Lower Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Lower Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

LOW001   HOUSEHEARTS Counting Fifty Problems 12"  
LOW002 HOUSEHEARTS Frijoles Refritos K7 Great Blue Sky/The Long And Short Of It/Chant & Be Happy Theme/Hurt You/Flamenco Road/Bedtime Talk/Dreams Come True/O-Rings/Remember When/Stay Away/Chicagoland Blues/Strange Loopin' Live (L Altvater)/While Water/Never Doubt My Word/Avalanche/J(d)/6 Sixteen/Promised To Remember/Kathleen (Traditional)/Untitled Melody (Orange Juice)/It's Dying (Great Plains)/Harmony In My Head (Buzzcocks)/Shadow Play (Joy Division)/Stay Young (Bill Nelson)
LOW003 PECK OF SNIDE Moot K7 Lonely Heart/Record Store Guy/No Beginning, No End/Arkansas/Dog-Gone Shame/Loaded Down/Me, Myself And My Guitar/Hopes Too High/Living On The Sun/Elvis Bros. Blues/(She's A) Liar/Trip To Dustville (alt. version)/I Am Joe's Heart/Desperate Heart
LOW004 GREAT PLAINS '85 Live At The Electric Banana K7 Lincoln Logs/When Honesty Gets Old/Time To Name The Dog/Origin Of My Silly Grin/Last Chance To Be Free/Fertile Crescent/Serpent Mound/Pretty Dictionary/Black Sox Scandal/Columbus Dispatch/Dick Clark/Town's Got A Widow/History Of Sin/Letter To A Fanzine/Love To The Third Power/It's Dying/Personal Life/This Is Where I Belong (R. Davies)/Wyatt Riot (From The Clash)/Old 3C/Black Like Me
LOW005   FUNGOBOAT Chartbusters On Venus K7  
LOW006 PAUL NINI Toward A More Picturesque K7 Diet Of Worms/Shadows Grey/Toward Picturesque/Much Too Long/Arkansas '95/Whistler's Uncle/Chinese Noodles/Tambourines And Elephants/Walter Favors Us.../Mud And Metaphor/All-Night Trumpet March/Sorrow Comes/Wordless/The Return Of Bus Riley/Just A King In Mirrors/Looking For A Love/Jungle Here/Bolt-Crusher Blues
LOW008 VARIOUS ARTISTS Lower Than Puh K7 HOUSEHEARTS Flamenco Road/Chant & Be Happy Theme/PECK OF SNIDE Dog-Gone Shame/Hopes Too High/GREAT PLAINS '85 Serpent Mound/Black Sox Scandal/FUNGOBAT On The Hook/What It Takes/K-Tel Proudly Presents/PAUL NINI Noodles/Tambourines And Elephants/Mud And Metaphor/RESCUE MISSION Can You Relate?/DIESEL FUEL ONLY Love Hound/SHADES OF AL DAVIS Comfort/Older And Heavier/MYSTERY BONUS SONGS Untitled/Untitled/untitled/Untitled
LOW009   FUNGOBOAT The Great Indoors K7  
LOW010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Waffles And Windmills - A Compilation K7 PLOVER One More Story/OSMOSE Telephone Rings/WOVOKA Feeding Time - Surfin' On The Baltic Sea/PEEP Pictures/THE ONE SONG WONDER Hungry III/EDO Lady Says/GUSH Hairdresser/LARZ Succumb Me/WIO Pump in Yr Chest III/32 BEANS Turkeyman/LOWFUN AND OTHER SENTIMENTAL A-FORMS The Bed Of Glass/FURTIPS Good Things/DOMPER The Seemingly Art Of Rebellion - You Think It's Seen Some Light/THE BATES Green Shirt/BINGO TRAPPERS Mississippi Girl/NAPKIN VS. SODA Zebra From Zimbabwe/LEMONADE LUCY Clown In Love With A Lampost/TIN FOIL STAR Okay/POMPIDOU The Wind/IM54 Go For A Walk/CLUB DIANA Everybody Is For Sale/MOTE Holograms And Diagrams/SOUP'S ON Hymne/ED NOLBED Lego Flight/ROYAL PENGUIN SAVER Rise And Shine/BIRDSKIN The Captain's Song
  STEVE LINDSTROM/PAUL NINI Reader's Digestion 7" (corelease with Anyway)STEVE LINDSTROM Out Into The Sun/PAUL NINI Porch Light