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This is an attempt to create a complete Personal Archives discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

PA078 DEVIN DART See You In Heaven K7Glowwormfields Pt 1/Glenwood/Haha, Whoa Dude, Did You Know Your Fingers Are Made Of Lightening/Light Fission/Pools of Wonder, Lost in Love/(Gonna Find Me A) Golden Glimmer/Everyone Is Everything/Now, I Elevate/Chillum Wave/Technicolor Tongue Drippings/Glowwormfields Pt 2
PA086 SCAMMERS Lasers In The Jungle K7The Song That Never Ends/Generations/Us Young Americans/The Big So Far/Adult/Future At All/Takeoffs/The Road Has Been Paved
PA090 WILMOTH AXEL MoFoCo K7Woodring/Vinge/Stafford/Pratchett/Pinkwater/LeGuin/Issa/Harriman/Dick/De Campos/Borges/Brautigan/Barry
PA091 WILMOTH AXEL S/L K7Ten Times And All/Novas Every Day/Easy Knife Oven/Cranberry Egg Limble/My God Given Name/Ant Army/Kicking The Hygiene Habit/Jack Tripper's Day Off/Edgeless Mood/Of Poseidon/Flying Over The Handle/Etch And Fill/Very Little Harm In Asking/Damge Account/People's Republic Of Try Hard/Want Not Waste Not
PA100 DREAM VACATION Exude Sorry K7Waterslides/October Gold/Empty Head/Baby Birds/Dubuque/All Temples Come
PA106 UNDERWATER ESCAPE FROM THE BLACK HOLE Local Culture K7 And We Broke/White Caps/Vim And Vigor/Whenever Wherever
PA123 ALEX CUNNINGHAM Fiddle K7Fiddle/Descent/Rest Area/Tall Tale Told/Harebrain/Shorthand/Flocks/Fiddle Pt. 2/Baseball Anecdote About Depression/Fiddle Pt. 3/Accepting Your Countless Failures
PA125 COP FUNERAL Lo Quality Self-Value K7She Challenged Everything I Knew About Being A Miserable Person/Buyer's Remorse
PA126 MICHAEL FOSTER & DANE ROUSAY Mail & Tool & Turmoil K7 Jet Of Foam/Cold Sweat/Bookstore Bondage/Actually, Not Free/Left Back/Stay Outside/Lukewarm Slices/Warm Bowls
PA127 ONE MORE FINAL I NEED YOU A Plea K7Wrong Longings/A Child's Body
PA128 JAMES MCKAIN The Detectives K7 Knsglvrt Olvrgunt/Even Angels Burn Out/Ramirez Hoffman/Brutalism, IV Drop, Etc./The Detectives/The Lepidoptera Controller/Mott Street Breakdown/The Antenna Dealers/Aces/A Different Approach To Laura/Easy Geniuses/Some Real Soprano Shit, Buddy/Alley Cats/Ramirez Hoffman (Again)