Happy Happy Birthday To Me

This is an attempt to create a complete Happy Happy Birthday To Me discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

HHBTM005 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hey It's My Birthday K7 GOLDEN SYNTHETIC SONGBOOK My Imaginary Band/CALVIN DON'T JUMP The Electric Insecta Magica/ROLYPOLIES Eating Mashed Potatos/GEORGIA Highway Soul/BOYISH CHARMS Where Traffic Exsists/GETAWAY BUS Hot Chocolate Youth/KINGSAUCE I Wish You Were Dead/MONOLITHIC GOLIATH How Do You Like Your Salad/GWENS Dear Florence/TOYS FOR ELLIOT Toys For Elliot/SNEAKY SNEAK AND THE COOKIE JARS Pixiecut/REGIA Dust Has Settled On The Fan Blades Of My Mind/ROSS BEACH Kinder Words/GLENN TOOTS My First Shave/KYMBLISS Unfinished No. 1/SISSYFUZZ Sappy
HHBTM065   BOYRACER Happenstance CDVinegar Evenings/I Thought Even More Of You When You Told Me You Wanted Me Dead/Where To Place Your Trust?/Invisible/Careless And Caught Out/The Moment/Flinch At The Light/The Warmest Hours/What You Decide To Cherish/Millstones = Milestones/How Many Cars Can You Fit In Yr Garage?/Further From The Truth/A Chipped Tooth And Greasy Fingers/On Bleached Grass/Christopher/Angle/I Was The Drummer In Altered Images/I Could Be Happy/Overcast Youth/Riding The Rims/Awkward Silence Is Not A Steady Diet/The Others Way/A Lesson In Bad Posture/The Basics
HHBTM068   BOYRACER It's Not True Grit, It's Real Dirt 7" (corelease with 555 Recordings/Parapop/Yellow Mica/Phonostatique) Careful What You Wish For/9 To 5 Style/Careful What You Wish For (Acoustic)/9 To 5 Style (Acoustic)/It's Love/Whatever Gets You Thru The Day Is Fine With Me/It's Love (Acoustic)/Whatever Gets You Thru The Day Is Fine With Me (Acoustic)
HHBTM088   VARIOUS ARTISTS Happy Happy Birthday To Me Vol. 4 CD SARANDON Somesheep/BABY CALENDAR Live Underwater/THE PASSERINES Young/OCELOTS Fight A Tiger/BOYRACER A Man Who Lives His Life Afraid (Lives Only Half A Life)/POISON CONTROL CENTER Blood To Paint/IDEAL FREE DISTRIBUTION Kodak Stare/GAZETTEERS Contretemps/CASPER FANDANGO & THE COOKIES Chocolate Cake And Coffee/THE MELODY FUNCTION Please Don't Go/PATIENCE PLEASE Antediluvian/KEITH JOHN ADAMS Mood Is So Cheap/BASKERVILLES See You Later Heartbreaker/FAINTEST IDEAS If I Could Write Spitefull Lyrics/RUSSIAN SPY CAMERA Hotels/FISHBOY The Ballad Of Zac Crain/RYAN ANDERSON Burma Run/MYTTY ARCHER Selective Hearing/THE SNOW FAIRIES Wylde Tygers/THE HAT COMPANY Tide/TITANS OF FILTH Stuck-On Stars/CARS CAN BE BLUE Doctor/BUNNYGRUNT Betcha Lyin'/VELCRO STARS Lush With A Crush/VISITATIONS Ms. Brown's Robot/RED PONY CLOCK Pushed To Be Righteous/HALF HANDED CLOUD Couple Kings Close The Road On A Giant Pt. 1/MEN IN FUR A Rainy Day/HELPER T CELLS Hay Is For Horses
  BOYRACER/FAINTEST IDEAS Split 7" BOYRACER Yr Beautiful/Airport Song/Broken Limb 05/FAINTEST IDEAS I Felt My Soul/Serious As A Heart Attack
  THE SMITTENS/TULLYCRAFT Happy Happy Birthday To Me 2007 Singles Club #5 (7" Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records) TULLYCRAFT On Tape/THE SMITTENS My Boyfriend's Back
HHBTM096   VARIOUS ARTIS Singles Club Special Bag 2xCDRBOYRACER Yr Beautiful/Airport Song/Broken Limb 05/FAINTEST IDEAS I Felt My Soul/Serious As A Heart Attack/CASPER AND THE COOKIES Jennifer's House/Hull/THE MARBLES Dracula/BABY CALENDAR Dusty Combat Boots/FISHBOY Louis The Bear/BUNNYGRUNT The Secret Life Of Brown Bear-Alone In My Principles/PHIL WILSON Lee Rimmick/TULLYCRAFT On Tape/THE SMITTENS My Boyfriend's Back/ANDY FROM DENVER Hanging On A Cloud/RED PONY CLOCK Waiting 4 You/APPLES IN STEREO Colors/PATIENCE PLEASE I've Been To Rome/IDEAL FREE DISTRIBUTION Holiday/POISON CONTROL CENTER 50 Million/KEITH JOHN ADAMS Lydia/VELCRO STARS Passing Ships/Winter Clothes/ALL GIRL SUMMER FUN BAND Communication Problems/Little Bird/CARS CAN BE BLUE Touch It/Mosh Pit/HIGH WATER MARKS Not So Pretty/BAD WEATHER CALIFORNIA It Don't Matter/OF MONTREAL Wet Butcher's Fist/JAMES HUSBAND A Grave In The Gravel/SUNSHINE FIX Beginning/Sun At Night/Springtime Pumpernickel/Back Porch/Ending/ALWAYS RED SOCIETY The Diary Of A Foam House/Untitled/Nervous Circle/Minute By Minute/Tom And Donna At The Mexican Cafe
    VARIOUS ARTISTS No Parachute: Volume 1: A Compilation Of Indie Music Videos DVD 
HHBTM153 EUREKA CALIFORNIA/GOOD GRIEF Eureka California/Good Grief 7" (Corelease with Rok Lok and Strictly No Capital Letters) EUREKA CALIFORNIA Turn On Autopilot/DC Sniper/GOOD GRIEF Rusty Nail/Another Round