Hutboy Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Hutboy Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

01 REFRIGERATOR Live Like Linda McCartney K7 Violets A Blue/Golden Moments/Then Goodbye/Feels Like Summer/She Came Back/Never, Then Now/Slow Down/Future Leaders/Around It Goes/Hard Like A Starfish/Side Two By Dr. Fairness
    FURNITURE ONE Furniture One K7 
    CASH NEXUS Why You So Monkey? K7Why You So Monkey?/Love You Long Time/Sexual Warfare/Sofa To The Stars/I Kissed A Girl/Cauliflower Man/Buckle Bear Smile/Back In The Days/Trombone Eclair/Starseed (Song For Eric Peppin)
  CHARLIE McALISTER/CALEB FRAID Play With Matches K7* CALEB FRAID Born Breach/Resolution. Cut Out secrets/Disciplenty/My Heart Goes Out (Again)/Walking My Troubles Away #1/Ms. Treater/Showboat/Little Hitler/Valentine/Filthy Poor/Illness Buzzard/Ms. Treater (Illness Buzzard Version)/Walking My Troubles Away #2/Long Time Gone/Died Breach/CHARLIE McALISTER Happy New Year/Mississippi Lua/Listen To You/Goodbye Mysterious Friend/Wearing Glasses/Bathtub With Wings/Going To The Strand/Starpower/The Glutton/I Need A Crutch/Racecar Track/Around And Around
  49 TRACTION Songs About Locomotion Or A Lack Thereof K7 Whisper To A Train/Sparks Will Fly/Forgetful Revolution