Squirrel Energy Now

This is an attempt to create a complete Squirrel Energy Now discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

01 VARIOUS ARTISTS Squirrel Energy Now! K7 BLACK INK PEN Red Hot Labia/Ball Of Yarn/THE HEALTHY BUNCH I Wanna Be A Rock Star/ED GRAY Mpls/Friends/ə Feelie-Latin Lover/ARBEITSLOS Sag Mir (Wo Die Blumen Sind)/You Stupid Jerk/THE BLUE CAPYBARAS Shiny Things For Raven/Long Walk Home/Rainy Halloween/RANDY IKE Approachable Genius/Blue Grey/THE SLIMTONES Purple Rain/BOX BOY One Pounder/Tuna Fish Wish/* The Death Of * (A Waltz)/THE BEAR HUG BIG BAND Tiffin/TOM ARMSTRONG Cheapest Thrill/Big Dumb Fish
02 RANDY IKE Midwest Bear Worshiping Support Group K7 Approachable Genius/Avenging, An Angel/Bottle Rocket/Fish-Chime-Loop/Elf Lights/War Room/Drill Bit/Whistle & Report/Level/Sympathetic Political Anthem For Maharishi To Hum/Burlap/Seyerevelanger/Blue-Grey
2,5 BLACK INK PEN The Emu E.P. K7 Disco Destroyed The World/Catholic Virtues/Spazztic Humpjerk/(My) Space Orgasm/Kim + Thurston Are Having A Baby/Ohdeotis/Don't Let Me Fuck Up/Going To Bed Song
03 EDWARD GRAY/BOXBOY The Affectionate Monkeys K7 ED GRAY She Smiled Because I Did Not Understand/Daring Rescue In Outer Space/Staring/Imagination/Mr. Pi/Instr./Butterfly/Quiet Night For Love/Basket Case 2/How I'm Dressed And Dizzy's Cheeks/Shadoes/Parenthetical Aside/Therapy/Evelyn/His Future Will Be Fun To Watch/No Answers/BOXBOY Spillway 3 A.M./God's Rules For Teens/Urine My Dream/Krishna's Day-Glo Teeth/Bob Shin Barker/Give My Heart To Dust/Daybreaks/Ed + Starlight/Dead Bird/Hey Song/Yah-Weh 1/Kung-Fu Grip/Lullaby
04 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Mysterious Fall Tape K7 PUDDLESLUG Mad Hattie/ED GRAY Improv. #5/GROGSHOW Glaciation (1:54 a.m.)/FALL PAGAN SOUND OFFERING Excerpt/RANDY IKE Kung Fu Tze/BOXBOY 3-Lobed Burning Eye/BLACK INK PEN Bye Thee LB./ED GRAY Improv 1+2/WUNDERKIND A Small Boy Dangling His Legs Off A Dock, Stirring The Muddy Waters As Things Unseen Ponder The Bottoms Of His Feet/BOXBOY Four Fingers And A Thumb/LITTLE DEBBIE Fall Song/RANDY IKE Beg Choofey/ED GRAY Be Happy (Summer's Over)/PUDDLESLUG Ghost's Night Out/WUNDERKIND 2.3.2/GROGSHOW Lapsing With The Drain Pipe/ARBEITSLOS Der Schimmelreiter/FALL PAGAN SOUND OFFERING Excerpt/GROGSHOW Fall Smoking Song
05 LITTLE DEBBIE My Friend Is Here K7 Sundown/Hang With You/Givin' My Love/Burlap Fishtrap/Body Weight/Tumblin' Down/Three Bags Of Donuts/Landlocked/Where Oh Where/8:30 Blues
06 (???) PSO Pso K7 Untitled/Untitled
06 MORE HUNNY 4 THE BEARS More Hunny 4 The Bears K7 Ed Harney Auto Service/If I Got That Jacket I'd Be Happy/Return To Space Precinct/Close Leaf/Boar Smack Spinachfoot/Je Vais A La Plage/Cute White Bunny With Foot-Long Fangs/Elevator Death/The Country Husband/Beets Turnip Snot/Crabmeat Tunnel Syndrome/Killing An Elephant/Buick Me.../Quasi.../March Of The Dimes/Viva Cuba! Viva Nosotros/Rebecca Slayton
07 RANDY IKE I Nominay I Purday K7 5 Gallon Vent/Duly Bent/Indigo/Nougat Of Yodo/Opaline Aril/Mailbox Angel Money-Subtle Collapse (In Green)/Tanzanian Slam Dance/Nylon Suicide/Sandpaper Eyes/'Round The Clock Shroud/Duck-Tape Capo/Trinity/1/Light From An Idiot/Changing Nevus/Short Lapse (Part 2)/Archaic Smile
08 MORE HONEY FOR THE BEARS Go Home FBI K7 Sunny Set-Up/For The F.B.I/The Secret History Of Punk Flock/We We We We/Shall Push Out Our
09 MORE HONEY FOR THE BEARS Mail Order Tape Only K7 (each tape recorded to and for the
customer excuslively)
10 VARIOUS ARTISTS How To Sink A Fleeing Ship (A Squirrel Energy Now! Compilation) K7 GREG GILES The Song You Hear Before You Die/KITTYCRAFT Truth Or Not/SOUL-JUNK On Our Merry Way/ED GRAY Don't/CHARLIE MCALISTER Heat/MORE HONEY FOR THE BEARS Live Excerpt/ONE BOY BAND Just Around The Corner (In Madisson County)/LITTLE DEBBIE Hammer Down/GUITARDED Still A Squirrel/GROGSHOW Real Men/Guiche/P.S.O. .../RANDY IKE Of The Resurrection/SIMON JOYNER Judas Blues/LITTLE DEBBIE Sweetie Pie/WUNDERKIND Art-Fag-o.d./SOUL-JUNK Judge Not/BOXBOY Porch Swing/ONE BOY BAND If 26 Was 62/ED GRAY Live Excerpt/GUITARDED Toothpicks/CREEPING CHARLIE Medley Creeping Thru.../CHARLIE MCALISTER Highway/GROGSHOW Furthering The Baroness/KITTYCRAFT Another Mother/GREG GILES Get The Boot Jack!
11 CREEPING CHARLIE Clicking Tocks And Dorking Bogs K7 (co-release with Mighty Feeble Lo-Fi) Back To The Magnet/Creeping Thru Your Yard/A Newspaper Chopping/4th Of July - Bright Costumes/That's Nothin'/Whole Heartedly/Floor Creaks - Peering In Your Window/Open The Door, Close The Door/4th Of July (Part II)/Top 40 Everywhere, Everyday/The Washing Machine Theme Song/Clumsystiffwalker/I Shoul Just Go To Sleep/The Dryer/Amelia Earhart Putnam/Now, that's My Game!/Feedback At The End Of Every Song/Every Hour Again/Guess The Secret Meaning And Win!/Does It Work/Gotta Travel On (Found This In A Book Of Blues Songs)/Laundry Room Conversation Theory
13 ONE BOY BAND Whistling Plastic Whizzer K7 Arnold/Pow Skip Hop/The Time On/Shine On The Water/You Know Why Too/Blinkie Starr/Maddison County/Cowboy's Got It/Light In The Door/RJ
?? CHARLIE McALISTER I'm Wounded; I Don't Think So! Hate Songs For The Girl I Loved K7 Fuck You/Clouds/Cat-Girl/Oh!/Reaching For My Own Throat/While I Was Away/Dead In Your Eyes/Getting It Out Of My System/Single In The Spring Time/Nothing Can Stop Me Now/Arbor Day/Spiny China Dinner Plate/Pink Ice Cream/I Wonder Why I?/Lazy, Spacey, Hasty, Crazy/Leave No Traces/It Doesn't Matter Anyway