Nearsighted Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Nearsighted Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

001 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Cheese Compilation K7 CHARLIE MCALISTER Wearing Glasses/BJ KRAMP Immune/CALLISTO Smiley Face/GIRL FRIDAY Julia/WHAM-O Hockey Liability/YAK BRIGADE Pinball Machine/NEENER Nervous Breakdown/TOILET Downhill Clover/QUICKSTAND MUCUS LOVE TRINGLE Pulling Change Out Of The Fountains At The Mall/GEORGE WILLARD Nearsighted Lament/POMPISTADORES Peacock Cha-Cha-Cha/MIEL No True Feelings/ORANGE CAKE MIX Summer Sunshine Girl/CALEB FRAID Imperfect Circle/LOCASH Little Slim/MAGNOLIAS MILAN Dogfood Sandwich/LITTLE JUPITER One Year Song/EDITH PRESLAR Crushed
002 CHARLIE McALISTER Home And Far Away K7Suburbia Is Safe/Opera Theme/I'll Never Get Back/The Giberish King And The Dead Warbling Bird/Birthday Song/Im Ganna Leave This Town/Jim Phizz The Crabber/These Dreams/Ode To A Dead Shopping Center/Failing Scooter/Throw A Hummer At The Mayor/The King Of The Jungle/Dont Try This At Home/Jazz 1991/#6097/Sorry/Pirate Bones/California Is In The Way/Gone
003 TRENDLENBERG New Castle Switchboard K7Butterman And His Twin Sister/Actor's Guild/Trinitron/Dancing With/Quick Returns/Mirror Moves/I Of IV/Sixth Action/Restart Three/World Blunder
004 YAK BRIGADE Baratolandia! The Lost Years '95 - '99 K7Apple Fritter/Who Is Yak Ampersand?/Make Hay While The Sun Shines/Vanquished By Giant Eggs/Promenade/Centipede Curve/A Hair On My Arm/Let's Be Bored/Rural Breakdance King/My Star Castle/UMOP/Recurring Dreams About Non-Existent Atari 2600 Games/Stir The Bean Thread/To The Sun