Trackshun Industries

This is an attempt to create a complete Trackshun Industries discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

TR01 PORK QUEEN Torso LP Beaconsend/#2 Sopwith/Chik'n'Alert/Sawchuk: Kick It Into Gear/Exeter
TR02 PORK QUEEN Make Haste Renaissance Man K7 Backhand/It's Like Nothing/Man Is Not A Bird/Uke-Guitar/All My Acessories Are A Reflection Of My Perky Inner Spirit/Big Zither/Huminy/Basssnake/Live At Artest '89
TR03 GOOD HORSEY Horsey K7 Go Light/Ascending The Plateau Divine/Eleventy/All My Accessories Are A Reflection Of My Perky Inner Spirit/Nice Lungs/Settle Down/Partie Mon Chum
TR04 HORSEY Go Light 7" Go Light/I'm Not The Best/Nice Lungs
TR05   PORK QUEEN Gunman 7" Gunman/Italy, Spain, Europe, Logic
TR06   NOGGIN/PORK QUEEN Noggin/Pork Queen LPNOGGIN Clarence Ray Carpenter/It'll Burn Your Esophagus Away/That Night For Frank The Chain Link Fence Was The Ambiguity That Broadened His Reality/I'm Getting Into Dirt Now/Good Recordings Of Pygmy Music Are Fairly Rare/Put Some Fucking Pants On Asshole/PORK QUEEN Camel/Mustard/Sunset Suzette
TR07 GOOD HORSEY Evil Twin Episode K7 How Oswald Bastable Ruined My Life/6-24-93, 10 p.m. Sharp/Anna (Wash Your Hands)/Can Of Worms/Rainy Song
TR08   PORK QUEEN T-Shirt  
TR09 VARIOUS ARTISTS Optional Ingredients From A Vile Recipe 7" BÜGSKÜLL Rocking Chair/NOGGIN Next Time I'll Tell You How I Use My Worn Bathwater/PORK QUEEN A Bittersweet Tale Of Desparate Small Town Love And Loss/PASTE Iron And Oxygen/GOOD HORSEY Excessively Awkward/ROUGHAGE Hex Marks The Spot
TR10   PORK QUEEN Beautiful Vision LP See Cops Throw Rocks/If You're Taking A Hippie Bath, Please Consider The Time You Take And The Mess You Make
TR11   JULY 4TH TOILET The White Album CS  
TR12 GOOD HORSEY Kazué CD Like The Cute One/How Oswald Bastable Ruined My Life/Ascending The Plateau Divine/Settle Down/Barely Walking/But She Knew/All My Accessories Are A Reflection Of My Perky Inner Spirit/Summer Replacement/Anna (Wash Your Hands)/Rainy/Delighted/Burn Up The Sun
TR716   DUM DUM TV Couch Potato Resistance 7"  
TR720 VARIOUS ARTISTS Optional Ingredients From A Vile Recipe Volume III 7" TEENSY WEENSY OPERATOR Bite Me/SHAKING RAY LEVIS DOUBLE KEYBOARD BAND Tarcus-Sawed Off/EVEREST Ask Into Modulation Inc/PRICK DECAY Beyond The Reefer/BONECURE Tortellini
TR724 GOOD HORSEY Emperor Nick/Pink Pages 7" Emperor Nick/Pink Pages
TR1222   NOGGIN Space Needle 12" The Return Of Noiz/Stairwell To Harm/Nogginesque, Tecumseh, & Glass/We Dream Of Vivaldi/Stairwell To Harm 2