Granted Passage

This is an attempt to create a complete Granted Passage discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

PASS004   FRENCH PADDLEBOAT Constantinople K7  
PASS005   FUMEHOOD Festive Substace K7  
PASS006 VARIOUS ARTISTS Switzerland Is My Beat K7 DESTROYER You Can'r Go Home Again/EIGHTEEN P Is This The City Life/WILL SIMMONS The Secretary's Lament/LOG Cause Without The Rebel/CORVALIS El. Grande Tentatore/NAPKIN VS. SODA Lots Of Fruit/FRENCH PADDLEBOAT Parcels To Sea/FUMEHOOD The Primrose Path/UBERHUND Hole-In-throat/FILLER Chanter La La/CHARLIE MCALISTER City-Country: What I Saw/WONDERBOY Stand Awful Good/ORANGE CAKE MIX Space In Waves/VOTE ROBOT Contribution/THE NOVA SCOTIAS Our Beast For Dinner/BASIL AND MOON You Cut Your Strait Hair/THE CRUISE CONTROL PILLS Non-Sequitur/YACKA TUNDRA Big Black Butt/CELESTVILLE 24 Lines About 24 Lines/MOTE Bodies And People
PASS007 THE NOVA SCOTIAS The Embassy Suites K7 (corelease with Bees Make Honey and Bacchanalian Revel)Projects Approach/Our Beast For Dinner/Staten Island/Indication Of Motion/The Embassy Suites/Southern Belle/Shell On The Back Of A Turtle/Goods Engine 1859
PASS008   FRENCH PADDLEBOAT Rome Loves Tan K7 (corelease with Union Pole) 
PASS009   DESTROYER Ideas For Songs K7