Inner Psyche Productions

This is an attempt to create a complete Inner Psyche Productions discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

PSY 002   THE COLGATES Zoo's Cooking: A Compilation K7 Annotations Of Brian/Depth Of Love/Insomnia/You Spin Me 'Round/Boyfriend/Hole/Awful Head Cold/I Think We'Re Alone Now/Notbelonging/Waves That Come/Before/Potato/Peoples Arms/No-One Knows/Entering Worlds/Call The Brigade/Very Messy Death
PSY 003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Raggedy Travelings K7 HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER Pain/PREGNANT NECK Crispin Glover/CRAYOLA SUMMER Often Strangers/STRETCHHEADS New Thing In Egypt/PSYCHIC CIRCUS Boom ... Acting Is Rancid Hell/TREEWIREHEAD Theme Involving Treewirehead/LEAF Debweesoree/DANDELION ADVENTURE Jinx's Truck/MATT MCGUINNESS Argument Whatever/PIMP Forgive My Friend/PSYCHIC CIRCUS Just About Now/STRETCHHEADS Space Jam/MATT MCGUINNESS David Duke/HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER Family/DANDELION ADVENTURE Fly On The Wall Documentary/TREEWIREHEAD Love Me Sugar Sweet/PIMP Truck Stop Jockey Shorts/PREGNANT NECK Tame The Brain/CRAYOLA SUMMER O.K. No Way/LEAF Behold The Sun
PSY 004   CRAYOLA SUMMER Peppermint K7  
PSY 008   CRAYOLA SUMMER 2 Dress Fall K7  
PSY 025   TREEWIREHEAD Treewirehead K7 Untitled/Untitled
PSY 030   CRAYOLA SUMMER Watcha Tryin K7  
PSY 050   FACTOR X Entertainment Is Boring, Boredom Is More Entertaining K7 Moving Focus/I Love Your Shadow/Factor X Was Doing Years Ago/I Want It/Back To Earth/Silent But Loud/Antonia/Funky Buzz/Who Aren't You?/Olwen
PSY 100 CRAYOLA SUMMER Viper K7Comin' Out/Monkey Island/Landing Gear/My Cigarettes/Hey Soo/Full Moon In My Pocket-Blam!/Confused?
PSY 130   CRAYOLA SUMMER 1990-1995 K7  
PSY 132   CRAYOLA SUMMER Chemicals K7  
PSY 133   D.I.S. Deep Internal Stitching K7
PSY 151   BOOT FAMILY Audio Archives K7  
PSY 152   MICHAEL ASPELS FLYING SAUCERS It Was A Foot K7 They Are Out There/There! (A New Cult)/"There Was This Lareg Orb..."/There At Kaikoura/Kaikoura, Away From There/I Was There/Product Development/Another One Of The Two Gents/Children Suck
PSY 201   CRAYOLA SUMMER Tarnation K7  
PSY 213   THEE SHRINKWRAPPED GENIOUS Do Not Bend K7 Spokes/Listen/Call Da Poleeece/3 Folk Songs/23rd Baudrillard Dancer/Rosswell Is Different/Teeth Down/Hagbard Celine (Or Have Fun With Yr Neu Head)/Th' Real Loop/Wobbly/Little White Dot/Burble (Edit)
PSY 220   CRAYOLA SUMMER Stupid Things K7  
PSY 226   EDITH SPON Nursery Niceness K7  
PSY 230   CRAYOLA SUMMER A Dark & Secret Little Place K7  
PSY 301   D.I.S. "The Second Coming K7  
PSY 311   ULTRAMAGNATE Untitled K7 No Titles Listed/No Titles Listed
PSY 350 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hallucinogenic Hypnovision K7 MIDGET Show Me Your Hobby/ELECTROSCOPE Square Wave/CRAYOLA SUMMER Union Dairy Struggle/LABRADOR Jumped Up Trumpery/D.I.S. Working Title/ZUNO MEN Traffic/WINGTIP SLOAT A Tone Of Please/WAGSTA FFUNKEN COMPUTER The Mosque/SLAF QUARTET Blue Jim's Gin Song/MELT BANANA Fat Pet/COLA MADE FLESH The Perfection Of Tiny Little Birdies/HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER 3 Course Collision/POST PRANDIALS Optional Cut/PFUUZ Mr. Pollock/VOXSOUND You've Got No Girl You Love/THEE PHANTOM-CREEPS Marty Party/ROCKET JOCKEY Number 7 In A Series Of 10/JOB FINDER AND THE MENTAL CRUELTY Harp On Valley P.C.P./WAT TYLER Easy Listening Bollocks
PSY 400   VARIOUS ARTISTS Retrovirus- A Compilation K7 DAMAGE DIGITAL Amigos Reprise/WARSER GATE Jumped To Six Spades/ZUNO MEN Electronic Bull/KOKOSHKAR Alaquon/ILLI To Reap/SUPERFIST AYUMI Legend Of The Superfist/DNE 20th June 1998/TEAM MOLLUSK Your Devotion/CANNANES What If Everything Was Nice/GAS SOLARI Transmission/GOD IS MY COPILOT You Are In It/GREEN MONKEY King Kill Thirty Three Degrees/HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER Rainbow Footsteps/THEE CRAYOLA SUMMER TRIO Domesticated Male/FUTURE SPERM BRAZIL Spaceships/MR. RICHARD UNDERHILL Richardsong/CERAMIC HOBS Irreversible Liver Failure/SLAF QUARTET Birds In Heaven/GAG Half A Monkey Loser
    CRAYOLA SUMMER ....Songs About Abduction.... K7 UFO I (Nietzsche)/UFO II (Winged Man)/Weather Or Not/Planet Pt. 1/Levitation/Up To Angela/Outro #1/UFO III (A Bigger Splash)/Letraset/Macferrin/UFO IV (Wonderful Dog)/Planet Pt. 2/Dice Man/Albatross/Ouro #2


PSY01SEVEN   CRAYOLA SUMMER Kiran's Dollar EP 7" Caffeine/Seventh Age/This Is Mad