H Records

This is an attempt to create a complete H Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

RAV007 VARIOUS ARTISTS Exhibit A - Chronicling The Folk Music Of The Nineties K7 THE CANNANES Arabian Nights/ABOVE GROUND POOL Bolger Cupcake Dynasty/EVEN DEEPER Broken Hearted High School Boy/SQUADCAR 96 Recycled Umbilical Experiment/DUMP With A Girl Like You/SIMON JOYNER Fearful Man/JULIAN WILLIAMS Depth Charge/FUCK 10 Grains/NEW WAVER Just Genes/MOVIOLA Tennis Shoes/BIG INTERESTING RIFLE Grabling In A Ford Transit Van/SPAM Sex Dwarf/GERLING All The Rivers Have Sisters/BILL HOOVER The Day Of The Lawnmower/ASHTRAY BOY Neighbours From Hell/SLEEPY TOWNSHIP Hello/DAVE Not Swimming
RAV009 BINGO TRAPPERS Inside Phil's Bulb K7 Wombat Heaven/My Socializing Buddy/An Empty Can (With Seven Holes)/Empty Buckets/Ballad Of Jerry The Beam/That's All I Want/Floppy's On Fire/Mango Chicken Stew/Melancholy Gene/Don't Move Your Head Too Much
RAV010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Exhibit B K7* SIR HAIRS Theme (Out Of The Blues)/CONOR OBERST Touch/PIP PROUD Hey Gus/BINGO TRAPPERS That's All I Want/THE CAT'S MIAOW Firefly/LENOLA It's 1Am, Bob Is Up/STINKY FIRE ENGINE Golf Paradise/FLYWHEEL Down/GOUACHE The Plot It Thickens/SIMON JOYNER R Is For Riot/MOTE Broadcast/BRIAN APPLES Amanda/RAMON SPEED Almost Breathing/TRACEY READ The Whole Of The Law/ACER The Lonely Fortune Teller/I'M BEING GOOD Dear Darling/FRANKLIN BRUNO Mgm/CANNANES Fantastic Fantasy/BILL HOOVER The Great Boomerang/DAVE Wires/BROWN ANCHOR Man's Bracelet/CREEPER LAGOON Bandages/PANEL OF JUDGES Untitled/ANDREW COFFEY Cannanes Vs Hillary/DRIVING PAST Francois/HOME FOR THE DEF Theme (Into The Black)
    THE CANNANES/SLEEPY TOWNSHIP Split 7" (Corelease with Chapter Music)THE CANNANES Price You Pay/Tennyson/Platypus/SLEEPY TOWNSHIP Kinder/S.T. Song (Sleepy Township Song)/The Point