Sober Cannibal

This is an attempt to create a complete Sober Cannibal discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

01 EDWARD GRAY Some Flying Dolphins That K7 Right Thing Wrong Reason/We Love You Robert/Waiting For The Alphajerk/Creating Sounds/Definiting ???/Potluck ???/A ???/Sermon/Meedle Manage ???/Wrong/Peppermint/Shutting Up/Waddler/Quarters/Returning Books To The Library/More Weenies Than Buns/Pull The Weeds/????
02 EDWARD GRAY Roachmill... Through To The Other Side K7 Drinking Man 1 & 2/Santeria/Shitcanned/Jackercrack/Stopped/Judas Hammer/Sick
02 EDWARD GRAY Campfire Songs Of Dr. Moreau K7 Power Of Christ/Smoking/Guilty/Grown Up/Pick Up If You're There/Shoes/The Kingdom/Tobacco Buzz/Billy/One Man's Opinion/It Grows Green (My Love)/Story Of Bert's Blanket/The Hairy Snake/Clear Vision/My Heart Is Doing That Funny Thing Again/2 Virgins/Listing Reasons/Secrets
05 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Can Smell Your Pussy - A Sober Cannibal Compilation K7 INTRO/MYSTERY BOYS Hey John/SIAMESE Introductions-Moo Moo Moo/HORNY GENIUS Ode To.../GABE'S OASIS (Upstairs)/BILL CAVE Song For Ed/J. SAM C. Earth Sickness (Excerpt)/AARON KRUSE Sorrowing/DAVE MURRAY Ed, I Need You/CHURCH Untitled/DALE L. CAIN Interview With Don-And The Ring, Etc./INTRO TO TAPE SIX/BOXBOY Tigerhead Parfait/AMY ZINGRE Untitled/OPEN MIKE AT THE MILL/RANDY IKE Short Lapse (Part I)/BEEP MCGREEGER Feelobeanig/WILL TRAVIS Telephone Call In The Middle Of The Night/INSIDIOUS SONG OF SUIT Knotted Vein-Intestinal Troubles/FRANKIE SILVER AND THE MEN WHO BUILD OUR HOUSES Campton Races/EDWARD GRAY Oct. 23 Yacht Club/THE DESK Ocean Of Rain/HELLHOUSE Mind Your Own Fucking Business/MIKE'S TAP/BOB HALL Cabbie Demolition Derby/ADAM SVENSON Tarpit/OUTRO AND FUCK YOU
06 EDWARD GRAY Twine K7 Picardo Ex. 1/Silence/Decent Music/Cigalorette/1st Thing Off Aerosmith Tape/Improv. #3/Improv. #4/Bits/Race With Devil/O--S/Satan Is Real/Where Are My Slippers?/Instr. With Delay/Idea/Uke Freak-Out/Gtr. Drone/Dual Flute Thing/Hello-Cool Some-thing/Delay Guitar-Noise/Improv. #6/Nice Music-Song.Instr./Wayne On Fiddle/Message Fr. Tom/Star Trek Collage/X-Acto Instr./Sirens/3rd Thing On A-Smith Tape/4th Thing On A-Smith Tape/Led Zep Skips/(Five-Pointed Star) (4-Trk)/Stamen
07 EDWARD GRAY Put The Clock Back On The Wall K7 For C. G./Just Born/Small Consolations/Nerve/Losing/Gotta/Tomatoes/Hail Anhedonial/I'll Tell You No/Orb/World/The Cat/Breathing/Wanting/Home