Rok Lok Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Rok Lok Records discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

RL01   ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES The Making Of A Conversation CD  
RL02 STARS ARE INSANE Gracias K7 Slow Burn/The King Of Lo Fi/Hush (Part One)/Hush (Part Two)/Mode/Trust/I Stayed Up Al Night Thinking Of You/Bye Bye/Still/Falling Down/Picasso
RL03   DE LA HOYA Has No Credibility CD  
RL04   PALE MARBLE MOVIE Pale Marble Movie K7  
RL05   BO COACH The Mustard Tape K7  
RL06 EXPLOSIVO! The Uh Oh EP ‎CD Fuck You, Ninja/People Doing People Things/Scared Little Snot/(Whatever) Something About Moths/Winter In The Suburbs/That Old Gag
RL07 STARS ARE INSANE Anonymously Yours ‎K7 Gravity/This Is All I Have/Just One Time/Stuck/What Was Isn't Now/On Your Head/The Big Show/I Can Dream/Backwash
RL08 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Hope Machine ‎CD KNOX OVERSTREET Take The Ticket/3MYLILE Words/BOOKSTORE Gonster/WITH EVERY IDLE HOUR The Truth About Graduation/MUSIC Not In The Fire/NAKATOMI PLAZA I Wish Everyone Was As Smart As Allison/SPACE ROBOT SCIENTISTS Itinerary/#12 LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU Kisslisp/PRESCOTT C. What I Learned At The Opera/PALE MARBLE MOVIE Bored/48 IN THE BASEMENT Lauren Said Not To Make Fun Of Her/THIS YEARS MODEL Next Atlantis/FIRE ENGINE RED Encouragement/DE LA HOYA How To Get To Heaven From Chatanooga, TN/LORD HUMONGOUS Desmond Tutu/THE WAITING PROCESS Something Bigger Than The Both Of Us/BO COACH Fast One/LATTERMAN Seriously Guys We Could Rule The World If We Tried/THE BACKUP PLAN I Got Punched In The Nose For Sticking My Face In Other People's Business/FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR Magma Or Lava?/FEELINGS IN DEMAND From Above/AKIMBO Up From The Burbs/BUNSEN HONEYDEW Modern Girl
RL09   STARS ARE INSANE Justin Age 8 K7 The Admiral/Deutsch Fender Luv/Those Are The Most Deadliest Scorpions I Have Ever Seen/I Hereby Make An Anatomical Gift/Expressway To Ygnwie Malmsteem/Big Circles, Moons and Stars/I Stayed Up All Night Thinking Of You (New Wave Reprise)/<Inertia>/Fuck Lando And His Gambling Problem/Chaplin As In Charlie
RL10   STARS ARE INSANE Gay K7 Space Shower/I Am Iceman/Maybe One Day I'll Stop Being Gay/Thanks A Lot Ladies/Three Sugars In Your Coffee/So So/Million Bandaids Million/The 24th/Trust Me You Can Still Hear This Heart Beating For You/And Your Lucky Numbers Are.../This Glass Heart/One Long Fall/(bonus noise)
RL11 SPACE ROBOT SCIENTISTS We've Got A Time Machine ‎CD Colin Ferguson/Itinerary/Soldier's Song/Parking Lot/My Control/Digital Skinhead/Serious/Already Yesterday/Some People/Fuck You Doctor/Fast Rewind
Split ‎7"
RL13 BOOKSTORE Bookstore CD Gonster/A Simple Notion/Superhero/All Our Yesterdays/The Aquarium Song/Long Walk To Forever/Sweet Day/October/Dreamy/Lake Placid Blue
RL14 END I Untitled ‎7" The Wishing Flower/Schiavo
RL15 YES SENSEI What I Do Best Is What I Do Worst ‎CD (Corelease with The Children's Revolt) Shut Up & Sing Boy/Call Me Godofodo/Let's Pretend We're One Of The Cool Kids/What's The Matter Matterman?/Send Him Home In A Body Bag/Oh My God! It's A Pteradactyl/Jek Porkins For President/Some Lead Singer With Glasses
RL16 YES SENSEI We Who Transplant Sustain CD Russian Or Retarded/Progress Is Dead/Right Shirt, Wrong Band/Dissed In The Malibu/Introducing Mr No Frills/Oscillating Three Speed/Go Freedom Train Go!/Beef Bishop Way/I'm Still Working On It/The Wave And The Nod
RL17 EMPTY SILOS ECHO WAR (Some) Antics LP (Corelease with The Children's Revolt and The Tone Library) Aerodynamics/Licorice Scars And Cafeteria Crush/Like A Golden Ticket Or A Dead Horse/Lb Of Feather=Lb Of Bricks/Militaristic Supermarket Lobotomy/Elephants (Riding Down A Hill Arms In The Air, Eyes To The Clouds)/Pillars Of Salt
RL19 IMAGINE IF THE SUN FELL Imagine If The Sun Fell (7" Corelease with The Children's Revolt) For Candice, The Pregnant Homeless Lady With No Teeth/Byron + Shelley/I Built A Mall With Human Intestines
RL20 EMPTY SILOS ECHO WAR Inner Working Mechanics Of A Failed Construct ‎CD (Corelease with The Children's Revolt) Thin Blue Lipped Wind Of Nothings Goodbye/Elephants Walking On A Bridge & Then Fell/Pipes & Pans/We Share A Frequency/Realisation (s) (Thru A Greasy Windscreen)/Licorice Scars & Cafeteria Crush/Settlers/From The Heart (s) Of Space
RL21   DESTRUCTASAURUS REX 100% Mad Indie Rock Flava CDR  
RL22   STARS ARE INSANE Nine Untitled Songs ‎CDR Untitled #1/Untitled #2/Untitled #3/Untitled #4/Untitled #5/Untitled #6/Untitled #7/Untitled #8/Untitled #9
RL23   STARS ARE INSANE So. I Dreamed Of Noise 4xCDR Slow Burn/The King Of Lo Fi/Hush (Part One)/Hush (Part Two)/Mode/Trust/I Stayed Up All Night Thinking Of You/Bye Bye/Still/Falling Down/Picasso/Gravity/This Is All I Have/Just One Time/Stuck/What Was Isn't Now/On Your Head/The Big Show/I Can Dream/Backwash/The Admiral/Deutsch Fender Luv/Those Are The Most Deadliest Scorpions I Have Ever Seen/I Hereby Make An Anatomical Gift/Expressway to Ygnwie Malmsteem/Big Circles, Moons and Stars/I Stayed Up All Night Thinking Of You (New Wave Reprise)/<Inertia>/Fuck Lando And His Gambling Problem/Chaplin As In Charlie/Space Shower/I Am Iceman/Maybe One Day I'll Stop Being Gay/Thanks A Lot Ladies/Three Sugars In Your Coffee/So So/Million Bandaids Million/The 24th/Trust Me You Can Hear This Heart Beating For You/And Your Lucky Numbers Are.../This Glass Heart/One Long Fall/O2 (Crutch)/Kudos On The Pillow/One Day...Then Another/When Math Was Fun/And Soon It Will Be Nothing/Asshole/Alone/1996/In Your Favorite/Disclaimer/Do You Mind If I Hum Along?/Curse My Metal Body I Wasn't Fast Enough/Joy/Big Circles, Moons and Stars (Live)/Gravity (Live)/Pest
RL24 BRRR Brrr 7" Jesse Todd/Row Row Your Boat/Beauty And The Beast
RL25   UNITED STATES Divorce Songs ‎12"  
RL26 ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES The Making Of A Conversation CD Astoria/At Half Mast/Juliana-Taking The Long Way Home/The Snow Watchers/Anywhere In Europe/The Absentee Ballot/Waterwings/A Fond Farewell/A Shadow Taller Than You/A Thousand Words/Caboose/Drunk And Missing Vital Parts (Demo)/An Allusion To Italy (Demo)/Poison Of Youth (Live)/Poison Of Youth (Filmed At Ground Zero)
RL27 ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES Where You Are And Where You Want To Be ‎CD The Water Vs. The Anchor/And The Hat Stays On/If I Knew Numbers (The Stalemate)/Caboose/Old Wives Tale/An Allusion To Italy/As Long As She Doesn't Smoke/13 Cheers For Beer And Bullshit/You Can Only Be So Careful/For Meg/Hell Or High Water/And The Hat Stays On (Alternate Version)/The Water Vs. The Anchor (live)/For Meg (Filmed By Maddox In 2001)
RL28   THE THIRD MEMORY Et De Cela Rien Ne Ressort LP  
RL29   OLDE GHOST Totally ‎7"  
Split 12"
RL31 YES SENSEI Yes Sensei CD This Gift Horse Has Cavities/Way To Be English/Shit. I'm A Werewolf/I Only Gamble With Chumps/Kompact Karma/Try My Tuna/He Was Really Upset About The Hammer
RL32   LOMA PRIETA Last City ‎LP  
RL33 YES SENSEI 3 Songs 7" Don't Fear The Riffer/Guy Called, He Wants You To Stop Calling Him Guy/That's One Big Mammal
RL34 MARSHALL TELLER/HALFTIME PARADE Marshall Teller/Halftime Parade (7" Corelease with Strictly No Capital Letters) MARSHALL TELLER Invincible/HALFTIME PARADE Next Of Kin
RL35   THE THIRD MEMORY The Third Memory ‎LP  
RL36   DUDE JAPAN Teenage Summer EP ‎CDR  
RL37   DAMEZUMARI Hope Inscribed On Handbills ‎7"  
RL38 FELLOW PROJECT Boots ‎7" Racing Horse/Boots/Off the Bus/Lion Of The Sea
RL39   DUDE JAPAN/WEED HOUNDS Dude Japan/Weed Hounds 7"  
RL40 THE ONLY GHOST IN TOWN The Summer Was Over Before It Began K7 Aware/Like Candy/Brand New Inside/Kobayashi Maru/Parked Cars/Too Much/Solyaris/Big Spoon/Shangri-La/You're a Bummer
RL41 DUDE JAPAN Simple Living ‎CDR The Seattle Freeze (Has Come To NY)/There Are Sharp Things On The Floor/Wasted, Unwanted/Hey Buddy...Enjoy The Journey/Words & Smiles/If I Were A Posie
RL42   DUDE JAPAN Teenage Summer EP 7" Lathe  
RL43 SANDY CITY Surfin' WA ‎12" Death Wave/Westport/Wasting Our Time/How We Never Met/Merry Go Round/The Sound/Meeper Sleeper/1 2 3 4
RL44   VARIOUS ARTISTS I Know Why They Call It Pop ‎K7  
RL45 YES SENSEI In Excelsis ‎CD Crystal Billy/Compeator/Playoff Beard/Giant Enemy Crabs/Matoaka/I'm Aquaman! But You Can Call Me Handsome Guy/The Summer He Experimented With Shorts/I Like Trucks
RL46   STARS ARE INSANE A Plan...A Perfect Disaster CDR In This House/Colonel Mustard Rides Shotgun/What I Believe To Be Fact Became Fiction/The Closest I Got To Portugal.../Brace Yourselves/Strange Voices, Certainly/The Fool/A Plan... A Perfect Disaster/Extracurricular, My Dear Watson/The Stars Are Insane
RL48 DUDE JAPAN The Things That Matter CD Plaid Dress/Raft Captain/The King Is Back/Every Good Boy Dies With Fudge/Can We Pretend/Last Call For Nowville/Our Perfect Day/True Love Will Find You In The End/Based On A True Story/Sunny Disposition/Epilogue
RL49   STARS ARE INSANE Partial History ‎CDR Slow Burn/The King Of Lo Fi/I Stayed Up All Night Thinking Of You/Gravity/This Is All I Have/Stuck/The Admiral/Deutsch Fender Luv/Space Shower/Million Bandaids Million/This Glass Heart/O2 (Crutch)/Alone/One Day...Then Another/And Soon It Will Be Nothing/When Math Was Fun/Untitled #1/Untitled #4/Untitled #5
RL50A THE ONLY GHOST IN TOWN Hidden East Coast EP ‎CD I Know/Authenticator/Foreign Films
RL50B   THE ONLY GHOST IN TOWN Hidden East Coast EP ‎7" Lathe I Know/Authenticator
RL51 BRICK MOWER Why Are We Doing This? 7" Cheap Gasoline/Instant Rectification/National Washboard/Supernatural Bakesale
RL52 STARS ARE INSANE The Empty House CDR Alone/O2 (Crutch)/One Day...Then Another/And Soon It Will Be Nothing/Kudos On The Pillow/1996/In Your Favorite Movie/Asshole/Disclaimer/Curse My Metal Body I Wasn't Fast Enough/Do You Mind If I Hum Along?/When Math Was Fun/Joy
RL53 GIANT PEACH Callous & Strange 7" Almost Dying/My Love/No Fire/Wild Dogs
RL54 OUTSIDE THE MUSEUM Singles Club #1 ‎K7 Old Age (Version)/The Dying Light (Version)/Like A Ghost/Open Window
RL55 THE ONLY GHOST IN TOWN Singles Club #2: I Live in the Capital of Pain K7 Strawdinary/I Love You Half Of The Time/Veronica Has A Secret Smile
RL56 MONOGAMY Singles Club #3 ‎K7 Face In The Bile/Dried In The Rain/Unsung
RL57 MAKE IT PLAIN Somersault 7" Somersault/Hutch
RL58 SNOW WHAT Demo Tape ‎K7 I Can Never Win/Hope Helmet/Queen of My Heart/Fear Of Science/Good If You Can Get It/Band Gun/Low Electric Hum/Falling At Constant Speed/Drip & Shine/Kiddie Physics/I Found Jesus In A Black Metal Song
RL59   STARS ARE INSANE You Are Not Good Enough (For Me) ‎7" Lathe The Ghosts' Holiday/Alternative Ulcer
RL60 KEVIN GREENSPON Singles Club #4: Empty Minutes K7 Empty Minutes/Walled Off/A Moment In Isolation
RL61 HANNA ELSON Singles Club # 5 K7 Chechnya/The Buddhist & Me/Gauge
RL62 MIKE NAIDEAU Singles Club #6 ‎K7 Horizon Song/Better Off At Sea
RL63   KENT STATE Singles Club #7: Behind Closed Doors K7 Behind Closed Doors/Disconnected/Formaldehyde/Time Crimes 2
RL64 TERESHKOVA Romance Space ‎K7 Blue Whales/Tentacles/Flowered Fingers/Lemon Cake/Gardens Of Lost Lust/J.R's Tripp/Blush/Heart Song/Pale Brain/Sunshine/Misunderstandings (We Were Close To The Mountain)
RL65 KATRINA STONEHART Singles Club #8 ‎K7 Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
RL66 SHIVERING WINDOW Singles Club #9 K7 Down Cellar Days/Satanist In High School
RL67 RON BEAUDET Awkward Age ‎K7 Mustard Seed Parties/Giraffe Girl/Nowhere/Summertime/Paris Of The 80s/Mischief/Cape Nights/Daydreams/I Don't Mind/Blonde Waves
RL68 STARS ARE INSANE Singles Club #10 ‎K7 No One Knows Why/Hurricane Blues/Rebirth/Things Tend to Break
RL69 VEHICLE BLUES Singles Club #11 ‎K7 Lotto Pop Ice/My New Angle/Kevin Kostner
RL70 EUREKA CALIFORNIA/GOOD GRIEF Eureka California/Good Grief 7" (Corelease with Happy Happy Birthday To Me and Strictly No Capital Letters) EUREKA CALIFORNIA Turn On Autopilot/DC Sniper/GOOD GRIEF Rusty Nail/Another Round
RL71 STARS ARE INSANE #1 Hero You Are The Best CDR A Voyage Home/A Little Something/The Ghosts Holiday/Alternative Ulcer/I Said It/Untitled #10/Magnet's Coil/Between Us To Hold/Bend And Pull/Colonel Mustard Rides Shotgun (Demo)/The Closest I Got To Portugal (Demo)/A Plan...A Perfect Disaster (Demo)/Shifting/One Day...Then Another (Version)/Bed/Jyrki Lumme/Spring
RL72   DUDE JAPAN Will You Meet Me There? ‎CD  
RL72B DUDE JAPAN Will You Meet Me There? ‎K7 Swimming With The Sharks/Like A Choir Boy/Talk About The Devil N Shit/Hey Ghost World/Horseshoe Crab/What's Gonna Set You Free?/You Gave Me New Skin
RL73   DUDE JAPAN Simple Living ‎CD  
RL74 SQUANTO A Gift And A Favor K7 (corelease with Lily Tapes And Discs) A Gift/A Favor/A Gift, Pt. 2/To The Grid (Demo)/9/29/10, Evening
RL75 BARE PALE If It Is K7 Bare Pale/Hometime/I Never Could/Rub It In/You Look So Different Today/Shame
RL76 STARS ARE INSANE Forget February ‎7" Lathe Forget February/Very Late/I Wore Grey/Distant
RL77 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2 K7 BARE PALE Mexican Wave/ABANDONED HOUSES Misspent Youth/IMAGINARY PANTS Close My Eyes/GELATIN KIDS Hung Up Age/DANIEL FROMBERG Popsicles And Candy Canes/THE ONLY GHOST IN TOWN Dead Houses/RON BEAUDET Change My Life/EXIT BAG (What Am I) Living For/FORMER SELVES Time Bends/BEARCHILD Mr Brown/COLA In Between The In Between/NICOLE KIDMAN What's The Procedure/HANNA ELSON Inchworm/KENT STATE Staring Back At You/SHIVERING WINDOW I've Got A Hunchback/MONOGAMY Gizem Calls It Pop/RAMON SPEED Honest/BRAHMS Dear Diary/OUTSIDE THE MUSEUM All The Best/SECRET BEACH Pillow/UNCRUSHWORTHY Given Everything/MORGUE TOAD Bottfly001b/TERESHKOVA Shimmer Away/MATH Bowl Of Shit/MIKE NAIDEAU #2
RL78 KIND OF LIKE PARIS Kind Of Like Paris K7 It's Hard To Explain.../See You At Noon/Our Eyes Are Much More Interesting Than Your Cell Phone Screen
RL79 IMAGINARY PANTS Channels 7" Channels/Seacliff
RL80 SWIM IGNORANT FIRE Belly Of The Whale K7 The Stillness Between/Truths/A Fogging Spirit
RL81 ABANDONED HOUSES Untitled Spirals K7 _/Untitled Spirals/What's My Age Again?/Spring Drive/Count To Zero
RL82 MORMON TOASTERHEAD Summer K7 Life Can Be Cutesuzing/Everything At Once/Places I Wish I Were/Empty Words in Crowded Waiting Rooms/I Melted/Nothing Was There/Beauty Mark/White Linen Perfume/Summer/Grocery Store Girls
RL83 WHITE BLUSH White Blush K7 Neptune/Mysterieux/Jolene/Mirror/Juice Of My Heart
RL84 STARS ARE INSANE/MORGUE TOAD Stars Are Insane/Morgue Toad 7" Lathe Cut STARS ARE INSANE Beaches And Farewells/Memorial/MORGUE TOAD Inner Net/Botfly003
RL85 STARS ARE INSANE/MONOGAMY Stars Are Insane/Monogamy K7 STARS ARE INSANE When We Saw Mounatins/Cars Pass Me By (And It's Okay)/MONOGAMY Beneath The Whip/Remain Lingering/Whispering Glass
RL86 THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE Winter Clothes K7 Life Under A Tree/Regards To The Meteorologist/Winter Clothes/Just Keep Up/The Scratch/A Long Bridge/Surface
RL87 ORANGE AURORA Dracula Coil K7 Long Transition/Lamp/Victoria 2/Recently/Caden's Reva Situation/Dracula Coil
RL88 SNOW WHAT So Far So Good LP (Corelease with Prty Ngg!) Our Little Secret/Adventures Across The 2nd Dimension/Thankless Earth/I Don't Want To Live Alone/Heart Beats Out Of Line/Same Table Fire Chiefs/We 3/One Hundred And One Geeks/Outright Aircraft/Mower Queen/Cramps And Unfulfilled Commitments/Metal Warrior/Professor Flesh/Winter In California/Wouldn't You
RL89 LOVE LETTER It Brought Us Something We Had To Know K7 Rising Into The Treetops/Ursa Minor/Heaven Falling (Ashes Rising)/Joe Pipkin All Tucked In His Bed
RL90 STARS ARE INSANE Pop Industry K7 Intro/Sleepwalking/Kind Man Jack/Speaking In Code/Penguin Exhibit/Holy Jumpin'/The Rainbow Chimes/The Books We Never Write/Erica's Trip/Origin Of Stories/Young Squire/Aurora/Pop Industry/I Stayed Up All Night Thinking Of You (Mixtape Version)/Crush/Capgun/Brilliant Like/Insecure Baby/Hit It!/Box Of Tapes
RL91 HIDERS Bloom K7 Your Colour's In Bloom/Wry Little Gin/Bite My Tongue And Think Of Bliss/Flowers/Every Night You Wait For The Sun/Tired And Satisfied/Watching You Take The Glory
RL92 WORLD'S FAIR Leisurely LP Come On Good Kitty Take Off And Go/Karate Under Control Research Laboratories/Selfish Ways (Many Worlds Apart)/Ride The Cyclone/7:30 Mirror Mirror/The First Could Be The Last/Under The Stars Over The Maps/The Punchline/Rich Girl Gets The Pony
RL93 LOVE LETTER Gentle Memories K7 Everywhere We Went/Fragments
RL94 LITTLE WHIRLS Sedateness At The Movies K7 Write Us For A Statue/So Much For Nerd Talk/Karma Guilt And Ferocity/Marching In Trunks/Stratofucker/Our Bad Hair Days/How To Avoid Target Panic
RL95 MORMON TOASTERHEAD Memory/Monument 2xK7 Memory/The Swimming Pool In My Dreams/White Rose/Welles Park/Synesthesia/Blue Dream/Roadmap Hanging From a Snowy Tree Branch/The Movie Theatre In My Dreams/Go Home/Summer Rainstrom and I Lost My Toy Solider/Rosetta's Stoned/Duck/Waking Up Before The Sun Rises/The River Path is a Graveyard/Goose/Everyday is the Same/The Things You Forget/A Cloud Passes and Everything is Okay
RL96 JAN Let It Ride K7 Let It Ride/Halloween II/Feedback/Xenia/Graduation Loop/We'll Fucking Die Young/Bleach
RL97 CESTINE Other Half/Bright Encounter K7 Other Half/Bright Encounter
RL98 LOVE LETTER Collecting Loss 10" Lathe Cut Lost At Sea/To A Robin From Andrew With Love/Dear Cecilia/With Not But AHeart That Is Scared To Be Alone/Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye/Something Like Home
RL99 RAYNING Refraction K7 Release/Dovetail/Caress/Always/Calls From An Empty Shore/Remission/At Long Last
RL100 RESTAURNAUT Birth K7 Birth Is A Word/Another Rainy Day/The Only Thing That's Free/Talking About Minimum Wage Laws/Into The Star World (Again)/Some Floating God/And The Diagnosis Is/The System Wants A Friend/A Real Big Joke/Culture Shock
RL101 STARS ARE INSANE Winter Postcards (5" Lathe Cut) Lost In The Desert and Canyons/I Left It In LA
RL102 KKIDSS Hot Trash K7 A.B Blood (Love)/Canadian Music/Hot Trash/Evil Spirits/Black Velvet/Wild Fires/Girls/Baking Soda/She's My Baby/Suicide/Pretty Little Fantasies/Tripping Out On You (On the Lips)/Lost Cats/Like A Flower/Angel/I Love You (Silver Blue)/In The Windy Nights/Love's The Devil
RL103 SHIVERING WINDOW Days I've Lost (7" Corelease with Juniper Tree Songs) Days I've Lost/Clean Hell
RL104 KKIDSS Candy K7 Tangerine/Honey Bitch/I Wanna Die/Blush/Wax/Red Star (Feels Like I'm In Love)/Shallow/Soft Vein/Tropical Black (You're The One)/By The Way/Hello Kitty/Harmless Animals/Candy/No Sugar/True Love/Halloween/Baby Baby/Stay
RL105 GRAHAM REPULSKI Success Racist K7 Octupus Bribes/Crying Machine Shakes The Moon/I Shot An Arrow In the Air/Pluck/Of Limb and Life (A Compact History)/Elevator Tricks/Lumpy Wattage/Should Ended/Peroxide Theatre/James Run/Planned Blackouts/Former Certainties Ending In Doubt/Untitled/White Soul Composition (Gas Mix)/Funeral Games/Gallant Bluffing/In Waves
RL106 SHOJO WINTER Eternal Snow K7 Dream Design/Regrettable Touch/Slow Reach/Eternal Snow
RL107 THE ONLY GHOST IN TOWN Peculiar Smiles: 2010-2015 K7 See You Around The Galaxy/Snowglobe/Candid Summer/I Know/Authenticator/Foreign Films/Stars/Strawdinary/I Love You Half The Time/Veronica Has A Secret Smile/Dead Houses/You Were Right/In Your Garden/Accident
RL108 KKIDSS Anemia K7 Summertime/Porcelain/Cyanide/Tender Violence/American Spirit/Nature Is Boring/Down In The Marrow/Anemia/Mama's In The Kitchen (Kids In The Oven)/My Little Candle/Amy/Free Holly/Crimes/Always/Bad Milk/The Ransom Note/Sleeping Pills/Kleenex
RL109 SNOW WHAT It's Over K7 It's Over/Faith Brigade/Little King Of Everything/Big Surprise/The Morrissey Song/So Picky/Hard To Trust You/Aunt Guitar Amp/Proximity Crush/How Me/Delphic Girl/Rise Up Young Me/Another Dud/Spread Ego/All The Things You Weren't/Strait Of Yard Sales/The End
RL110 NEARR Introduction To... K7 No Worries/Sister Dullness/Hello/Red Waters/Anymore/Forever/Art of Being Flawless/Zero New People/Splice/Go With The Flow/Borders/Always Been In The Same/17 Hours/Feel My Love/Next Time/Fay
RL111 ATARIAME Weirdo Goes To The Disco K7 Flatmate/Dreamers/Like Like/Vogue/This Flood/Girl Walks Home Alone At Night/Me In The Empire/Air Asia
RL112 BLUEBLACK Destroy K7 Three Shouts Anthem/Don't Call Me Girl/Branches Broke/Hawkwing/Spaghetti Western/Against Corners/Jump Up Get Down
RL114 KATRINA STONEHART AND THE SPOOKFISH Katrina Stonehart And The Spookfish K7 Untitled/Untitled
RL116 STARS ARE INSANE To Be Here K7 I Had Forgotten/Truckstop Of The World/Does One Wonder About The Stars?/They Won't Destroy Us/Left Unsaid/Hill Country/Dream King/Then There Was The Sky/The Winter Will Be Long And The Nights Will Be Cold/Before You Leave
RL117 ANEVAYBLUE Trails K7 Release/I'm Done/Lost Again/Leaving/Fall Into/Understanding
RL118 GRAHAM REPULSKI The Photographer Is Upset 5" Lathe Cut The Photographer Is Upset/Cloud Of Porn (Radio Mix)
RL119   LOVE LETTER A Very Young Mountain K7 A1/A2/B/B2
RL120 ORDER ANURA Snails And Slugs K7 Time Traveler/Age Of Wonder/Little House/Weeping Willow/Ruby Quartz/The Way We Were/Swarming/In The Distance
RL121 STARS ARE INSANE To Be There K7 Alone In A National Monument/Wishing (And There You Were)/Leaving Here (Only to Return)/When All Is Quiet/The Golden Hour/Wondering Where Home Is/Greatest Story Ever Told/A Long, Lonely Highway Will Lead You There/Fucking Volcanoes/Leave No Trace
RL122 BIRD SONGS In & Of K7 Every Leaf Is A Flower/Permanent Marker/Interlude/Dawn/Hope
RL123 HIDERS Slow Burn K7 Flowing Smoke/Stay Now/In Feathers/Flowing Burn/I Could Be Anything You Want/Out Of Sight/Raise A Glass/Over And Over