My Mean Magpie

This is an attempt to create a complete My Mean Magpie discography.
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MEOWCH Splitsville You'll Send Away/Birds/Walkhomefriend/One Please/Red-Orange/Never Been/Are Not My/Boxcar
MMM001 TOYS FOR ELLIOT Toys For Elliot Deliciousist/Song For Elliot/This Is Not About You/Come Away (Intro)/Come Away/Imperial/Sleepguitar/Mushrooms And Olives
MMM002   CHARLOTTE BLAKE & 5:17 Snarkmuffin  
MMM003   GEORGIA Georgia  
MMM004.01   TAPE-GUN Zine  
MMM004.02   TAPE-GUN Zine  
MMM005   5MP Sissy Factor (available as MMM017)  
MMM006 THE TIDBITS Of Geldwen K7 (available as MMM026) Sarchastic Steven/Water/We Used To Know/Sweather Weather/Matter/Subway Velvette/Ice Cream/Father/Water (Version*)
MMM007 THE 25 SOUL PROJECT Volume 1 Brown Deer, WI/London, UK/Sacramento, CA I/St Catherines, ON/Brighton, UK/FH, AZ/Wellamento, OA/Welland, ON/Yorkville, IL/Alden, NY/Ithaca, NY/Sacramento, CA II/Hoboken, NJ/Nepean, ON/Beaverton, OR/Uxbridge, ON
MMM008 FELICITY SYNDROME/LINGER EFFECT Always Sick K7 FELICITY SYNDROME (Intro)/Jesus Girl/1975/Hard Lemonade/Had A Blast/AM/PM (Gino Love Mix)/LINGER EFFECT Secret Of The Wooden Lady/Edge Of Darkness/Eardrum/Walking Distance/Aquaman/Saturday (Remix)/Wait (Remix)
MMM008 FELICITY SYNDROME/LINGER EFFECT Always Sick THE FELICITY SYNDROME Intro/Jesus Girl/1975/Hard Lemonade/A.M. P.M. (Gino Love Mix)/(I'm In Love With A) Teenage Girl/THE LINGER EFFECT Secret Of The Wooden Lady/Edge Of Darkness/Eardrum/Walking Distance/Aquaman/Saturday (Remix)/Wait (Remix)
MMM009 KYMBLISS Sicker Than A Cat K7 After Shock/I Am/April Fools/Silent Prayer/My Angel/Emmeline/Oracle/Goodbye
MMM010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ten; Ten THE YARNS Hello/THE LONG BOAT What Time Tones Mix/AIKAGI Automatic-Jerry/KISSWHISTLE Game Match Were Set/LUNCHBOX Love Is All Around/THE SALTEENS Crash The Market Version/STRAWBERRY LAND Change The World/MEAN RED SPIDERS Secret Galaxy Twins Mix/GEORGIA George Orwell/JIM GUTHRIE Where Have All The Heroes Gone/RED GO-KART Early Morning Playground/OVAL TEEN Bending Spoons/JUMPROPE Forget That Girl/ROYAL CITY Theres A Hole In My Heart/RECYCLED POP All-Right/KG Est/DEKOONING Fresh Fruit/SISTERHOOD OF CONVOLUTED THINKERS Sakura No Heya/TELEGRAPH MELTS In Eggshell Seas Remix/KYMBLISS I Fall/KISSWHISTLE Pocketful Of Rainbows
MMM011 TOYS FOR ELLIOT A National Tape K7 (available as MMM018) Deliciousist/Song For Elliot/This Is Not About You/Come Away/Sleepguitar/Abandoned Instrumental/Mr Somewhere/Mushrooms And Olives/Toys For Elliot/You Made Me Blue/Potatoes/Swell/Sarcastic Steven/Shadows/New Jersey/Glass Waltz
MMM012 WENDAL Pop Particulants Standing At The Devil's Pass/The Advocates Of Valued Wits/The Mines Of Moria/I'm Not Boy Enough (To Man The Wheel)/Streetlight Personality/How Does This Mirror Spin?/Porcupine/Appling/Westward/Evil, Evil World/Fish Kissing/Sunscrawl/With A Worldly Care/Song Of Fear/Jig
MMM013 GEORGIA Nothing New London/Nothing New/Highway Soul (Debris Miracle Mix)/I Don't Want To Live On The Moon/Breadlady/6 Double 0/Amazing/Charlotte/Easy Does It/Unfair Fight/Souvenier No. 3/Two Stars/Northern States/Stupid Mental Block/Answering Machine Message/The This Many Boyfriends Club/One Last Fuck/Stupidest Thing/Highway Soul
MMM014 OVAL TEEN Don't Think For A Minute Don't Think For A Minute (Radio Edit)/Man Don't Even Sweat It (New Mix)
MMM015 5MP 5MP Is Dead 1995-2000 My Slouch/Two Minutes/A Silent Groove/Naked-The Ballad Of Randy Dean/Beautiful, Beautiful, Brown Eyes
MMM016 VARIOUS ARTISTS Amateurs On Plastic: A Tribute To Teenbeat Records NICK ROUMELIOTIS Black Magic/ASHTON P VELVET Evanston, IL/VERMILLION Safety In Numbers/BURNSIDE PROJECT I Do Believe You're Blushing/THE VOX Neely/THE LIGHT Buried Treasure/MARK ROBINSON Cape May/BOSSANOVA Now I Need You/RPD158 The Barnacle-Light Command/PACER Number One/THE REMAINS OF 5MP Teenbeat Theme/GRANT Walking In Circles/THE YARNS My Cold Heart/OUR TRIP TO THE LIGHTHOUSE Show Your Age/THE HIGH TIMES LOUNGE Francis/JACK'S LOSS Strange Pair (Blue Dot Dec 96 Version)/THE MAGIC MIRROR Today It Is My Birthday/YUKHONIC Cancer/SUGAR-COOKIE Superstitious Mummys/THE LINGER EFFECT Laughter/BELTLINE Scooby Doo/EMBERS IS SAMMY Big Head On/HYPERSTATIC Gloomy Highways
MMM017 5MP The Remains Of 5MP Floorboards/Why I Hate Disney (Part 1)/My Aquarium/Connie Francis/Neck Crash/Underwater Adventure/Maxwell's Silver Hammer/Why I Hate Disney (Part 2)/Breadlady/Broken/Heydon Park Rd./Rusholme Park Crst./Sleepguitar/Bled And Static/Love's Just A Broken Heart/2 Rooms In Tel Aviv/Tristek/Blooding/C.C./Bledagain
MMM018 TOYS FOR ELLIOT The National Tapes This Is A National Tape/Deliciousist/Song For Elliot/This Is Not About You/Come Away/Sleepguitar/Adandoned Instrumental/Mr. Somewhere/Mushrooms And Olives/Toys For Elliot/Mic Test/You Made Me Blue/Potatoes/Swell/Sarcasticstephen/New Jersey/Glass Waltz/Imperial/Sunday Afternoon/We Have To Warm Up/Throw It All Away/One Chord Song (Improvisation)/Swell (Attempt)/Swell/I Learned How To Spit/Little Black Book/Shadows (Attempt)/We Can Have A Sessions Tape/How's Your Throat?/Shadows (Intro)/Shadows/No Control/Levels Cheque (Improvisation)/Go Away (Improvisation)/Come Away (Intro)/Come Away/Michael (Intro)/Michael (Attempt)/Michael/Buy This Tape/Stompin' On The Floor/An April Secret (Intro)/An April Secret/Glass Waltz/Calgon Take Me Away/The Old Man And The Lemon/Ramona Pipkin Quimby (Improvisation)/We Have Too Much Coughing On This Tape/Sleepguitar (Intro)/Sleepguitar/Songs We'll Never Do
MMM019A LAKE HOLIDAY Send Off The Summer EP Send Off The Summer/Shrewsbury Girl/Wonder What that Light Is?/Daylight Faders
MMM019B LAKE HOLIDAY American Summer EP American Summer/Stereo Slave/Goodbye/Born On A Train/American Summer (Version)
MMM020 VARIOUS ARTISTS Peeler: For Right Or Left-Handed Use GEORGIA Highway Soul (Debris Miracle Mix)/MEOWCH Red-Orange/WENDAL Nobody/CLEMENTINES Super Showbiz Star/JACK BREAKFAST Sad Song (Live On CKLN)/THE YARNS My Cold Heart (Reverb Mix)/TOYS FOR ELLIOT Sleepguitar (Original Mix)/THE FELICITY SYNDROME Killing Time/THE 25 CENT SOUL PROJECT Sacramento, CA (with Leon Levy)/SARAH GRACE LIVESEY I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever/NAYSAY One Day Soon/THE LINGER EFFECT Walking Distance/KYMBLISS My Emmeline (New Mix)/OVAL-TEEN Can't You Feel My Heartbeat/THE TIDBITS Sarcastic Stephen (Version)/5MP Broken (Remix)/SUGAR-COOKIE How Happy Are You Today?
MMM021 JONAS CRENSHAW Colossal Failure Georgia Peach/Still Can't See (Your Side)/Dumb Ass Heart/Dirty Magazines/Gone/Lonesome, Crazy, Stupid, & Scared/Drinkin' Time (Again)/Brown Eyed Senorita/No One Told Me
MMM022 VARIOUS ARTISTS Recordings From CKLN's 'Wired For Sound' 2001-2002 WIRED FOR SOUND CREW Wired For Sound Theme/+/- 16-10-02/PONY DA LOOK 14-07-02/MOLDY PEACHES 10-01-02/THE MELIGROVE BAND 12-06-01/OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY 07-07-02/JACK BREAKFAST 14-10-02/MELISSA MCCLELLAND 20-05-01/SUFJAN STEVENS 14-12-01/ROYAL CITY 14-12-01/THE HIDDEN CAMERAS 02-01-02/IMPERIAL TEEN 24-07-02/PICASTRO 07-04-02/POTOMAC ACCORD 16-03-01/LAKE HOLIDAY 20-07-02/THE BITERS 06-09-02/GENTLEMAN REG 05-07-02/CHRISTIANA 16-10-02/NEW ONION 14-04-02
MMM023 OVAL TEEN Kissing Ghosts Bending Spoons (Mono)/People Are Talking/(This Iis Our) Battlecry/Up Or Down/Susan/Shoebox/Local Anesthetic/Surfa Girl/Kissing Ghosts/This Time Last Year
MMM024 THE LINGER EFFECT Charmer Inside The Dawn/On Air/Proper Stranger/Mountains/I Am A Watercolour/Moonpond/The Small Time/Stephen Song/Charmer/Postcard/Weider/Haystack
MMM025 VARIOUS ARTISTS Relax Brother, Relax: A Twentieth Anniversary Tribute To Teenbeat Records PURSESNATCHERS Imperial/THE SMITTENS Party Time/SCRABBEL Yo, Yo, Yo/SHUMAI Yes, She Is My Skinhead Girl (Dr. Fujimoto Mix)/NEW WAVE DYKE Dolphin Expressway/COLIN CLARY A Pit With Spikes/3-D DINOSAURS Summer Song/GRANT You Make Me Cum In My Pants/STRUGGLE AT THE SNUGGLE FACTORY Telephone Diary Talker/LANCE CRAWFORD Side Division (Part 3)/NORA DRENALINE Fragments Of Fear/NICKNAME: REBEL Bargaining The Bubblebot/SNOOZER Nancy Drew/THE LINGER EFFECT Leading Tickles/SMOOCHER Hydro No. 5/HYPERSTATIC Falling In Love/THE SPECIFIC HEATS Social Firefly/SKIP PRACTICE Imbecils/WELCOME TO MY SKIRT Stillness (Live)/EGGCARTON ZOO In A World Without Heroes
MMM026 THE TIDBITS Of Geldwen: Tenth Anniversary Edition Sarcastic Stephen/Water/We Used To Know/Sweater Weather/Matter/Subway Velvette/Father/Ice Cream/Amazing/Water (Version)
MMM027 MIKE RICHARD Affections, Affects 1-4 (For Speaking/Singing Performers) Affections, Affects 1/Affections, Affects 2/Affections, Affects 3/Interlude Of The Acceptable And Unacceptable Suspensions/Affections, Affects 4
MMM028 THE LINGER EFFECT I Hope You Die First Pine/On Alert/Question/Mechanique/Exit Smiling/Wrong/Cedar/A Good Face For Memories/In The Cuff
MMM029 POWER CRAIG Field Recordings Of Terrified & Delusional Noise-Pickers And Nail-Biters The Blonde Between (Intro)/The Cowboy With The Broken Nose Answers Your Question By Pointing/The Pink, Pink Waters Of Gilmour/Idyll/I Hate Your Sister/Where The Bodies Go (Radio Edit)/Stray Dogs/Illinois Tomatoes/Unbridled Optimism (Outro)/Archikudah (I Am)
MMM030 GEORGIA Georgia+ Ottawa/Stars Sway/Souvenier/Supersnow/My Cat's More Punk Than Yours/Six Weeks/My House/Cigarettes/Sing-Song Auto/Souvenier No. 2/Condensation/Teeth And Lies/Every Little Thing
MMM032 KYMBERLY DRAKE 1976-1998 3 1-2 Months: Babbling/3 1-2 Months: Gurgling/3 1-2 Months: More Gurgling/Learning To Talk/Tickling/Counting/Playing With Birds/I'm Four And A Half/Now I'm Five And A Quarter-So Many Nights/Remembrance Day/Little Miss Muffet/Now Kymberly Is 6/Are You Sleeping?/A Break/Jack-A-Dandy/Did I Win A Prize?/Dinner Commentary/The Road (A Poem)/When You Have A Little Boy/So Many Days/False Start/Here I Am Ten And A Half/Listen To The Water/CF Story/False Start/Hello, I'm Fourteen Now/Love Is Power (Poem)/Your Eyes (Poem)/My Sorrows/Another Girl's Poem (Once On Yellow Paper)/About CF (Acticle Written March 1991)/Children's Wish/I Made It/Testing 1, 2, 3/This Is Tiny Talent/So Many Days/"The Robin" By Helen May/Let's Hear Melissa?/Talk On This/Sing Us A Song, Melissa/Frosty The Snowman/Sing That Song.../You Have To Make Noise, Too!-The Bird Is Mean/She's Taping Our Conversation/Taping Conversations/Are You Sleeping?/Jack-A-Dandy/Did I Win A Prize?/I'm Going To Be Right Back/Dinner Commentary/The Road (A Poem)/There Once Was A Light/When You Have A Little Boy/We Say Goodbye/Weird Break/Warm Up/Billy (Donna)/Doo Wah Diddy/Now I'm Going To Sing Different Songs/Come Back To Me/Comedy Tonight/How Things In.../Some Of These Songs.../I'm Going To Stop This Tape/Now It's Program Two/Ani Kuni/Stop The Tape And Review That Song/Halloween Poem/The Moon Is Round/Five Little Pumpkins/Let's Review "Ani Kuni"/I'll Tell Emily (Poem)/Who Likes The Rain? (Poem)/Tape Noise/Interview With Glen And Frances/Video Games With John Laroch (Part I: Playing For More Points)/Video Games With John Laroch (Part II: CHSC News Report)/Video Games With John Laroch (Part III: CHSC Lori Lawalsh)/Kym Talking To A Cat/Chuck Berry Talking (Warbled)/Mom You're On Tvs Funniest Bloopers (Warbled)/Part Of This Tape Will Be Of My Singing/Donna Billy/Donna Age 12/Commercial Segment/Why Do We Have To Fight/End Of The Show/Next On The Show Is Just Like Mom/Dear Mr Jesus/Shout Tears For Fears/Shes Dead/Squealing/If I Give You Love/Michael Jackson In His Underwear/If I Give You Love/Donna/I Can Read With My Eyes Shut Footloose/It Isnt Very Good Of A Book/Its A Small World/Eye Of The Tiger/Zookeeper/Mrs. Duck Had Her Babies/Butterflies/If I Were Born A Princess John/Today We Have A Line Of Frogs/Kym As A Dog Nurse/CHSC Correction Police Part 1/CHSC Correction Police Part 2/Hi Im Dodie Kybo/CHSC Weather - Bats And Frogs/Dodie Melissa Marielle Kymberly And Amanda Kyms Cabbage Patch Doll/Theres A Kitten In Here/A Nurse/This Is Candied Camera Full/CHTB CHLC CHSC Weather - Bunch Of Gnats Cats And Dogs/Mrs. Duck Had Her Babies A Murder/CHSC Weather - Lots Of Gnats Full/Here Comes The Nurse We Have Two Patients Kybo Reprise/Gee Mom I Want To Go Home/Our Friend In The Bathroom/My Pet Turtles Name Is John Take One/My Pet Turtles Name Is John Take Two/Tea At Three/Quacking/Shake My Window/Green Pea Soup Joke/Cabbage Patch Creep/PS I Love You Soup Ad/Two Fans/Introducing Tina Turner/Wheres The Beer/I Hope So/So Ends The Story Of The Three Bears/Material Girl Madonna Karaoke/Greatest Love Of All Whitney Houston Karaoke/Blue Bayou Frances Linda Ronstadt Karaoke/Human Nature Michael Jackson Accapella/Blue Bayou Frances Linda Ronstadt Karaoke II/Mom You Cant Sing Anything/Mom Are You Dumb Hurts So Bad Frances Linda Ronstadt Karaoke/Some Say Love Instrumental/Time Of My Life Instrumental/Miami Vice/Unknown/I Want This Twice/Singing Along To Earth Angel/Lullaby/Watch Out For The Children/Why Do I Have To Die/Every Rose Has Its Thorn/Why Do. You./I Get Lost In Your Eyes Part One/I Get Lost In Your Eyes Part Two/The Coming Of Christmas Attempt/The Coming Of Christmas Attempt Pt 2/The Coming Of Christmas/Singing A Few Songs/I Remember The Christmastime/I Remember The Christmastime/A Monkeys Paw/Radio With Tara Lynn Floyd/Weather/Tara Threw Away The News/Back To The Weather/Michael Jackson Interview/Pump Up The Jam/Love It Is A River/Life Is Like A River Segment/Must Have Been Love/Must Have Been Love Segments/Man Its Windy Out/Train Story/Footsteps Getting Closer/Deep Thoughts/Dont Stick Your Tongue Out/Taras Intellectual Conversation With Her Mom/I Drove Today/Taras Lost Sneeze/Kyms Wonderful Chat With Her Mommy/My Hampster Story/Robs Phone Call/A Day In The Life Of Nancy And Kymbliss/Waking Nancy/Were Going To Have A Day In The Life Of Nancy And Kymbliss/Nancys Awake/We Screwed Up A Day In The Life Of Nancy And Kymbliss/Its 5 06 Were Sleepy/Its 6 22 Ive Just Woke Up/Its 6 45 Nancys Reading Her Book/Deciding What To Eat/Bermuda Triangle/Kym Thinks Shes Really Cool/Nancys Eating Soup/Principal Skinner Is Missing/Beverly Hills Beats Bukowski/90201 Is Brought To You By Sprite/Nancy Recaps 90201/OMG 90201/Tony Danza/Eating Noises/A Radio With Guts/Nancy Is Reading/Nancys Stomach/Kym Swallowing Pop/Nancys Sentence/Kyms Threatening Nancy/Burp/Have You Ever Had A Drink Of Detergent/Were At The End Of The Tape/Good Morning And Goodnight/Hair/Nancys Leaving Me/Were In The Car/Were On The Highway/Taking The 400 North/We Have Taken The 11/We Found Heidis Campground/Heidis General Store/At Our Tent Spot/Lindas First Camping Experience/We Have An Indoor Pool/Welcome To Nylon Hell/Linda Is Whining/Linda Has Red Eyes Kym Has Red Legs/The First Supper/I Slaved Over A Kettle/Feisty Candle/Walking Through The Gorge/Were Going To Make A Fire/The Tent Is Shrinking/Shes Making Eyes At Me/Evening Recap/Baby Can I Hold You/Were Now Roasting Weiners/A Huge Bite Outta Ron/Theyve Got The Dylan Albums Out/Canoe Story/Roughage To Orillia Memorial Hospital/Also I Took Midol/Im Eating Ritz Crackers/Laughter/On Oceans Wake Little Child W Niagara Symphony/By The Campfire/Wheres The Road 1990/Hope Has Got Me Now 1992/Bring Me Home 1991/Little Child 1991/You Are My Friend 1989/An Oceans Wake 1991/Where Do I Stand/Brave One/Oracle 1991/Goodbye 1990/Unfinished 1/Unfinished 2/By The Campfire Instrumental/Brave One Instrumental/Survive 1991/Warm Up/Oh God/You Gave Up/You Were There/Unfinished 2/Goodbye Alternate Version/My Hero/An Oceans Wake/Little Child Instrumental/You Are My Friend Instrumental/Bring Me Home Instrumental/Unfinished 3/Unfinished 4/Rain Will Let The Flowers Grow Part 1/Rain Will Let The Flowers Grow Part 2/Snippet/Love Yourself Take One/Love Yourself Take Two/You Are My Friend/Cant Help Falling In Love/Piano Man/Yesterday Cut/On My Own Garbled/Sure Of/I Know A Place/Your Best Friend/Black Boys On Mopeds/Wrong Enough For Me/After The Goldrush/You Asked My Name/Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me/Underground/Hold Me Now/Taken For Granted/In 5 Minutes Suppers Ready/Show Me/Something Classical/Unfinished 5/Unfinished 6/Couldnt Hide Part One/Couldnt Hide Part Two/Unfinished 7/All Alone Part One/All Alone Part Two/Teach Me/Unfinished 8/See Ya/Baby Can I Hold You With Linda Somerville/Warm Up/Brace Me/Im Your Brother/Wind Beneath My Wings/The Little Boy Who Didnt Care/To Hear A New Song/Praying Now To Him Part One/Praying Now To Him Part Two/Untitled Your Eyes/Im Lonely/I Come And Stand At Every Door/Ill Stay Until Youre Done With Me/Untitled/Untitled Take 2/Romeo And Juliet/Untitled/The Glory Of Love/Fun To Chase/Little Man
MMM033 MY MEAN MAGPIE PRESENTS... New Zealand Field Recordings 04/05 The Fossil Forest, Takapuna Beach, North Shore City (Part 1)/The Fossil Forest, Takapuna Beach, North Shore City (Part 2)/The Brown Kiwi Travellers Hostel, Ponsonby, Auckland/Craters Of The Moon, Wairakei Tourist Park, Taupo (Part 1)/Craters Of The Moon, Wairakei Tourist Park, Taupo (Part 2: In The Rain)/Craters Of The Moon, Wairakei Tourist Park, Taupo (Part 3: At The Lookout)/Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough Sounds/Picton, Marlborough Sounds/The Centre Of New Zealand, Nelson (Part 1)/The Centre Of New Zealand, Nelson (Part 2)/Tauranga Bay, Cape Foulwind, Buller (Part 1)/Tauranga Bay, Cape Foulwind, Buller (Part 2)/Eco Tour Centre (Kiwi In Captivity), Fox Glacier, Westland/Robert Point Walk, Franz Joseph, Westland (Part 1)/Robert Point Walk, Franz Joseph, Westland (Part 2)/Robert Point Walk, Franz Joseph, Westland (Part 3)/Knight's Point, Westland/Man Street, Boydtown, Otago/Te Tapu-Nui (Mountain Of Intense Sacredness), Queenstown, Otago (Part 1)/Te Tapu-Nui (Mountain Of Intense Sacredness), Queenstown, Otago (Part 2)/Te Tapu-Nui (Mountain Of Intense Sacredness), Queenstown, Otago (Part 3)/Te Tapu-Nui (Mountain Of Intense Sacredness), Queenstown, Otago (Part 4)/Dunedin Botanic Garden Aviary, Opoho, Dunedin/Knox College (University Of Otago), Opoho, Dunedin