Juniper Tree Songs

This is an attempt to create a complete Juniper Tree Songs discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

JTS002 VEHICLE BLUES VS SHIVERING WINDOW Vehicle Blues Vs Shivering Window K7VEHICLE BLUES OD Plus/Total Vic/Sprayed Our Names At Every Station/SHIVERING WINDOW Little Skulls/Old Scorched Youth/Ash On You/Inner-Exo
JTS004 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tribute Hearse: Evp Of Rp K7THE MEANEST BOYS Bile Ball/51D Evil Clergymen/MONOGAMY Farce/JON BARBA Zero Again/KENT STATE 1/4 Dead/MORGUE TOAD The Cloud Song/HEATHURZZ Media Person/ROSY PALMS Bequest/TORN HUMORIST Vampire State Building/SHIVERING WINDOW The Old Man Is Not So Terribly Misanthropic/RORO PERROT Memento Mori/MATH Beyond The Tanarian Hills/DOLEFUL LIONS Love Is Not/EXIT BAG Kappa Alpha Tau/BRAHMS Evil Clergymen (Dream Sequence)/THE MEANEST BOYS From The Heart
JTS006 MORGUE TOAD Buzzing Vibrations K7UVB-76/Sycophant/Contamination/Death's Head Buzzard/Fiddle Tech Control/Wild Hunger/Harvest/Shape of Vermin/Frequent Visitor/Yawgmoth/Hammerheads/Bone-Glitch Altar/Honorary/Bound/HFDL/Close To Me/Gammi/Open Call/Giving It Form/Celestial Basilisk/Options (Mary II)/Machines/Spineless Thread/Woodpecker/Evidence Of Life/Tonight In White/Safekeep/Yosemite Sam/Sleeper Agent/MDZhB
JTS008 JOHN THILL Water Wars K7Ode To Fat Hank/The Garage/Mind Your Wake/Water World/Water Wars/Wild Iris
JTS010 SEAN PATRICK SULLIVAN Devil Knows: Selected Demos K7 We Met At Night/Wear You Out/I Think I'm Going To Hell/Children/I Ain't Ready/Out To Eat/Psycho Killer/Waiting Here Tonight/Always Late/End Times/Maybe I'll Change My Mind/The Devil Knows/The Bad Feels/Waiting In Front Of The Drugstore/Smoking 4 Fun/Home/Let's Go Driving/Holidays In The Sun/Don't Be Dead/I'm Going To Kill All Your Kids/Knife Stabbing Time/Satisfied/Woke Up/I Still Care About You
JTS011 SHIVERING WINDOW Dare To Be Nothing K7 Rabbit Masks/Video Store Girl/Song In The Walls/Reburner/Summer In Black Lipstick/So Secret, So Cool/Scoliosis Poses/James Dallas Egbert Iii/Killed By Leaves/Skinemax/Smoke Can Wait/December Rollercoaster
JTS012 LINDA SMITH All The Stars That Never Were - An Introduction To Linda Smith K7 Confidence/The Space Between The Buildings/Emily's House/There's A.../But Is She Happy?/Because You Asked Me/Figment Of Your Imagination/I So Liked Spring/Cemetery Song/The Answer To Your Question/Ut's Now/Girl On The Train/Night/All I Did/Fin De FÍte/Do You Know The Way To San Jose?/This Reminds Me
JTS014 M A T H Sponge K7 Pushpin/Advice/3 To 4/Liar/Down... Again 3/The Inevitable Death Of David Beeken/Stabbed/Copper/Alia/Dead/Nazi Uniform/Pushpin
JTS016 MAGI Silver K7Complicated Man/Saints/Held/Windmills/Call/Holy Water/Fell/The Number Act/Exchange/Stain
JTS18 SHIVERING WINDOW Days I've Lost (7" Corelease with Rok Lok) Days I've Lost/Clean Hell