone/RUN DMT Richard/WHITE FENCE The Love Between/THE FRESH & ONLYS Heel.Toe./THE MANTLES Bad Movies/SKYGREEN LEOPARDS Catch/ALEX BLEEKER Gettin By/MOON DUO A Little Way Different/CITY CENTER Box Of Rain/CAUSE CO-MOTION Over U/ART MUSEUMS Draling Are You Out Of Your League Again/NODZZZ Old Clothes/DUCKTAILS Sun Out My Window
053 WOODS Sun And Shade LP/CD/K7 Pushing Onlys/Any Other Day/Be All Be Easy/Out Of The Eye/Hand It Out/To Have In The Home/Sol Y Sombre/Wouldn't Waste/Who Do I Think I Am/What Faces The Sheet/While Out/Say Goodbye
054 WOODS/KURT VILE Summer 2011 Tour Split 7" WOODS Skull/Cold Blue/KURT VILE Commercial Reject/In-Out Blues/Water Fingers
061 WOODS Cali In A Cup 7" Cali In A Cup/Give Your Light Off
062 WOODS Bend Beyond LP Bend Beyond/Cali In A Cup/Is It Honest?/It Ain't Easy/Cascade/Back To The Stone/Find Them Empty/Wind Was The Wine/Lily/Size Meets Sound/Impossible Sky/Something Surreal
076 SIMON JOYNER Grass, Branch & Bone LPSonny/Train To Crazy Horse/You Got Under My Skin/Jefferson Reed/Some Fathers Let The Sunset Bring Them To Their Knees/Old Days/I Will Not Be Your Fool (The Muse's Song)/In My Drinking Dream/Nostalgia Blues