This is an attempt to create a complete ((Tape-Tape)) discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

001 SEASICK CROCODILE The Embarrassing Act Of Destroying Myself K7 Lavender/Every Angel Feels This Way/Snowflake/I'm A Comet/I'd Smoke A Cigarette/Carbonized Despair Sweeping Us Away/When You've Got Nothing/Dreamy/The Least Qualified Boy/I Was Saved/I'm Just Looking For An Indie Girl/The King Of Multiple Orgasms/Makes Me Want To Die/My First Kiss/I'm Sorry
004   VARIOUS ARTISTS ((Comp-Comp)) K7 NAOMI AND ME Innie/VETRAN Without A Name/SHAMFLAKE PARTICULAR Always Fragile/CLASS Too Happy/LAURA WATLING I Fell In Love On Saturday/ERIC METRONOME Blinded/THE IDITAROD Boat/SEASICK CROCODILE Declaration Of Dependence/TRAVEL TEAM Jet Planes Run/THE EX-SUNS Silly Rocker/BROKEN TREE FORT Climbin And Crawlin/ASHLAND Cordless/SUPER XX MAN Crawl Away/THE BOYISH CHARMS Go To Sleep
005   ERIC METRONOME Lime Green K7 Next Week/Anonymous Message #3/In Writing/Clear To The Ocean/When There's Nothing/Myself/Tonight, You Belong To Me/Take Care/7 Seas And The Black Stars/I Ride Alone/Acting Like You Are/Endings (Acappella)/Spirals/How Dare You?/Disapper/Angel/Drvsilla/Feel O.K. Today/Running Away/The Unwanted #'s/Run Like Hell/In Our Atmosphere/Cereal In Front Of The T.V., Saturday Morning/All The Questions/Blue Nighttime (Bass Mix)/Mostly You/Circle Of Friends (Green Mix)/Lime Green Lies
006   BROKEN TREE FORT/SEASICK CROCODILE A Cry For Help Split EP K7 BROKEN TREE FORT Clipped To The Sun/Drive Myself Crazy/Simplistically Complicated/Soon Again/Choking Yrself With A Cord/Crying Out For Help (Version I)/SEASICK CROCODILE Crushed/Song For Robbie/Of Quick Or Slow Speech/The Perfect Girl/I Have No One To Turn To/Chicken Pox
  THE BOYISH CHARMS íViva La Boyish Charms! K7 Moon's A Crooked Smile/Geeks In Town/I Feel Like A Pirate Ship/Blondes Or Brunettes/My Vortex Bedroom/A Thousand Good Reasons/Try Fighting Shakespeares/Kate's Tang/Lumberjacks/Your Guts/Enjoy The Misery/Stop The Insanity!/Around The Corner/I'd Smoke A Cigarette/Michelle Neely And Caprice Baca/Mesmerized By Nothing/Mass Suicide Theme/Fragile Mind/Pieces Of Eight/Heaven Is A Cheese Quesadilla With No Green Sauce From Taco Bell/Railroads/Old Napoleon/Long Time No See/Statues
    THE BOYISH CHARMS The Secret Recordings K7  
    THE BOYISH CHARMS Confronted By A Variety Of Spirits, Complete With Apparitions, Odors, Ghostly Music, And Situations That Frightened The Animals K7 Evil Thoughts, Bugs/Kissing The Enemy/Courting Caitlin/Smoldering Apathy/Organ Clearance Part 2/The Ovious Disadvantages Of Clairvoyance/Spelling Bee/Sad Goes The Child Bride/Your Socks/The Class Familiars/At Some Party/Gaucherie/The Bolier Room In The Basement Near The North Exit/The Policemen Come/Overcrowded Mind/A Spring In My Step/Love Letters From Alcatraz/The Nightmare Is Over/Freshly Cut Grass/I Am Here/All I Can Do/Organ Clearance Part 3/Two People/The Insides Of History/Wait For My Ox/The Article