Jupa Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Jupa Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

001 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE A Baby, A Blanket, A Packet Of Seeds (LP States Away/Fitted Sheets/Misjudged Me/In An Ames Room/Indices And Surds/Matter Of Days/Down/Web Fluid/Push My Swing/History Of Zurich/Genre Exercise/Approachable/Through My Head/Break It Easy/Just How Strict (A Vegetarian Are You?)/Clay Tablets
002 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE The Bellyspeak E.P. 7"K For Karnival/Let's Kiss/Foundation Slips
003 WCKR SPGT 4 Song EP 7" Francis Mitterrand/Crush It/Hitchhike/International Church Of Pancakes
004 REFRIGERATOR Rocking Horse Loser 7" Let's Get Out Of Here/Junk/Nickel/Water Cooler Stories/Mistake/Rolling In The Sink
005   GIANT SAND Two Songs 7"  
006 WCKR SPGT Fortune Came Today 7" Fortune Came Today/Where Did I Stop?/Dragonfly
008 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Sorely Tempted 7" (corelease with Juggernaut) Sorely Tempted/Lab Rat Blues/Going To Fontana