Jigsaw Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Jigsaw Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

PZL002 CHARMS Happen To Lull K7 Happen/Different/Between Two Fires/Horizontal/Landmark/Only Reason I Pray/Fiona/Turning/Avalanches/Tidal/Book I Borrowed/Way She Died
PZL041 WATOO WATOO Une Si Longue Attente CD Un Lundi Comme Un Autre /Une Si Longue Attente/Ce Vide/Searching For Mr Right/Minnax/Le Soir/Tes Histoires Invisibles/Ne M'oublie Pas/Un Simple Mot/Correspondance
PZL050   VARIOUS ARTISTS Puzzle Pieces 2xCD FIREFLIES Snow Begins To Fall/PERU Are We Lost?/ANTHONY ROCHESTER The Time Is Right (For BMX)/BOYRACER Already I Don't Want This/SURETOSS Day Things Fell Apart/SPRAYDOG Disconnected (fast version)/ARTGRUPPE Autumn Day/THE SPINNING WHEELS That's The Question/MUSICAL CHAIRS How Am I Supposed To Feel?/JAVELINS Same Shirt (live)/–GOBLIN UNIVERSE Comet/STANDARD UNIT Set The Fuse Alight/CESSNA Television Song/THE BENNETTS Summer Day/BEANPOLE Hooked On You (demo)/THE POCONOS In Love/THE GAZETTEERS Contretemps (demo)/CHARMS Different/THE SKYWRITERS Harden Your Heart/THE CASINO ASHTRAYS The Falling In Love Part Is The Best Part, Anyways (live)/–PREMISE BEACH Lizard Brain/PATIENCE PLEASE Nevada Reno Amy/TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC Night Right Here/LESLIES It's A Sin (live)/DUTCH ELMS Cleopatra/CARAMEL SNOW No Place To Go/PUNKY'S DILEMMA City People/PILLOW Soft Hammer/BIRDS OF CALIFORNIA Weight Of Mistakes/PILLOWCASE Back Against The Wall/SCARY MONSTER Tender Forever (acoustic)/THE EARTH EARTH Strange Love, Her Deep River/ROCKETSHIP I Don't Know If I'll Love (live)/THE FAINTEST IDEAS I Wanna Be A Part Of Something Small/VEHICLE FLIPS Diplomacy (original version)/AMIDA New York Sex/LYCKA TILL En Komplett/JAMES AND THE EXPRESS Jate, the Hi Tech Lover/WATOO WATOO Décembre (MAUP remix)/THEE AHS Panic Attack/–CHARLIE BIG TIME Charlie Big Time/BULLDOZER CRASH Mating Male Disease/THE HIGH WATER MARKS Annual Rings/ANTHONY ROCHESTER Dancing Days/SURETOSS Simple/PLASTIC BUBBLE The Water Song/NAR Walking Aroun/RAZORBLADE SMILE Restless Wave
PZL129 SHRUG LIFE Shrig Life K7 First World Problems/Temp Job/Schmaltz/Making Progress/Your Body/Aphra Lee/Old Clichés/Never Bored/Skype Calls/Free Bird II/Japanese Bonus Track
PZL141 WATOO WATOO Modern Express CD Au Fond Des Allées/Modern Express/Costume En Velours/For A While/Enfermée Dans Ta Rue/La Brume/Les Regards Hostiles/Je Tourne En Rond/Whirlpool Of Pride (2018)/Une Dernière Fois/Pourquoi Es Tu Devenue Si Raisonnable?