Obeast Tapes

This is an attempt to create a complete Obeast Tapes discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

OT-001   CITY OF MEAT Romaine Hearts K7  
OT-002   SLEEPING ME Lamenter K7  
OT-003   KEVIN GREENSPON Black Swan K7  
OT-004   NAUFRAGE Washed Ashore K7  
OT-005   NEON ICON Ring Cycle Dream K7  
OT-006 KEVIN GREENSPON White Lights K7 Flicker/Fade
OT-007 AL QAEDA We Gotta Get Out Of This Place K7 Untitled/Untitled
OT-008   COGEX The End Is Near K7  
OT-009   YUKO CHINO/ALBINO Beware False Profits/Dull Care K7  
OT-010   VARIOUS ARTISTS Obeast Mixtape Vol. 1 K7  
OT-011   DEREK ROGERS Dripping Snare/Dream Girl K7  
OT-012 SPLINTER CAKE Snapped K7 Teeth/Shake The Chairs/Hallways/Hallways Pt 2/Doin The Dog/Stand Together/Oh Darling/Drag
OT-013   DEAD BARON Rawhide Majestyk K7  
OT-015 KEVIN GREENSPON Bracing K7 Softened/Ache/Petty Dream/Sundowner Lane/The Frail Body/Crutch/Bracing/Reveille/Bloom
OT-016 NICOLE KIDMAN Teen Worship K7 Material Issue-Taking Back Sunday/Forever Crushed/Bottom Of The Ocean/Life Really Sucks/Bottom Of The Ocean (Demo Version)/Girl At Stater Brothers/I'm In Love With A Jehovahs Witness/My Miley/Miley Is Awesome/I'm Just A Normal Girl