This is an attempt to create a complete Ubik discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

001 DODES' KA-DEN/PENGUINS Split Single 7" DODES' KA-DEN Salmons/Quiet/Last Walking/PENGUINS April Shower/Kick In The Powder
002 FOLK IMPLOSION Electric Idiot EP 7" Opening Day/Electric Idiot/Lo-Fi Suicide/I Reserve The Right To Rock/Final Score
003   JAD FAIR AND DAVID FAIR Sing Your Little Babies To Sleep CD  
003   SICK DUCKS Bol D'Or EP  
006   PÉLOUEYRE Titanic 7"  
009 WIO/MOTE Two Split Singles 2x7" WIO Make Me Stay/Qu'est-Ce Qu'il Se Passe?/Colors/Simplicity = Me/Blind/Blackholes/Lookin' In Yr Eyes/Bananas/Karma/This Is My First Rap Song Please Don't Laugh/MOTE Church Rap/It's My Heart: Trenchmouth/Pete's Head/Trans-lineair/Reggie's Glowin'/Eugene
010   LES BROCHETTES Robot Mixer 10"  
PKT001   DODES' KA-DEN Underwhere Everywear CD  
PKT005   VARIOUS ARTISTS Compilation Blokhiton CD ED NOLBED Dmsmk/BUFLE Jürgenstar/ZOPPO Rustreate/LES PISTACHES Under The Willow Tree/ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE We're Writin' Our Own Bible/FRENCH Le Travail De Sape/WIO Pumpinyrchest W/TOYODEN K Zumi-Den Iki/PIK Howard Hughes A La Codéine/DODES' KA-DEN Strawberries/AEKI Ge 2-9805 A/VERTIGO Telebells/COCA LANKRED Cracked In Krk/SKAL MERK Contrat Sur Le Petit Jour/VINZ Singe Goes Solo/KIM New Wave Juke Box/GUINEA PIG In Memoriam J. F. Sebastian/DAVID FENECH Le Bruit Des Grenouilles/DRAGIBUS Fais Bien Attention/DEBUTANTES MUTANTES Mots = Culture/BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Balade/LES BROCHETTES Prigny
KPT004 DE PORTABLES Lab.top. CDS Golay/Xmas/Canary Song/Ben God/A Waltz/Homemade Bread