Other Labels

Laberls from around the world and self released tapes.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

002 ADAM VOID Freight Rain (K7 Cut The Fence) Wet Rain/We Train
003 ADAM VOID New Depression Era Rambler (K7 Cut The Fence) True Story Blues/Learn To Code/dust/Holes KYT/Beatles Music/bluesky dreamstate/Ol' Dirtyface/Flood The Valley/Loose Change/Swan Swan H/The Simple Life/New Depression Era Rambler
PH14 ANDY CIGARETTES Z (K7 Powdered Hearts Records) Slobcake-Tuffguy/Where/Inter Alia/Propriety/I'm D'Say/Totally Unfuckable With/Hexagonally Yours/Boneless Iless Bloodless/Constrictor/How To Write The Story
  ANDY CIGARETTES Tape Hiss (K7 Self Released) Cherry-flavored Syrup Disease/I Wanna Set The World On Fire/Murder-wise/Punk Toast/Ich Bin Ein Berliner/Fake Coffee Drinker/(Thusly) Rain/I Am The First Hardcore Band In Columiba, Missouri/Flaws/What's Andy Warhol Doing In My Dick?/Malediction Of Movie Magic/The End Of Everything And Everything
JDV054 FAMILY UNDERGROUND Tomorrow Today (K7 Joy De Vivre) Pearl/Silicon/Stretch
JDV047 DONA FERENTES Lucus A Non Lucendo (K7 Joy De Vivre) Chissà Se Gli Occhi Di Quel Fanciullo In Bmx Riusciranno A Sostenere Lo Sguardo Del Nichilismo/Chissà Se L' Ancestrale Bellezza Di Quella Fanciulla Avrà La Meglio Sul Fetido Mostro
WINR072 DOUBLE VETERANS The Brotherhood Of Scary Hair And Homemade Religion (K7 Wiener Records)
Beach Life/Nightshopper/Strange Girl/Messenger Dead Message Alive/Jerk/Beep!/Loaded Gun/Diamond Ring
1997 JERK S/T Symphonies (LP Junkpuncher) Mudern Science Is A Bore/Makingorf/Betty Walker/One Short Song/Dwinn/Altight K Arm Y Wits*1/4/Mi-ette/Have One What One Shot Off/Vloop/Fossible/Get The Fuck Out Of The Kitchen Before I Destroy You/Constaple/Ruffing It/Oh Yes!
ELS025 KAZUALITY Bloom (K7 Edita La Servidumbre) San Saru/Banderas En Alza/Pulgasari 2/Dudar Del Techo//Marmota Del Día/Mi Atracón//Truco O Trato/Faltan Aliens/Dócil/Triste Gloria Bloom/El Ruido Necesario Para No Tener Que Molestar/Ahora Que Estoy En La Mierda Y Que Nadie Me Escucha
  TISSUES Layers 1-8 (K7 No Label) Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Little L Records Presents: A Litany Of Failures (K7 Little L Records) OH BOLAND Where's The Beach?/JUNK DRAWER Song 3/SHRUG LIFE Marvin Gaye/THAT SNAAKE Sabrina The Teenage Snitch
Tx$010 RUN SOFAThe Joy Of Missing Out (K7 Solium Records) Weird/Ask My Cousin/27/Not A Song/The New Us (Don't Give A Shit)/A Smile At Ur Face
  SHRUG LIFE The Grand Stretch EP (K7 Popical Island) Chewing Gum Breakfast/Funderland/Long Ball Game/Running On Crutches
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Entropy Fanzine Music To Impress People 1998 Sampler K7 SWINGSET Pop Song 2000/??? Untitled/METROPOLIS Palmers Dead/BOSS RABBIT Live/YO! SCI-FI Excerpt/NOVEMBER OF 1959 ???/KID ICARUS ???/ERIK SAHD Far Away/METROPOLIS ???/YO! SCI-FI Excerpt/THE PEOPLE WAS FEW, THE MUSIC WAS GRAND Untitled
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From A Challenged Landscape K7 THE NATURAL MUSIC MAN Get A Life/MIRACLE PENNY Sick (See Something)/THOREAU Psychotronic Saxophone Part 2/THE CURIOUS DIGIT Best Dressed King/FRIENDLY Alice And The Clocks/ECTOSLAVIA Wolf-Ledges/THE LAUGHING STOCKS Let's Go Out/SARAH WHITE Your Shit/THE JR. PARTIERS John Brown's Dream/SARAH WHITE Barbie On The Brain/HAI-TOP Stom-ached/PRO ROCK S Lonelier Desires Come My Way/CURIOUS DIGIT Cadillac Plastics/HOWARD IS Eastern Standard/THOREAU Int'l Song/FRIENDLY I Am The Bomb/ECTOSLAVIA Grant St.
  VARIOUS ARTISTS From The Mail Underground To You (K7 F.E.D) PANDORA'S LUNCHBOX Honey Bee/PHILCO-BENDYX SUNSHINE COMPANY Poison Joint/KRAMER Hello Music/TIME OR DIRT The Ghosts Of New York/FOSSIL FUEL Martians Are Punk/SLANG GIRL Hardlines/CURTIS E. Hola/¡ECSTATOMATIQUE! Happy/GEARMAN 9850 Lakeview/DAVID JEWELL TV Poem/CAGE Household Finance/TRESPASSERS W The Sea And The Moon/BROCA'S AREA Two Steps Back/YA-NE-ZNIYOO Prometheus Fate/PURE PLASTIC TREE Norman Fell/BEAUREGARD Don't/WOODPUSSY The Trilogy In Two Parts/SPACE OCEAN Shut Your Fuckin' Mouth
  KITCHEN WITCH Certain Sunny Days K7 So Tough/Emporer's Cricket Fight/Another Day/Shumona/Loved The Rain/Don't Iii/Seen Their Hands/Carrie/Never Know/Snow/Gone Again/Children's Bug Song/On The Mark/Jackie Virginia Slim/Aten/My Girl/Boring Town/Show You Sound/Soul My Sell
IRRITANT08 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Audio / Visual Irritant (K7 Irritant) RTP CLAN Anaj 4/VODINKJA Dragsk Mor Burun/PISSTANK Hardcore (Innit)/LOW ENTROPY They Want You Dead/KID 606 AND MISS KICK Catstep/KNIFEHANDCHOP Convulsion/FREDERIK SCHIKOWSKI Ring My Bell/GEROYCHE AND WINTERMUTE Despairation/MAKEINU Untitled/BERT NOMEX AND THE KEYNOTE ADDRESS Wonderland Of Sound/NEDJEV Plent/FREDERIK SCHIKOWSKI Gummizwist/PISSTANK Loops/O.C.O. Chaos-Uniform/UHT/SAOULATERRE Guilleret/RTP CLAN In Search Of The Truth/BK Cu_break
  JERK Cassus Belli (K7 No Label) S'ess Us Eh Lop/Timesess/17717/Telemach/Cleanse Y'se'f (Return Of Bathman)/Je Joue La/El Maves/Twelber Moond/Aiop/Glank/Stinkitty Piggy/The Wrong/I've Strains Eye Trains Iced Rains/Find Kyer/Bueettes/Straims/Don't You Find?/1-2-4/Stummbblinggrv/Cassus Belli
  COMIC BOOK KID Chest Pains K7 No Label Comic Book Kid Vs The rabbit Vs The Hare/Grain Groupie/I Am Quality Inhibitor/Comic Book Kid Vs Barry Sanders/Comic Book Kid Vs Insulation Board/Holiday Spirit/Comic Book Kid Vs Montel/Comic Book Kid Vs Border Patrol/Surplus Talent
  THE ROOMATES Greatest Hits Part One K7 No Label Intro/All About Us/I Love You/Converse Blues/Jason's Rap/Ben's Diversity/Mark/Ball Bounce High/My Wife/Gonoreah/Snow/Lazy Eye/Train To California/Jaws/Tupac/Only You Know It's A Wig/Just Dreamin'/Schizophrenia/I Brush My Teeth/Going To The Store/5 More Songs/Letter "C" For A Test/Spider Walks On Water/Not About Snow/Airplane Crash/Flatowicz/Call From Russell/Disneyland/Hole In One/Condoms/Sorry Baby Janelle- Get Rid Of That Smell/Dead 'Til You're Dead/Grounded With Pad And Paper/Let Him Have It/Stuck In The Middle/Human Cud/I Have ESP/I Know Where Santi Lives/3 Raps/Cactus On My Lap/Call To Dan Marino
  MANNEQUINTRACKER Mannequintracker #2 (The Mostly Recorded @ Dagnija's & Kaspars House Sessions) (K7 No Label) Friday/Before You/Park Walk/Electric Crimes For Beef/RnB Triplet/Jesse's Brother/The Roller Disco Closes Its Doors To No One/Untitled With Phil Hough/Sleepen/Stone Mountain, Not Jersey/Felix's Revenger/Rat Sex M/Easy With Tricks/Again With The Beef Crimes/When J.G Had Pants/Sax Play/The Donut Excursion/One Bye Bye
  PANDORA'S LUNCHBOX Song For Sextant (K7 Self-released) Crossing/March/Hold Down The Captain/When The Kudzu Kills The Mango/Of His Mother/Strawberries/Myrhial's Waltz/Bottlefly/Trailer Park Kids/Crooked And Out/Quiet Armageddon On The Rise/Afterschool Special/Strange Air From A Fireman's Hand/Highway Teremiah/Little Girl (Soliloquay Of A Serial Killer)/Candyland/Hold That Line
  PALOMA Gas Station Woman (K7 Darjeeeling Sounds) Gas Station Woman/A Week's Cleanup/The Man Too Many/Ambidextrous/Cultural Narcotic Song/Our very Elementary Ratio/The Fly Song/1992 Wasn't The Great European Year/Stina & Will/No Compass Blues/Not So Far/Ebbdays/The Sales Are On/You're Not A Car/Untitled/St Lawrence, A Funny Man/Celsius-Fahrenheit/Growing/House Carpenter/You Say It's Strange That I'm Able To Puke So Easily/Gazette/Fabio's Ditch/Last Coffee Time/Wedding Bells
  THE HOLY REVOLVER SOCIETY Let The Fur Fly (K7 Self Released) Be A Star/Tele 4 Me/My Orbit/Queen Bee/Heart's On Fire/Spook City
  SPEED BUMPS Get Sped! (K7 Tube Alloy) Way Way Way/Dosimeter/Speed Bumps Theme/Allegiance/I Wanna Know/1000 Days/No Point In Asking/IWSW/Blood In Your Eye/Hangin In The Sky/Popular Chronology/This Time/For Real
  HIGH STEPPIN' SEAFOOD Statler/Waldorf K7 Top Of The Food Chain/I Hate Sex/Give Up/Caste System/Literacy Is For Maggots/Arena Bound
  VARIOUS ARTISTS DsCene Benefit Comp. For The Zacchaeus Free Clinic (K7 More Than Sound) RISE My Own/DESIDERATA Stop/I-SPY Riot Style/QUILL Mother Of/BLIND AMBITION Task Of Thought/THE BANE Necrofeelya/NOW I FLAIL One Out Of Three/4 WALLS FALLING Culture Shock/SNAPDRAGON Bedsprings/BLOODY NOODLES Earache/BALANCE Intermission/DEVICE Undertoe/THE CHRISBALD 96 Bad Man Rising/WORLDS COLLIDE Blame/THE KINGPINS Summer Spring/TSUNAMI World Tour/REPERCUSSION The Trees And Flowers/YGGDRASSIL Cia/FOOD Happy Fish
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Brains And Pencils A Diy Compilation From Iowa City IA (K7 Trystero Records) MIKE GLENN Plumb To Blue/WUNDERKIND Feethurt/CANARY IN THE MINE Spitting Atoms Singe The Camel's Hair/POLYZYLON Bitter Destiny/EDWARD GRAY Just Born/ELON Neither Drunk Or Hating It/STUFF Neon Daddy/CLEAN PLATE CLUB We Salvage The Safeways/DAVID MURRAY Break/ABSOLUTE TRUTH Bunny Rabbit Eyes/FEMUR You Will Never Change/JASON PACE Brains And Pencils/QUAGMIRE SOLUTION But Died Grave Expections/COM.SYSTEM We Are Pepsi/KILL PILL KIDS Jim Low/SCUDDER FAMILY SINGERS Spankwilly Scratch Sweet/NAN SCHWARTZ Pulse/GIDDYUP AQUARIUS Wendell Berry's Peepshow/SISSY BAR Split/THE MODERN GIRLS 5 Beers/NATALIE L. Naptime
  BARBARA LIEN Live (K7 Imp) Cozy Lie/Hardly A Boyscout/Without You/This Sweet Sickness/I Should Have Know/Whats It Gonna Be/Strong Poison/Ex Patriots Heart/Strange Love
GR254 THE BLOODLETTERS Skeleton Chained (K7 Green Records And Tapes) Untitled/Untitled
83 FATHER Night Classes (K7 Cakehole) Sausages For Tea/How Green Is Your Rock Star?/The Last Dance of a Poignant Smell/Going It Alone/Both Sides Now/A Stand/John Travolta Dancing Sheet/Time is a Waste of Time/Like a Drum/Open Wide/Gotta Do Watcha Wanna/Advancing Danger!/Six & Ten/Praise Hossanna!/Sombraero To Spit Ratio/(Come On, Man) Don't Cooper Me, Man/Stick Girl & Saracen Boy/Half Baked Eater/Heart To Mend It/I Taught P.J./Live-O/Backwards Cool!/The One Eye Must/Officer Donnelly/Chosen One/Froop Pap/Roland Complex/Spring Foot
  MO*TE/KAKERA Mo*te/Kakera (K7 White Tapes) MO*TE Which Day Is It Again?/KAKERA 991205
#3 MORGAN'S ORANGE Is Rotten (K7 Benway Tapes) Dropout Test/Lil' Boy Aloof/Pony Rides/Princess/Morgan's Orange/It's All In The Angle/Terrapin/Nothing Like A Winner/C Is For Cookie (Cookie Monster)/Jail/Other Fellows Shot/Nothin'/My Funny Valentine
025 CASSIE RAMONE The Time Has Come (K7 Comfortable On A Tight Rope) Songs Of Love/The Time Has Come/Joe's Song/I'm A Freak/Hangin On/I Don't Really Wanna Go/Sensitive Soul/I Send My Love To You
  MINIDUMP Sweet Nothing (K7 Norwegian Records) Intro/Sweet Nothing/Traffic Jam/Wishbone/Ross Andrews/Sentimental Instrumental/Fluffy Pillow/Clowns/Raunchy Blues Tone In A Minor/Seek Ye First/Going Dull/Story About Something/Air II/Toasters Flying/Take It Back/Sunday Afternoon/Outro
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Cassette Store Day 2021 Mixtape K7 Feles BARNO KOEVOET & THE DUIJMSCHPIJKERS Fight Me Boomer/STAKATTAK Eskimo Shit Knife/MOAR Flatfoot/PURSSES Rester Loin/THE DANDELION Pleiadian Love Vibration/ACCORDION PLANET Part IV/DEATHSTAR MACGYVER Black Hole/BONTRIDDERS Honger Naar Mensen/ED NOLBED Onyourownnow/WIO Elegy For The Compact Disk/NIX Analogies/NIX Bungalow/KOTSKAT Friends With A Cop
  QUITTER Good Things Come To You K7 Full Marks/Stone/Never-Ending Naval-Gazing/Evidence Board/Spoil The Island
  LAC OBSERVATION Rivers And Pillars, The Hart, And All Mountains Are Walking K7 My Own Private Records/Hvergelmi Green Vision/One Glowing Witness/Mount Change/Heorot In The Distance (Death Of A Bogperson)/Foggy Drummer/A Pillar In Sweden/Sunhammer/Lac Manicouagan/Wyvern Song/Lac Observation/Libra Eye Over The Hvergelmir