Lost Sound Tapes

This is an attempt to create a complete Lost Sound Tapes discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

LST-086 IJI Bubble K7 What's Real/Free Screening/Wild Music/The Pattern Grows Clearer/Losing Track Of Time/Orange Peel Moniker/Stretching Out/Candle Flame/Cold Statue/Summer Of 2069/Whooping/Notice Of Proposed Land Use Action/What's Happening
LST-096 VARIOUS ARTISTS This Reminds Me: Songs By Linda Smith Reimagined K7 MICHAEL WILLIS All I Did/ROSE MELBERG All That I Can Give/GREEN SLIME Because You Asked Me/BCE Bright Side/PETER KIRSCH But Is She Happy?/ANDY ROBINSON Emily's Grave/SILLY PILLOWS Figment Of Your Imagination/ARTHUR LOVES PLASTIC Go Forward/BILL CAREY I Just Had To/RUPERT WONDOLOWSKI In The Hospital/THE GRANITE COUNTERTOPS It's Now/CHRISTINA SCHNEIDER It's Your Party Too/BOB HUFF Lonely's Not The Word/PAULA STRONG Public Life Story/LISA MOSCATIELLO Something New/KEEL HER Take This/PAULA CARINO WITH BEV STANTON The Answer To Your Question/E ELIZABETH DOWNING This Reminds Me/PAUL BAROODY You Changed
    SOLID HOME LIFE Solid Home Life LP (Corelease with Fin Records, People In A Position To Know and Curly Cassettes) Linus/Poor Aim/Little Blue Truck/Dear Heather/Let's Go To Bed/Back Of Truck/No Say/A-O/Stolen Song/Solid Home Life/Parakeet Teacher

Lathe-Cut 7" Series

January 2011 CHARLIE MCALISTER Corrupt Park Ranger - Lathe-Cut 7" Subscription Series 7" Corrupt Park Ranger/Noble Carpet Thief/I'll Be Your Host/Here Comes The Judge
February 2011 SANDY CITY Jason Song - Lathe-Cut 7" Subscription Series 7" Jason Song/Slurpin USA/In The Fall/Dog Vibrations/Point Break
March 2011 MATH THE BAND Get Off My Lawn - Lathe-Cut 7" Subcription Series 7" It's Elephant City Baby/Quoting Yourself Will/Make You Famous/Money/Rain's Coming
April 2011 TYSON BALLEW Vicious Tiger - Lathe-Cut 7" Subscription Series 7" Vicious Tiger/Sam
April 2011 Bonus CDR TYSON BALLEW The Scorched Yellow Pages CDR Number 2/Flatspot/Point Blank/Notes To Self/Vicious Tiger/The KKK Took My Baby Away/Number 1/Bulletproof/There Is A Lucky Number/Underage Surcharge/Number 4/Nothing/The Great Theft Of Ghosty Manor/Number 3/Don't Believe
May 2011 WEAKNESS Faster - Lost Sound Tapes 7" Series 7" Faster/Balloon/Pig Pen/Kim Keeps Dreaming/Nineteen/Around
June 2011 STEPHEN STEINBRINK Fighting Families - Lathe-Cut 7" Subscription Series 7" Fighting Families/Goodbye Alligator Skin/Stranger Yesterdays