Hi Shadow

This is an attempt to create a complete Hi Shadow discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

HS001 TRUDGERS Stag At The Social K7 Go To Bed/At Sea/Catholic Candles/Ghosts/Wool/Gathering Boy
HS002 ANCIENT CRUX/OUIJA Split K7 ANCIENT CRUX Demand Respect/Colossal Debt/Mutant Beach Theme/OUIJA Chelsea/Parasites In Paradise/Need To Know
HS003 CONSIGNMENT Laundry Room K7 Gone/At A Party/Brain/Do You Know/Always Tired/Unhappiness
HS004 MIKURA SUZUKI Punished By The Nina K7 (corelease with Family Time) Totoro's Theme/Another Man's Blood On My Hands/Totenkopf Nazarene/Put Our Loved Ones In The Oceans/Eyes (Second Death)/Mac-10 Pointed Out Tha Coupe
HS005 TRUDGERS Stag At The Social Vol. II K7 Brother Boogie/Roach/Red Stripe/Untitled/Tears/Gimme Some Good Times
HS006 LIGHT LIGHT Shapes Of Clouds + Photograph K7 Shapes Of Clouds/Sounds Of Visions/A Brief Memory Of Snow/Factory/The Shelter/We Have Sails/Birth Has A Memory/Morning (Prelude)/Morning/Pretty Bones/Broken Day/Hole In The Clouds/Untitled/Midnight (Prelude)/Midnight Pt. 1/Midnight Pt. 2/Seabreeze Theme/Keep This, I Don't Need It Anymore/Photograph/Broken Wing/Confused Missles Take Flight/Take And Blame/The Roots/Tree/Transmissions From Satellite Constellation/Blossom/Ringing Bell/Enlighten Me/Empty Hands/I Am The Ghost/Polars/Seeking Apples/The Sun (This Town)
HS007   ANCIENT CRUX Stage Fright K7 Stage Fright/Alma Reville/Proximity/Man Running/My Pilars Of Shame/Untitled 1/Strange Situation/Benevolent Void/In Teen Dreams/Colossal Debt/Demand Respect
HS008 KEVIN GREENSPON Ad Seg K7 Coincide/Nectarine/Lock And Seam Trajectory
HS010 VEHICLE BLUES/TRUDGERS Split K7 (Corelease with Lillerne) TRUDGERS Softly, Gracefully/Dead Geranium (Version)/Sing When You Sleep/VEHICLE BLUES Your Pile/Mountain Girls/Sleeping With Tallboy/Miracle Blues
HS011 SUPPORT FORCE DEMONSTRATIONS Support Force Demonstrations K7 Cyril Koestinger/Reciprocally/Unholy/I Remember Nights/That I/Answering Machine/Song 95/I Did It When I Was Down/It's Possible/Migration/Boltzmann Was Right/Lighthouse Glow
HS012 GHOST SHORES Ghost Shores K7 Round Room/Rainbow Road/Take Time/Grey Area/Younger Sibling/Group Huddle
HS014 STARS ARE INSANE A Plan... A Perfect Disaster K7 In This House/Colonel Mustard Rides Shotgun/What I Believe To Be Fact Became Fiction/The Closest I Got To Portugal.../Brace Yourselves/Strange Voices, Certainly/The Fool/A Plan... A Perfect Disaster/Extracurricular, My Dear Watson/The Stars Are Insane